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hahaha · 6:42pm Jan 8th, 2015

I'm laughing so hard right now, I'm acting like a little girl who got her heart broken XD
Went and got a new haircut today.

Yush I feel pretty, I just wanted to tell you.
Love Y'all,

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RIP KittyGoesInsane


I miss you so much, hopefully someday we can meet again.

and yeah dreams are really weird
but 8-10 hours ?
I sleep 7 at maximum XDDD
so more like 5-7

and yeah Sunset is waaaay too good for him but if he got a girlfriend then he wouldn't bother the otp of otps anymore XDD
Do you wish as much as I that Discord will appear in the Rainbow Rocks movie ?
also I ( kind of illegally) downloaded the movie soundtrack and OMG, some of the songs there are super AWESOME

also uuughh you have no idea how much I need to talk to you right now <3
and yesterday
so happy that you were online I could jump an-
Now it's gonna be cold again :I

1391181 yea adoption sounds so much better than growing spawn of satan in ur stomach

" the man who makes me drool even in my dreams despite being as old as my father" help currently dying :rainbowlaugh:
Dreams are weird humans are weird we fall unconcious on this giant soft block cover ourselves with fabric wear special clothes for it and hallucinate vividly for 8 -10 hours

Seriously though I wouldn't mind if flash and sunset got back together (even tho sunsets way too good for him :rainbowlaugh: ) cuz its obvious discord and.twilight are a couple duh

I pretty much meant adoption because I'm also asexual as you may know

Also about dreams
I have the exact same problems
But I barely ever dream
Today I did
And it was weird
Sooo I had to go to my old school on the first day of school, I don't know why, Vivi told me to.
And then we had to set tables and banks and I dunno what.
And then Robert Downey Junior ( aka Iron Man aka the guy who makes me even drool in my dreams despite being old enough to be my father)
came and I accidentally ran into him and it was like one of those anime scenes
where the heroine runs into their crush and stuff
and the he held s speech and just stared at me while doing that and it totally confused me.
After that my teacher sent me to my new school, but I should go trough some weird ass underground tunnel that connected the two schools.
before I went in there I woke up ....


also Sunset is really hot actually and now that she's nice I actually love her
( I liked her before but she was kinda bitchy )
She should get back with flash it would be faaaaaar better if that happened and not that dumb shitbag drooling after Twilight who CLEARLY already belongs do discord!!!

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