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Twilight asks Discord for a game of chess. Discord agrees - in order to make a point.

And in order to ask Twilight to complete one simple task.

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Neat! I really like this interpretation of Discord. He reminds me a lot of Dr. Manhattan - nigh omnipotent and omniscient, but hopelessly *constrainted* by that very omniscience. Dr. Manhattan feels like he has no free will (despite having the most physical freedom of action of any living being) because he *knows* what's going to happen thanks to those powers. Discord here isn't technically omniscient, he's just so good at predicting the outcome of predictable events that it's almost like that.

Definitely following this one, and curious to see what Twilight will come up with. :)

Hmmmm... Pinkie Pie would be my first port of call here. Or maybe literally surprise him with Surprise.

Your portrayal of Discord has earned you a favorite.

3267534: But Discord's aware of the audience, so he's aware of our conceptions, and so Surprise would not be a surprise! But then possibly if Twilight realizes that and does it anyway in spite of knowing it won't work, maybe that will surprise him... Or maybe because I just came up with this theory, Discord knows about it and so it won't work. :pinkiecrazy:

3268114 (reads comment) I'm going nuts! Surp.....no...wait....that would be predictable. So I'll join in on the conversation. :pinkiecrazy: wait. I just told you. Now its not unpredictable any more, because you can predict it now. (Goes into corner to sob)

I'm watching this story. Surprise me

Not bad at all. You have my attention.

And a mustache, too. I guess... :moustache:



Yep, pretty much.


Pinkie would be the expected first port of call, wouldn't she?

Wait a minute...


If it's any help, in this story Discord is not aware of the audience. (Neither is Pinkie.) This does not preclude Discord sharing your preconceptions, of course.


I shall endeavour to do so.


Thanks! That's two mustaches!

Is this going to turn out that Twilight surprises Discord by giving up?

3273689 :rainbowlaugh:

I like a mustache myself now and again :moustache:




That would be surprising, but no.

The problem being that even I could predict that Twilight would go to her friends and ask them for help. It's kind of her basic nature. :twilightsheepish:

If I were trying to surprise Discord, I think the best person to ask for help would be Captain Picard. Just having him show up at all might be surprising enough.



I'm glad you like it. :twilightsmile:


The problem being that even I could predict that Twilight would go to her friends and ask them for help.

Eeeeeyup. And Discord has predicted that. And Twilight knows that Discord has predicted that.

But she's hoping that maybe... just maybe... one of them can come up with an idea that Discord can't predict. The odds have got to better than if she tries without asking them, right?

If I were trying to surprise Discord, I think the best person to ask for help would be Captain Picard. Just having him show up at all might be surprising enough

Yes, that would work, once. The trouble is, Twilight would have no idea who you're talking about, and no idea how to contact him... and that really doesn't solve the problem of regular surprises, either.

Normally, the last thing tried would be the one to work, but that doesn't seem likely.



True; but that's usually because when something works, the characters stop trying, because they've already succeeded.

In this case, there's a Pinkie cake in it for whoever succeeds best, so there's an incentive to keep trying. Also, they want to solve the problem in a long-term way; one surprise only gains a few months to think. So I can reasonably say that the last thing tried may or may not work in this story...

I would be highly disappointed if that worked.

Out of curiosity, do you know what Discord's surprise is going to be yet? I have no desire to know what it is (I despise spoilers), but I want to know if you know.



Out of curiosity, do you know what Discord's surprise is going to be yet?

Let me put this in as non-spoilery a way as I can; I know exactly how the epilogue will go. It will include a sequel hook (though I'm not yet sure if I will ever write the sequel).

I also know whether Discord will receive a surprise, and I have a broad idea of the scene where that is finally made firmly clear. I also know exactly where in the story that scene will occur. There will be foreshadowing for that scene, and there may possibly have been foreshadowing already. (There may also be, and there may also have been, red herrings; things that look like foreshadowing but aren't).

However, there are a few fine details that occur prior to the epilogue that I still need to work out.

...I think that answers your question without spoiling anything.

No spoilers given away, and you did answer the question to a satisfactory degree and then added a bunch more on. All I saw was a giant sign saying, "HEY, GO REREAD MY STORY TO LOOK FOR CLUES IF YOU WANT THEM!" However you did do a good job hiding it behind a ton of politeness and vagueness.

The best plan is no plan at all, sometimes... but not this time, it seems. Good try, Fluttershy. At least you got to spend the day hanging out as friends.

This is interesting :twilightsmile:
I´ll be waiting eagerly here for ot to continue and how it´ll continue :twilightsheepish:
PS: I´ll love your Discord :D

I really thought Fluttershy would be saved until last and her surprise would be slapping Discord in the face. Since hurting a friend is so against her nature it would surprise him. But now that she is out of the way, I have to say I have no idea what you're going to do to surprise Discord...if you are going to complete this 'quest' at all. Maybe Discord isn't surprised and tries being evil again.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this is resolved.



Just as planned, then. :twilightsmile:

Incidentally, by now there is definately foreshadowing.


The best plans are those where, even if it fails, no-one's really unhappy.


Thank you! I like writing him. :twilightsmile:


Ooooh, now that would have been a surprise. But I have some trouble imagining Fluttershy actually doing it without asking for permission (and probably apologising at some length) first, which would kind of spoil the surprise...

I'm sensing a ship to the starboard side.

XD have Twilight go for broke at the very end and have her make out with him or something. That wouldn't be just surprising but downright heart attack inducing

If he dosen't write that then I´ll turn every stone to find somebody who writes an alternate ending where that happens :pinkiecrazy:
I need my ship :pinkiecrazy: :heart:



Discord already believes he's the most handsome and best-looking being in all of Equestria. Would it really surprise him if a mare - any mare - did that?


Honestly, I don't think I could pull that off at this point. There's no foreshadowing for it, after all.

seems I have to go searching.. ITS ADVENTURE TIME :pinkiecrazy:
No, seriously though I doubted you would do that xD So its no problem...

XD I like your attitude! Though I personally prefer Nightmarecord

Hmmm...your story has an interesting concept. I shall watch for further updates. :ajsmug:

~ Super-Brony12



I have to wonder... what happens to Luna in that case?

Think of the Luna!


More will come. I anticipate three, maybe four more chapters followed by an epilogue.

Either absorbed completely or expelled, either way nothing good

Well the predictability was surprising.

I'm figuring this will end one of two ways, but I don't want to say what they are.

Good luck to Spike, he's going to need it.



I know how I'm planning on ending this, but I wonder what the other way you're figuring is...

*prepping Spike's grave* this'll be fun

I know it's not applicable in this case, since Discord isn't currently a statue, but there's an old classic fanfic I love called Variables wherein Spike gave Discord a taste of his own medicine. so don't count Spike out - the guy's got hidden depths.





Ooooh, nice story. I liked it.

discord meets the cmc.... discord asks the question how is that possible.

Oooooo boy. Spike, I honestly hope that you have something up your proverbial sleeve. Would really hate to see Discord go back to his evil ways.

Good two chapters and I look forward to the next one... or two... or... however many more. :twilightsmile:

~ Super-Brony12

So whats next then?

... :rainbowderp:

What. The. Hay? :ajbemused:


Of course. Leave it to the Cutie Mark Crusaders to be the ones that ultimately surprise Discord. :facehoof:

~ Super-Brony12


He did kind of say it himself. If they worked together, the Mane Six would have had a better chance. And given that he probably doesn't know the CMC from a hole in the ground beyond their fight next to him when he was a statue and how they stick together in a pack most of the time......:pinkiehappy:

:rainbowlaugh: ok that was good , though I were able to predict something like that xD
MY theory was that twilight would run out of ideas and do lessen zero all the way again since the friendship letter didn´t involved crazy twi xD

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