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Well... Looks like she will have an interesting time.

Well, to be princess of time she destroyed quite a bit of timelines and physical laws there.

Ah yes! The temporal mindfuck. Nice usage, good roundabout. Not doctor who confusing but you made me have the ughh moment.

It's an alicorn OC story that doesn't suck! Amazing. :pinkiehappy: You have a talent for short concept stories, btw. I've enjoyed all the ones I've read so far.



It's an alicorn OC story that doesn't suck!

:yay: yay!

Dawn needs to take a leaf out of Starfleet's book and create a Department of Temporal Affairs. Of course, time traveling bureaucracy may not be the best idea either...

Very intriguing... All I can do is applaud you. This is beautifully done. you give us just enough to hint at the bigger story, but not so much as to ruin the surprises. Dawn feels like a beautifully fleshed out character and very intriguing, I love Spike's voice throughout this and you really capture Twi perfectly. That delicate uncertainty when faced with something that seems impossible. But she's seen the impossible so she wants to believe it.

This is absolutely one of the best fics of yours I've read so far.

4061910 I think I'd like to see more Dawn.

Can we get more stories with dawn?



...stories where one character experiences events in a different order to another can get confusing. I tried that in Paradox, and it took quite a bit of work to make the plot all line up...

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