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Your kind words honor me, and I shall continue to my tales until the day may come no one is left to hear them!

Thanks for your good words, fair minstrel.
May your tales be forever entertaining and your horn full of good mead.

Greetings traveler!

I thank you for honoring Rising Storm by favoring it. I shall not forget your kindness, and hope your travels shall remain safe, your sword sharp, and your mead sweet. May the gods watch over your battles friend. :eeyup:

Thank you for the fav!

Hi there, thanks for adding Queen of Crimson Crows to your library. :derpytongue2:
I'll be focusing on Episode 6, it will be the climax of the Bloodmist saga and the end of Act I before moving into the deeper story. We're just getting started, but I've been slow in writing, I've been mostly focusing on my career and other projects. That said, I'll try to put time in here and there to work on it. Thanks for taking the time to check it out. :pinkiesmile:

  • Viewing 68 - 72 of 72
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