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Discord is not the villain, not a monster as he is called, no Celestia, sun princess of Equestria, is far worse, in fact, she's the reason behind his existence, his need to spread chaos. Discord, a crooked immortal who only seeks balance.
(kind of similar to a free style poem, but it's not, some of it is meant to be as if it were a poem, but it is really a short, short, short story.

Also keep in mind that Fluttershy is only really hinted at and is only mentioned at the end, just as Luna is not a main concern of Discord's either, as he has his eyes, and revenge, on one pony in particular.

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Comments ( 8 )

Love the depiction of Discord and Celestia's fight, but it needs breaks to show where time sped by/scene changed.

6853644 I'll work on that, thank you!:twilightsmile:

Hi! I noticed that you placed this in a 'need cover art' folder, and I am willing to draw one, if you are still looking for cover art and could describe what you need!:twilightsmile:

7374485 That would be awesome! I don't have any set idea, but maybe something featuring Discord looking furiously at the reader, opening a portal or a very mad Celestia with eyes closer to a red, possibly glaring down or up at discord's grinning face.

I'm open to any and all ideas on it though. Did you have anything in mind?:moustache:

I was thinking of the shadowy outline of discord and celly just glaring at each other, only that celly is smirking.
Maybe discord would look better with tears in his eyes?

All right, I will get started then.

7375700 I can't wait to see it!:pinkiehappy:

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