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Welcome, one and all, to the European Brony League!

This group is for all the people who are European in origin or who live in Europe.

Face it. We're the awesome ones of the internet.

As of right now, admins include:

-WeepingAngel- (Retired)

If you need any help, contact one of our admins. That's what we're here for, and we're happy to help.

You can post any story as long as it's in the correct folder, and you can make a thread for any reason you'd like. I don't care, just make sure you follow the rules.

Rules are HERE.

Introduce yourself HERE!

So if you're European, join the group today!

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Hello. Brit here.
Recently, I've been working on world-building headcanon on the continent of Stirrope.
If anyone's interested, I could use advice.
It's all set in a Medieval/Slightly-Steampunk era so knights and warriors sort of thing.

European activity check!


Good evening, I'm from France.

Country of Glamour :duck:

... and baguette ! :pinkiehappy:

Does it count if I'm 100% European by nationality (1/2 Albanian, 1/8 Polish, British ((English)), French, German) but was born and lives in the United States?

Sorry guys, added one of my stories to the wrong folders. I've deleted it and put it where it belongs. but this is just to apologise if I caused any confusion. :twilightblush:

Hello everyone from Finland! I´d happy join here with my fellow european people :D.

I guess I am the only Maltese on this site.

Nordic Bronys unite! :) swedish personally, with quite some family in Finland.

Hey all.

England fellow here, just thought I'd say friendly hello before I settle in.


Is it okay to join this if I'm only half European? I also live in Finland.

Well, I live in Canada but I was born in Scotland :pinkiesmile:

I'm from Scotland :pinkiesmile:

I have made thee 50, 51! Get it!

And I'm not even from Europe, my grandmother is though... :twilightblush::rainbowderp:

Smiles was here! :rainbowkiss:

Count me in. I can't say that I live in europe, but It's considered part of Europe... :applejackconfused:
I live here:
...See the small dots in the lower-left corner? Hello!

I love baguettes! Yum!

Just not burned ones...

Anyway, welcome to the group!

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