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Celestia and Discord swap places for a day. What can they learn from each other's lives, what can they learn from themselves?

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Interesting. But that final scene between the two of them doesn't seem to naturally flow from the events of the day. As nearly as I can see, what Discord was trying to prove was obvious, and he successfully proved it; he and Celestia can actually understand each other well enough to mimic each other, so he is not too alien for comprehension in either direction, but Discord is feared and hated by everyone and no one is willing to give him the chance to be anything other than what they already know him to be. He didn't seem to gain any similar insights about Celestia's life, but then, we're never in his point of view, and the difficulties of Celestia's life are long-haul. The thing Discord has that Celestia doesn't is freedom, and you wouldn't get that from a single day of being Celestia. Whereas what Celestia has that Discord doesn't is immediate and obvious.

The conclusions they draw at the end, though, seem to have absolutely nothing to do with what happened during the day. It's almost like you wrote or thought of that scene first, then tried to build the story up to it, and didn't quite bridge the gap. Neither Celestia nor Discord experienced anything that should give them great insight into the mind of the other; it's the experiences of the other, the act of day to day living, that they got, and their little word battle at the end doesn't address that, but seems to be talking about the minds and thought patterns and behaviors of the other. It feels like Celestia didn't learn anything even though what Discord was trying to show her was blatantly obvious, and whether or not Discord learned anything, he's not willing to admit it.

Yeah, I can accept your analysis. It's also true what you say about the final scene; it really is detached and abrupt. My only defense is that I needed to bring the story to a closure of some sorts, for the fic is meant for the EqD prompt event, which closes today. That's why the fic must also be so rich with grammatical dents.

Thanks for the comment.

Good story, though I must agree with the previous poster, I did indeed expect a holy different ending. :derpyderp2:

It doesn't necessarily need to show us how Discord feels about doing Celestia's job, I think the stronger aspect in the story is Celestia's new insight into Discord.

How would one expect Discord to improve if the whole world treats him this way, constantly on the lookout to see through his "evil schemes", even when he doesn't have one? :unsuresweetie:

I feel sorry for the guy. Even Celestia in the beginning treated Discord not too different from how she was treated while in guise. :ajsleepy:

I suppose imposing an upper bound to the EQD-writer's prompt submissions may have some unknown benefits, though so far I've more often then not encountered abrupt and/or lacking story-conclusions, so I'm counting it as a negative limitation. Why stop when already in the swing of writing? Makes little sense to me. :twilightoops:

Thanks for the compliment! I don't actually believe that it's the limit on lenght that causes the lack of proper conclusion, but the constriction on time; that is why I usually don't bother writing anything for the EqD prompts, because I know that either I have to contend myself with a very shallow plot or an unsatisfying ending. On the other hoof, I find these quick prompts as a nice change for my usual writing methods.

Mayhaps I rewrite the ending for this someday. Propably not, though, for I hate doing that.

Well holy spackle. :derpyderp2:
This story got pretty deep, and interesting. I love that they were both able to stay in character for 99% of the time.
Thanks for the good read :twilightsmile:

5284157 No problem!

Oh also I wanted to note, I meant in character as in they did a great job impersonating one another! Not in character in relation to canon. XP
I don't want to give the wrong impression :raritywink:

I actually feel that Celestia violated the spirit of the game a bit by not transmuting anything the entire day and thus not acting like Discord at all - at least as far as we know. What would be her punishment for breaking the rules of the game?
I find it very believable for Discord to have an easier time imitating Celestia than the other way around - it is in the nature of chaos to be capable of change after all. At first glance i found it hard to believe that Discord could go an entire day without animating anything or making it fly around, but then that once again might be a human's innate lack of capability of grasping true randomness: if you throw a six sided die ten times, then if it is truly random then there's as much of a chance that you get ten sixes in a row as any other permutation. So as paradoxical as it may sound, temporary stability should be an expected attribute of chaos.

The initial discussion was certainly my favourite part of the story.

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