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WARNING: This story contains violence. See spoiler black bar for details.
Violence, including: loss of limb, decapitation, use of bladed weapons, burns, mentions of blood
Book VII- The Final Installment.
The storm approaches. A threat hidden in darkness, now steps into the light. Illusions of security and safety are finally shattered.
A time of celebration has come upon Equestria. Twilight Sparkle has recently been crowned Princess of Friendship. Preparations have begun for her wedding with her soon-to-be prince, Dusk Noir. Everypony is excited for this momentous occasion.
Until a series of devastating attacks occur, ones which mark the opening gambit of their enemy: the wrathful Fallen Soul and those who stand with him. Individuals of those within and without Equestria, stolen away without warning. Not just ponies, but a griffin, a dragon and a buffalo. But why these beings? What is twisted alicorn's plan for them? Whatever it is, the Wielders of the Elements of Harmony will stop him, as they have every other threat.
But will that be enough this time? Will they all survive and for those who do, how will it change them? Will they all live to see the colours that come out, when Dusk falls?

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It's heeeeeeeeeeeeeere!

Wow. It's finally happening, huh?

Ngl, I don’t know what this next event is that Spike has planned but I’m looking forward to seeing what it is. It appears to be based on a book. I’ll probably feel silly later, but I just can’t quite put it together yet.

Great kickoff chapter for the finale. Hilarious antics, and Ray Strike being the Goat. Discord, Doom and Sombra were all great in this as well.

Particularly Ray’s line about Doom’s edge lord name and Maretalica. xD

And then Discord splitting up into two so he wouldn’t miss out on Hoofloose was gold!

Dusk and Twilight are getting married! Yes!!!

Great start to kick us off into the sunset, Alpha

Huzzah Dusketeers! Onward into the Breach!

This was a cute chapter. Twilight and Trixie’s interaction had me gushing and to see them calling each other friends now is wonderful. Glad you’re straying from the show’s narrative now.

The Musketeers shenanigans were amazing! Ray’tanyan was my favorite part. Ha ha

Discord, stop it! Why’d you have to bring that up right now? I guess in terms of the narrative and what’s to come, it’s necessary though. But let them have their moment.

Also, I don’t like the implications of what else Celestia knows but isn’t telling them. But that makes the story that much more gripping.

Spike really went all out on this, and it more than makes up for his blunder with Shining Armor’s bachelor party.

Not often do we see the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties mingle, but I loved every bit of it. The feels, man.

Oooooh crap! Things are moving fast and creatures and ponies are already met with their brutal ends… and this is just the third chapter. A stark contrast to the previous two.

And so it begins…

Hell yeah, Thorax! Interesting that he's showing up way earlier in cannon, I like it.

At first I thought the Hosts would all be the Student Six (which would have been really cool NGL) plus Ray, but then I realized the Changeling Host had already been revealed, so oh well!

There’s a storm a brewing!

Also #GoTeamTwilight

WARNING: This story contains violence. See spoiler black bar for details.

Doesn't the violence tag give that away?

It does. However, not everyone may see it and consideration is never a bad thing :)

It’s an interesting idea. However, in this series I’ve never touched upon the Yaks and don’t really have any plans to do so, since a majority of this was written and planned before their introduction. I would have liked to have included the Young Six, but oh well xD

No Flash!!!!!

No Celestia and Luna!!!!! (Just trapped but still)

Poor Twilight… her morale is going to take a hit. Just when she was finally feeling confident too. Man this getting good

Haha, we get introduced to, and then immediately un-introduced to, Flash Sentry XD


Also, one chapter a day? You spoil us!

11457771 I’ve been working on it for just such a purpose. The exception will be Christmas

Dusk! Why didn’t you tell them?!? Now it’s too late. I hope they won’t be too mad at him later, but really… bad decision.

These fight scenes were super cool. Nice to see Dusk back front and center again with arguably the best fight in this chapter. Pinkie’s is a close second.

Things are really happening now!

And push back they did. My favorite part was where Twilight, Spike, Bulkhead and the other guards fought Tube’s robot and exploited its weakness! Tube didn’t even realize it was happening until it was too late. Good job Spike.

And the way Twilight showed up just in time to stop Spike from getting crushed was awesome too. Yeah it sucked that poor Flash was killed under her command, but she was able to come through and work her way through it.

Also, “they fly now?” Yes! Shut up! xD That line was so cringe in Star Wars. Kudos to Sombra for stopping it here. And Trixie really came back from her meltdown earlier. I had a feeling she would.

Excellent chapter. Great energy in this push back against the enemy. Now I’m looking forward to seeing what our Ponyville friends are up to.

"Yes, yes! Split it wide open!" cheered Trixie from afar.

He carved the edge of his blade along the arm as he ran, taking advantage of the breaches. Metal fell away to the floor, then he bounded up in the air and raised his blade. With a mighty slash coming down, he cut away the few supports holding the arm in place and it fell to the ground with a heavy clunk.

Sombra landed deftly, sheathing his sword and turning. The attacker had been forced to pause in its assault, no doubt processing its pain, if it even felt such things.

Man who knew Sombra was actually Raiden all along?

More allies are assembling. I wonder how much longer it will take for everyone to be back together again.

And oh noes, the bad guys managed to pull the switch-aroo and get Ray!

Poor Dusk is just in for a world of pain now.

Great way to bring Gilda, Strongheart, Ember, Zecora and Doom into the fray. Our main heroes needed a bit of a break.

Really I get they're upset that he didn't speak sooner but they know how emotionally fragile he is when it comes to friendship and losing them. He was afraid of being wrong and didn't speak up.

Can’t say I blame the others for being mad. I expected it at this point.

Never thought I’d see Dusk and Fluttershy argue, but given the circumstances it’s understandable. Ray’s been taken and now it’s time to regroup.

I think they’ll see that later. But there’s also Dusk’s growth as a character to take into account for. Dusk has to stop hiding behind his emotional insecurity and learn to trust that his friends will be able to help as they have countless times. The only thing that I can really say that I side with Dusk on is that I get it. The timing of all of this was terrible and not in his favor. I understand his mindset, but he dropped the ball on this one

He has been growing but at the same time old fears are hard to get rid of when they pop up. He must have doubted himself and didn't think they would believe him without more proof. Remember the wedding they were sure that twilight was wrong because she only had her word for them to go on and that wasn't enough until they saw she was right with their own eyes.



Honestly? Both sides are valid in how they feel. Yes, Dusk’s perspective is understandable and you can see why he kept it to himself. However, from the side of everyone else, giving them a heads up could have made a difference in their situation. Understanding someone doesn’t always mean that you agree with them.

Picking up on some foreshadowing in this.

And Ray got one last humorous exchange in before he was forced to turn. Poor Ray. This is exactly what nobody wanted. And Celestia’s necklace has been compromised and removed. Not that it matters much now anyway. Ray’s the big bad wolf now. I mean Wrathy.

Also as much as we aren’t meant to like Fallen, at least he got to show he has some semblance of humor and taste in…well… anything. lol Not that we haven’t before but sometimes we need a reminder

Twilight is handling things alright considering the circumstances. At least as well as you could expect. She’s inexperienced, and she’s having to do everything alone. A true test. Real life sucks. Fallen has really played his cards well here. However, Twilight will eventually overcome this, hopefully it will start with seeing Dusk and the others again. And kudos to Spike for being Twilight’s support right now.

And yes! Dusk and Thorax are on their way to becoming friends. So nice to see that they had a proper introduction. Thorax is a great character.

Samore, is Twilight Sparkle going to have to smack a Changeling? Cuz she’ll do it! Probably not! xD

The villains get better and better with every appearance they make. I’m eager to see where the stories of Selena and Edge go.

The rift developing between Twilight and Dusk is hard to see, but it’s great storytelling. We obviously know they’re going to work it out eventually. I’m looking forward to seeing how they do, and probably cry a bit when they do. Thank goodness for Spike being the voice of reason. His character development in this series is top notch. Give Twilight her space. If anyone knows that, it’s Spike.

Thorax continues to be a joy to read as do the rest of these characters that are joining our main cast in this fight.

Also welcome back Zecora!

Horray! Thorax officially joins the party. Glad to see him here way before he would be introduced, provides an interesting dynamic

My my, the Crystal Heart was the only thing broken in this chapter… but at this point, violence doesn’t surprise me. Especially when it comes to Fallen Soul. Those poor Crystal Soldiers…

Was nice to see Shining get a good fight to himself, even if he’s defeated at the end. My goodness that’s gotta hurt. Hope he gets a cool prosthetic limb if he makes it out of that alive. I assume he will. Same with Cadence. Sucks they both got really badly beaten at the end.

Fallen with the beasts seems to be unstoppable so far and he doesn’t even have them all yet. The Crystal Empire is now in shambles…

So many emotions with this chapter. An emotional roller coaster. Starting off lighthearted with Dash and AJ figuring things out along with Rarity being her usual helpful self.

It was sad to see Twilight continuing to lash out at her friends, but at least they were understanding of her position and did their best to not hold it against her. Especially Fluttershy who showed great restraint, and that’s what snapped Twilight out of it. Seeing her apologize to everyone for taking it out on them made that part believable, and relatable. Even Dash was quick to cut Twilight some slack. Things are just going to get harder for her. Especially now that she’s at odds with Dusk and at the end of the chapter is about to discover her brother’s condition.

Making a prediction here, but once she moves past this and comes back to herself fully, there’s going to be something Dusk is going to do that’s going to redeem him, and it’s going to help Twilight see his position on things, as well as draw her back to him.

Also, I really liked the Breakfast Club type conversation that group B had in this chapter. Even Doom is starting to show a more friendly side to himself, as friendly as he can be that is. Him being with this group that doesn’t know him as well aside from Sombra and Trixie, is really helping him. But seeing them all relate to each other and build a bond was very nice, and I’m glad to have had this kind of nice exchange before the grim ending of this chapter takes place.

Glad to see Shining is still alive, and Cadence too. Now Cadence is going to have motivation for taking Fallen down. At least even more than she already had. I feel like she’s going to push to avenge her injured husband once she heals up herself.

And it’s nice to see that Celestia and Luna escaped and helped free as many Crystal Ponies as they could.

Trixie did great! She gets the mvp award in this chapter. About time the others finally got off their high horses…

Glad Twilight is going to be okay as far as her brother. I’m sure it weighs on her like everything else but I expected a more morose reaction. Thankfully Cadence was conscious enough to kind of comfort her a bit. Speedy recovery, Heart Princess

Twilights grievances with Celestia are valid. She’s been holding that in for a long time, and it had to hurt her to say it as much as it did for Celestia to hear it. But now that it’s out in the open, Twilight just needs to take the time to figure this crap out. Last thing to check off the list is making up with Dusk. She will probably need the help of the others though.

Yeah Celestia biggest flaw is the very thing discord sarcastically accused twilight of in the tree of harmony episode. Being the too important princess for anyone else. The closest she ever risked her own hide was the wedding episode

Very pleased with the ending of this chapter. And I’m so glad to see that Twilight and Dusk are back in good terms again. In that sweet Dusklight fashion, no less. I loves it when they kiss. It’s always so sweet. They belong together and I’m glad that Dusk’s idiot tendencies have once again failed to chase Twilight away.

Luna in this chapter was great! Luna is appreciated. Especially by the Dusk fandom. She’s part of the heart of these stories.

Also Trixie coming in clutch for the second chapter in a row. I think Trixie ships Dusklight. xD

Also glad to see that Discord got put in his place. Multiple times, I might add. I like him but sometimes he needs to be taken down a peg.

Meetings Old and New was so cool!

I’m happy we got to see a continuation of Dusk and Twilight’s reconciliation before things get going again with the main plot.

Fallen’s meeting with the main characters was even more fun to read than I expected. I like how he approaches them as if he’s greeting guests and actually takes a moment to have enemy banter with them.

Also the conversation between Discord, Luna and Celestia was so freaking cool and at certain parts, kind of adorable when they reminisce on their past friendship compared to where they are now. And Discord even pours his heart out a bit.

Things are about to go down now, and I’m here for it

Oh man, Spike showed up and left as soon as he’d gotten there. So now he’s got to go back and hear the news from one of them. Someone is going to have to go through the pain of explaining what happened to Discord all over again… that’s rough.

Aside from that, everyone else reacted about how I’d expected them to. Wasn’t expecting Twi to react how she did, but it made sense. She didn’t want to see him die any more than anyone else did. Being the princess of friendship, seeing someone go who had only just begun to learn about friendship had to be heartbreaking for her, and Fluttershy? That one hurt. I felt that. And I did not envy Celestia in that moment. Having been the only one who witnessed Discord die, and having to be the bearer of bad news. Man this was rough!

Just rough. Not much time for mourning. Things are about to ramp up again. This time, it’s not going to be pretty for anyone.

I think it’s high time the other side takes some blows now. We shall see I guess.

Wonder when Celestia and twilight are going to talk about the whole princess thing. Considering Celestia didn't really prepare twilight for the whole princess thing she just tricked her into a pair of wings and then suddenly she has all sorts of responsibilities and everyone looking to her for hope.

They’ve got other things to be dealing with first. But I assure you, that conversation is coming.

Over power alicorn/demon dusk when?:derpytongue2:

Probably never, considering Alpha has stated at least 40 times now that Dusk is not becoming an alicorn :derpytongue2:

Aahh but did he say anything about him becoming something like Ray?
(FYI I honestly can't remember if he did or not):rainbowlaugh:

Well that answers my thought about Spike finding out about Discord.

Twilight and Pinkie’s exchange in this chapter was very nice. Twilight is such a good friend to Pinkie, and vice versa. I love how Pinkie was trying to help her and ended up getting helped by Twilight, in turn helping Twilight. I love how you write friendship, Alpha.

Shining and Cadence are back in the fray. And from the sound of things, just in time.

Also that HTTYD reference with Spike and Ember. It’s perfect! Perfect!

Also, it’s nice to see Twi and Celestia talking again. Even if it’s under kinda necessary circumstances. It’s still talking, and surely the conversation she wants to have with her is coming soon.

Never, I’m afraid. Dusk was never intended to become an alicorn. It just wouldn’t fit for him.

Everybody hates Test Tube! xD

The villains just chilling casually while waiting for orders was kind of fun to see. And the way they all ganged up on him was funny.

All of their motives are revealed, with a couple of potential traitors in their midst. How exciting!

Looks like things are ramping up again!

I suppose the question now is… Will our Hero’s spare some ponypower to defend Ponyville, or do a full frontal assault on the fortress?

Wonder what Fallen even wants in Ponyville, besides just continuing to fight the Elements. They already got the amulet.

Let’s freaking go!!! It’s go time!

A lot of pleasant surprises in this chapter. And some new information.

A lot of emotions being thrown around here. A lot of great characters risking their lives to stop this evil.

Let’s hope Samore is able to stay out of Fallen’s clutches (I’m guessing she will get caught).

Also, surprise Luna and Sombra wedding. This series is awesome!

I’m rearing to go for tomorrow’s chapter. Ready to see a rematch with Dusk and Grace. As well as the princesses taking on Fallen.

So much to react to in this chapter I can’t even remember it all. lol

Man, everyones getting married huh

Well, two sets of people certainly xD

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