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A pony from a machine.


What is a sock to a pony? What is it really? Something special, something wonderous?


And yet, a quartet of them bothers Twilight on her birthday.

Sometimes, socks are what you have to make do while reaching for perfection.

Cover image by therainpony. Check out their awesome stuff!

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Not who I was expecting... This is very well written though.

who is the pony?

Oh! OH!

Okay, it took me entirely too long to 'get' the ending, but... awesome. At first I thought the pony was meant to be Discord which didn't make any sense, and it was only after thinking it over several times that I realized the much more elegant, obvious answer.

I've read this fic about four times now, and I've got a small list of candidates. I'm currently convinced it's a certain pony which I shall not name, but I'm not 100% certain.

Well played author. Very well played.

This whole story is actually really confusing. It's hard to tell who's talking, and a lot of the time I think you switched some of their lines by accident, because some of them make no sense at all. I like the concept, though. Even though there are quite a few mistakes, this was enjoyable. Will there be more? :rainbowdetermined2:

Is it who I think it is? If so, it's certainly a novel concept.


The mismatched gaze winked at her.

That should provide a clue.

This is a really neat little ficlet. I like the end - it feels realistic, but at the same time quite positive.

5102111 i mean the ponies name

Brilliant... I hope you don't leave it there, but hey your story. No sequel is A-okay, it's all about the journey


Wow, I missed that. That's sweet...


Yay, thanks to everypony for the comments! Unfortunately there shall (most likely) not be a sequel, for next I thought to focus on the epic finale of the real deal in the land of shipfics (Flutterdash!). The first two parts can be read right here. Warning! There's clop in the first one.

5104427 ohhhh i thought it was her, but i never say I'm right till i get the answer, thanks X3

5106302 Yeah, I can relate to that.


Second to be last line kinda gives it away. :pinkiehappy:

5112213 The trademark gaze.

So :derpytongue2: knits , Won't the Doctor be surprised . Free Shipping From EqEx:rainbowwild::pinkiehappy::yay::ajsmug::facehoof::moustache::duck:

5182813 Hhhah, sorry, you're avatar cracked me up: it looks exactly like our pet bunny.

For a moment I thought she was onto me...

5184162 That's Pa Pa he snorted like a pig, had full run of the house ,:moustache:
He loved to snuggle between my feet no matter where I was.:duck:
He acted like a puppy.:derpyderp2:
Some jerk left him at the air port with nothing, In the dirt like wild dog food.:rainbowhuh:
A happy little whelp. He died of old age.:yay:

5184980 Bunnies. The next best thing to ponies.


Well played!

I thought it was Flutters. I don't recall her presence at the party and she is a knitter. But the Grey was her color, not green line threw me off and The mismatched gaze winked at her just sunk my hypothesis. Well done.

I followed much the same trajectory. But I've seen a non-insignificant amount of TwilightXThis-Pony shipping. What gave me the hint was the large amount of details about RD, which started to narrow down to me a pegasus or AJ. AJ seemed unlikely because of the cider thing. I'll admit, there was one curious second when I was like "it's not going to be Cloud Kicker is it?" which was plainly ridiculous.

Author person, fun story.

That was adorable! I admit, I wasn't able to piece together the pony's identity until her coat color was revealed, at which time I kicked myself for missing the obvious. (There were enough clues back in the description of the first photo to deduce her identity.). Then I just enjoyed the added humor of her not being named.

Great work... Should you ever feel like continuing on with this pairing, I would be happy to read more!


To be honest, maybe it's not *that* "very well played", it was pretty obvious, starting with the photo in the first lines and the "symmetry" thing.
Well, maybe I'm a bit partial about this character. :trollestia:

To the author :
Wow, I never imagined going from "A device for Divine" to this with the same author, honestly !
Kind of surprising. :-)


I'm sitting here left with a smile on my face. This was a very lovely story, so well written! I can't even describe it. It was so wonderful. I really see that you have put a lot of nice thought into this story. The spacing of the events and the switches between different sides of the story was so well done! I don't have any other words. This was such a unique and beautiful story, and it already found a special place in my heart. It will be a story that I'll remember for sure! You were also able to remind me of what I love about stories, and how rewarding it is to have a well-thought out one. You have inspired me to want to try making more stories for myself, so I thank you deeply for that. Very good job!

- Thanks,
DashyDo :)

The Twilight Derpy ship is one of my favorites, but it's so rarely done. Congrats on adding a wonderful piece to that unappreciated sect of ponydom!:twilightsmile:

Am I the only person who, while reading this, screamed in my head " WHAT IS THIS??!!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHUFCJBFDTVJ!!!!!!!!" ?


A massive thanks to all of you wonderful ponies!

So, i'm only two chapters in, but somethings already bugging me. You can't make waffles in a frying pan. You make pancakes in a frying pan and waffles in a waffle maker. Otherwise waffles become pancakes. Off to read the rest. :)


i'm only two chapters in

You are two chapters into a single chapter story? That is deep.:pinkiecrazy:

5280284 Dammit!!! I meant paragraphs.... Anyway, still enjoyed to story overall. But that first description threw me. Plus, now I want waffles. With strawberries on top.


The waffle-contagion keeps on spreading. Alas, I lack the iron.

Guess I'll give the frying pan a go?

Yeah, and

The mismatched gaze winked at her.

It's pretty telling.

Also to the author: This story was adorable and amazing. Loved reading it :twilightsmile:

I kinda figured out who it was after the whole bit in the beginning about being behind RD in the photo, half their face showing, and the comment about it adding an illusion of symmetry.

Being smart isn't always a good thing :T The whole story I read their lines in their voice :P

5284150 To be frank, the hint you mentioned was meant to give away the game, kind of. A prereader in EQD suggested that the pony should be named in the beginning, to make her character more vivid. So I ended up in a compromise of sorts. The results pretty much reflect what I had anticipated: some readers got it, some didn't. Anyway, thanks for reading!

5284072 Much obliged!

...I NEED MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5284862 Sorry, I don't have anything romantic under way at the moment. But how about some good old three-way with Dash, Shy and Thunderlane? There's clop in it though, so be warned.

Yes, spied this story in the popular column. It deserves very much to be seen.

Are you going to continue this? I would love to read more it's really great.

5304071 Sorry, I got way too many other projects at hoof to even consider continuing this. But in the far future, who knows? Anyway, thanks!

5304306 Well there is a folder in my computer where I will put more if they ever exist.

I thought it was pretty obvious. The "illusion of symmetry" line -- implying that asymmetry is the actual case -- was a dead giveaway right from the start, and it was only confirmed by Dash noting her color as grey.

5321534 Actually, the comment to which you responded was written when the first version of the story was up, and that one lacked some of the (more obvious) clues that are apparent in this version.

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