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Book II
Brought out of the darkness of solitude and into the light of friendship, Dusk returns once more to see and learn just what magic and wonder friendship has in store for him. Once thinking he was the most useless, pointless pony to ever exist, he has now found those who care for him and appreciate him for who he is, opening up new possibilities never even considered.
He will join the girls on their adventures and experiences with friendship’s magic, helping them along as they go, having a few of his own and learning and discovering new aspects of himself that become open now friendship is known to him. Along the way, he will also make new friends, challenge his own beliefs and convictions once more and just discover how much more wonderful life is with friends as a part of it.
But that’s not all that concerns him here. He needs to do something different about himself, but what? He has his colour magic, but where exactly did it come from and are there others he shares it with? Twilight may be his best friend but… what’s this new feeling that he has when he’s around her now?
All of this will be explored, as Equestria prepares to see a brand new Dusk.
Cover again by Quillin Words.

Chapters (27)
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Comments ( 286 )

Glad to see that Dusk is back. Looking forward to the story, up and faved.

2 dislikes, eh? Two more victims for the Orbital Friendship Cannon.........

Oh, one more thing. I am already starting the new cover! I think this one is boing to be a LOT cooler than the last one. You have your title to thank for that. :)

To make up for the dislikes, have 5/5 mustaches.

What? How in Equestria did this get any dislikes? No matter, you get all my likes! *hands over likes* and of course here's a mustache. :moustache:
You are well aware on FanFiction, but I'll set it in stone here. This is by far the best fanfic series I have ever read. I enjoy every chapter and I'm so happy that you're posting them on here! I believe in you and in your stories, and I'm happy that you're still writing. Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

2089725 Thank you Em, you're the best :fluttercry:

2089739 :twilightblush: You're welcome.

2089739 WHAT?! Another dislike?! Looks like the Orbital Friendship Cannon has another target for the day!

A character that would fit the theme of the show well. I do enjoy your stories. That are a nice mellow compared to what other put out.

Alpha, I really got to hand it to ya. You're writing is near impeccable. Just the way you lace your story in with the progression of the show is amazing.

I highly suggest thinking about submitting this to EqD. I'm sure it'll make it.

Mate, I can't get over how well you write. This is by far one of the best stories I've read. :twilightsmile:

Update on cover: should be done by the end of the week.

Also, consider what I said before about submitting to EqD!


Quillin Words

2108249 Thanks Quil, that means a lot to me.
Excellent, I'm sure you've done another fantastic job! :pinkiehappy:
I'm not wholly sure I'd agree with you myself... I'll think on it...

2112327 Mate, believe me when I say that your story is good enough to make it. The only thing you'd have to do is edit it for any grammatical or spelling errors. If you'd like, when the time comes, I'd gladly do that. I really want you to make it to the big time, because if anyone deserves it, it's you. Your writing style is unique; I haven't read a story that weaves an OC into the show's plot so intricately. You pulled it off, and made it amazing. :twilightsmile:

As for the cover, I've got an idea, but I think you'll see what it is once it's up. :pinkiehappy:


Quillin Words

An actual sonic rainboom! He had seen one! Yet... why did it look familiar, for some reason?

^That foreboding, yo. This'll lead into Cutie Mark Chronicles, mark my words.


Quillin Words



2122373 Indeed....so listening to H8_Seed's "Petrified" in the next chapter. :rainbowlaugh:

hmmm... I think the dislikes might be cause your just rewriting the episodes. It generally makes for a more boring read. Anyway I like the story.

2125819 Possibly, but this is how I'm doing things. I do try to make things interesting and work in my own ideas, but believe me it gets better. Besides, I started getting those dislikes before I started posting my episode stories. I suppose it's just down to individual taste in the end. Thanks for the support.

Aww, I think this is really nice. Um, if that's okay with you...

I just have to say, thank you so much for knowing the difference between "theater" and "theatre". And go Techie Dusk! TECHIES FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Woah there Spike, I'm not that kind of stallion," said Dusk

^Best. Line. EVER!

Oh, and one thing:

(Dusk insisted on moving one for Twilight, despite her protestations)

I'm pretty sure it would just be "despite her protests", but I could be wrong.

Anyway, another great chapter! Will definitely finish the art cover by Friday.


Quillin Words

I loved this chapter. First chapter in a while where you didn't embed it into an episode, and I think you did it magnificently.

2147388 Thanks Quil, I do think that it's my best one. You may notice I have a structure of doing an episode, my own idea and usually interchange it. I hope it's going to be considered better from here.

Good Chapter. I like the variation of one chapter episode and the next 1 or 2 original.

Nice build up. I get really tired of fics that think romance is all about introducing two characters in the first chapters, and having them go at it like rabbits in the next. You have a nice steady build up that is interesting to follow. Keep up the good work.

Holy moly, Dusk might be a descendant of Luna?! :pinkiegasp:

Give me a minute to process this.....................


See, now you got me all interested in what Luna thinks about Dusk's magic powers.

Good! I like it!

A Cockatric! That's what can go wrong!

Luna and Dusk....and what was with the cliffhanging prophecy?! You're driving us to insanity!

Ramoth would like to thank you for the subtle reference to her friends and their riders in your story. Excellent work looking forward to more.


You just keep making this more and more interesting. :twilightsmile:

Oooh, loved this plot twist, mate! Great job!

2179173 You're welcome, though in truth I was referring more the Rider Eragon and the dragon Saphira, but I appreciate all dragons and their riders. Fly swift and may the sun be at your back. :moustache:

Love this story! :heart:

Shouldn't the title of the books you mentioned in this chapter be underlined?

Awwww, this chapter was adorable. :)

You fool!
Just tell her and let it be done with!

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww that was adorable! Very much like how I would act if I asked a girl to dance with me. :pinkiehappy: Another fine chapter my friend. I can't wait for the big event!

The. Flipping. Feels. Just take them. TAKE THEM AWAY!

I can't even describe how great that chapter was! I admit, I was a little worried about what Dusk would actually do during the chapter, but you completely blew me away with what you wrote. Bringing Luna in? Genious. She made for a great addition to the plot. :twilightsmile:

And again, that moment with Dusk and Twilight......just too flipping cute! Sorry, I'm a sap for those kinds of things. :rainbowkiss:

Now, if I was Dusk, I would have waited till I was out of earshot and screamed:

It makes me feel fluffy inside.

I can't wait to see what happens next!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Alright! A close to another fine book in Dusk's life!

Thanks for the shout out for me in the end mate. It was my pleasure to do the art for this story. :)

Update: Finally finalized the idea for the art cover of the next story. I must say though, it's going to be quite the challenge........But hey, Rainbow Dash never turns down a challenge, and neither will I! :rainbowdetermined2:

Anyway, congrats on finishing your second book! Another fine addition to the shelf, and I really like the direction you're going with this. And that ending.......:rainbowkiss:

Well, till next time!


Quillin Words

Oh I can't wait for the next story

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