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I'm A Terrible Person

Don't ask me why because you should know by now, even if you're as young as I am, that when people say they're a terrible person chances are you'll find out real soon that they truly are. The reason I warn people is because I give them time to think the worst so they won't be as frightened due to them expecting utter hell. I'm not...that bad...really.

My story on this website, ever since I got on it about three years ago, started within the early stages of watching My Little Pony. I thought the show was positive and pretty. Today I can say that I spent a lot of time here and I've gone through some pretty weird things in these past three years. All of the chaos and frightening experiences were easily put aside when I started writing fan fiction. The series overall really impacted me in a way that things seemed better when I watched an episode or got positive feedback from my fan fiction. There were some sour moments and I know I'm still a reflection of them whether it was in the past, but when I wrote I had time to think outside of myself, to try and be a different person for awhile.

Sorry if that all sounds like rubbish, just thought it was sorta important.

Are You Active?
I'm on weekly, at least, which I can promise each and every one of you. I don't own my own personal computer, otherwise I could possibly promise that I'd be on daily. Until then though you'll see me on Wednesday-Saturday.

What do you write?
I like romance and smut, but I definitely wouldn't limit myself to those two genres. I would like to write weird stories or maybe some slice of life, but I'm just not very sure right now.

Tell Me About Yourself ;)
Hi, call me Chloe..some people call me Chlo (not sure why). I generally like animals, particularly dogs and anteaters, I love alternative, rock, metal, and anything in between, I love to draw the weirdest shit and I take requests for fun, and sushi is my favorite food.

I love boobies, too...soft and squishy

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I've always been dead on the inside! haha

Well, I'm here now. Isn't that what's really important?

July 10th, 2016
Hmm... weekly

2175621 le gasp. I thought you were dead :fluttercry:

2128546 I miss your sweet, sweet loving, sugar mama!

Hey, are you ever going to make that house of night story like you said you would?

Also, I think sucker punch was sad, but satisfying. Wouldn't you agree?

Never correct me. I set fires in retaliation.

2036138 I do want it to have a chapter, its even in my favorites. As for suggestions, I don't know yet.

1935329 Do you really want a new chapter? Any suggestions as what you think would make it a satisfying one?

1963627 eXCUSE YOU, I am a Fanboy!



Ah, fangirls. Such a joy.

When is the next chapter of Sweet as Water?

1922468 Because I think it is kinda bold to say you want to punch someones mouth with your mouth. Aka kiss.:eeyup:

You seem pretty awesome! Glad I stumbled upon this page.

1922203 Hmm, maybe cute isn't the right Word.
Bold seems better.

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