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Moon Breeze

My avatar is done by the amazing SketchPad, you should check her out. There are a few things you need in life... Vinyl, Vaporeon, Merome, and Eren.

Some Random Stuff About Me

Obviously I LOVE My Little Pony, but I also obsess over Hunger Games and Doctor Who. Plus I can barely write a story without it sounding like crap(you probably knew that). Oh ... I'm a Pegasister who lives in Dallas. Lastly I'm almost always using my iPad, even right now... :pinkiegasp:

My Story So Far

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My sugar sense is tingling... is your birthday soon? (Wait... you've been gone for 11 weeks!? Why have I not noticed :raritydespair:)

Ello there :D

I'm glad you enjoyed my story The Guard Dog Paradox. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 48 - 52 of 52
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