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It started over tea. Twilight and Starlight agreed to each invite one friend; and then the conversation turned to the question of what if the world around them was nothing but a work of fiction?

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Perhaps it's the prevalence of prominent pony princesses that come up on this site, but I'm getting particularly sensitive to "rein" (horse controls) vs. "reign" (rule) homophone confusion.

"Reign it in" should be "rein it in".

Of course, now I'm trying to concoct a scenario involving weather control to add "rain" to the mix...

Haha amazing start trixie is such a genius

Only one of them is the pro-tagonist. Everypony else are amateur-tagonists. :)



"Reign it in" should be "rein it in".

Whoops, fixed, thanks.

Of course, now I'm trying to concoct a scenario involving weather control to add "rain" to the mix...

Now I'm imagining Rainbow introducing a cloud directly over Trixie's seat, inside the castle...

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Only one of them is the pro-tagonist. Everypony else are amateur-tagonists. :)


What about Moondancer?

Then Sunset dragged Trixie through the portal kicking and screaming. The screaming continued after going through it, at least until Trixie met herself, at which point both Trixies tried to kill one another to claim the title of True Trixie.

I've actually come up with a three/four-way one (the three reyn-homonyms plus another word which starts with reyn), and could tack on even more given the right in-story events. Not sure I want to share it publicly, since if I do ever feel confident in publishing something I'm probably going to use it, but I can at least assure you that it's quite doable.

Calling "Midnight Gleam" for Season 7 antagonist.



What about Moondancer? Trixie never interacted with her, probably doesn't even know she exists...


Nah, they wouldn't kill each other. Just accuse each other of identity theft and try to get the other one arrested.

7183797 oh I see. I thought moondancer was going to be in this because she is like Twilight's version of an anti-social shut in who reads books for most of her life before Amending Fences episode.

I can see trixie as a protagonist mostly because her personality differentiate from the pony norm.

Author Interviewer

I've been reading No Second Prances fics today. Thank god one of them is actually good.

7183797 Sunset never met Trixie. She might have met the humans version of the great and overly confident Trixie, but not the equestria version.

Oh Trixie. :trollestia:



Glad to help!


Not on-screen, no, but they both canonically went to Celestia's School. They could easily have met there. Or at least seen each other.


I know!

The saidisms were a little annoying at first, but this was amusing, and I ended up liking it overall. Surprised it's not tagged comedy, though. It wasn't uproarious or anything, but Trixie's boasting is appropriately silly and comical enough to justify a comedy tag. It definitely made me chuckle.



...seems reasonable to me.

Glad you liked it!


The tags are changed.

Every day my power grows.

This fanfic summed up.

Great story! And sadly Trixie, You aren't the Protagonist, at least in the show.

:trixieshiftright: Are you sure?

Yes. Yes I am.



...I don't think she believes you.

Well, it's expected.
She is TGaP Trix after all.

I really, really want to break the fourth wall right now and scream to the pony heavens that Twilight's the protagonist.

Well, Twilight doesn't seem to be functioning as a protagonist in this story, where the characters are discussing it, so she might not be one in a greater body of fiction which includes this story. Twilight does follow a basic character arc over the course of the show, is reasonably often on-screen and has a decent chance of being part of ongoing events if not central to them, and does things which have major consequences for the setting... but none of those actually make a character "the protagonist".

Literary analysis is generally pointless, but fun.

I reject your reality and replace it with spaghetti.

"Well, it's an interesting idea, but it can't really be proven one way or another, can it?" asked Trixie, taking a sip of her tea


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