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First Blog Post · 4:01pm Sep 11th, 2014

Hello! This is my first blog post and I figured I could start posting one at least once a week for now. After reading through other people's blog posts, I thought that I should start doing so as well. Don't get wrong, I love reviewing stories that other people have published here. But I think it's time that I start to make some stories of my own.

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Top 10 Authors You Should Visit

Hey there everypony and everybody. Listed below are what I believe, to be my top 10 favorite authors thus far. The list is in no particular ranking or order (tribute to Discord). If you haven't heard of or bothered to check out some of these guys, you should as they have good stories for you.

1. defender2222
2. Bubble Butt
3. chaos2012
4. AlphatheGriffin17
5. Tundara
6. Pen Stroke
7. TwistedSpectrum
8. Alex Warlorn
9. Kwakerjak
10. A 7-way tie between Starsong, Maximus_Reborn, xTSGx, Blue Wolf,
Metal Pony Fan, Bad_Seed_72 and TheMyth

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God bless, God bless. God loves you, now and forever.

2398648 No problem, I like showing my appreciation to everypony that supports my story and I. And what better way than stopping by at their user page? :twilightsmile:

Your welcome! Thank you for stopping by! I honestly wasn't expecting that.

Glad you enjoyed A Home For Hearth's Warming! Thanks for adding it to your shelf. :yay:

Ha Ha Ha Ha! :rainbowlaugh: Just read your post, and your blog.

First of all, thanks for the...well...thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Second, just calm down. I'll message ya! :rainbowwild:

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