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Dusk Sets · 11:30pm Mar 29th, 2016

Wow. It really has been a while, hasn't it? Time really has a habit of getting away from me, but I know that's a terrible excuse.
The past year and before has certainly had me busy. I'm wrapping up my year of university and there's been a lot of work to do. But that isn't the only reason things have ground to a halt.

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Okay, a few things. One, that was a late response. Two, my bud looked him up and found his profile on fanfiction. And three, he couldn't get in touch with him, but he managed to get a member of his trio. He got to talk with Quillin Words, the cover artist!😆 he even told QW about me! is my bud the best or what?

My bud just messaged me! He thinks Alpha is working over at Fanfiction!

I can't help but wonder, where exactly did you go? Your last appearance was in September 18 2017 on what I presume was your Fanfiction account going by the same name. I do wish you the best, and hope you haven't died, but an update would've been nice, or at least something addressing how you'll disappear in advance.


Look, I know you likely won't actually read this. But, I hold on to some vague hope that you'll come back for nostalgia or whatever other reason, and think about replying to this.

Thanks for reading, if you're out there.

Do you ever think about making a seventh book about Dusk Noir? If so can you make some chapters similar to the season 3 episodes

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