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This story is a sequel to The Broken Mare

While ensuring that the Nightmare has once again been banished to the Moon, Luna is attacked while teleporting back.

A stallion has escaped from the lunar prison. Who is this pony? Is he controlled by the Nightmare? What is he after?

Is Twilight's daughter in danger?

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12:40 am , Hell yeah , Sleep can wait!

The Father isn't a raving lunatic!

Oh yes, a sequel!
Read later or during work... Read at work or read later... Uhhh...
Higher priority first, reading nao! :pinkiehappy:

And an post-read edit:
Woot, great start to the new story! Let's see where it'll go from here, how Twi will react, how everypony else will, and how he will react once he realizes he actually knocked out Luna and not Nightmare :rainbowlaugh:

Kick his ass. I'm getting that funny feeling I get when something aint right about a pony.

Don't let the autocorrect fool you, plural of pegasus is pegasi.

YES ITS HERE!!!. *ahem* sorry about that. i loved the broken mare and ive been waiting for this.

Wohoo! This story is awesome. If... if that's ok with you, I mean no, if you don't want me telling you the sequel is amazing, I'm fine with that, it's just... I hope it's ok with you.

I think that when the stallion explains himself everypony will understand.
I mean, Twilight did try to kill the princesses. He only knocked one out.
Although he's not brainwashed, thinking Luna was the Nightmare is a perfectly reasonable mistake.

I look forward to more! :pinkiehappy:

I am ever so minorly concerned that the stallion will turn into a Gary-Stu. It's just a vibe I got from him being such an awesome fighter, tracker, guard, piece of stallion beef hunk-a-hunka *eyebrow wiggle*. So long as his crazy paranoi that everyone has to be working for the Nightmare sticks, I'm okay.

Loved the first story, and really enjoying the sequel so far. Dash is best Guard Pony. Sorry Shining. :rainbowdetermined2:

Update? YAY:yay:
I love where this is going, keep it up:yay:

Sequel!! Awesome!

Seems like Twilight's getting used to be being a mom, even if she still has some problems with it. Can't wait to see the confrontation between Twi and the stallion

wow. Very nice, as usual. :D Here. Take this!

YES!!! When I saw this I practically yelled "Oh, S***!" and my brother looked at me like I'm nuts (which I am:pinkiecrazy:). I can't wait for more.

Yeah, the sequel's up!

Well now I know that it's not my OC. (even though it matches him in every way except for being a unicorn)
Look forward to seeing how this turns out.

Also, the stallions theme song should be: Boulevard of broken dreams (You know, the "I walk alone" one)

Does the synopsis have way too many rhetorical questions?

Is it boring and uninventive?

Does it give away too many of the story's developments?

Yes, yes and yes.

Also, learn how to punctuate your dialogue. It's not that hard.

And to think, this got featured...

Oh heck yea! a sequel! I read the broken mare and i'm like, OMG MOONLIGHTS FATHER IS AN INSANE CRAZY PONY and i still think that :pinkiecrazy:

I thought Moonlight was just, ”created,” by Nightmare. Didn't expect a father. Kind of suspect he is brainwashed, though.

The father escapes and the mother complex returns :trollestia:

The story is now here!:scootangel:
Add it to the ffavorites immediatly!:pinkiehappy:

I am very happy this got to the feature box. I would not of found the first story this is a sequel to, if not for that. Now I have 2 new stories on my favorite list and another writer to follow. :yay: Yay!

Oh... My... Glob...
My only realy complaint is that you used the word "adorable"... I just don't like that word period.

Certainly interested. Let's see, what do I think? Well, if Nightmare could create 'life' with magic, I doubt she would have needed Twilight at all, so it makes sense she would have sought out the best possible specimen of magic, will, and physical strength to sire her new body.
But one would think that a missing guard pony of such skill would be big news... maybe not as big as the disappearance of a mare like Twilight.

The only thing that shocks me how the stallion could 'not' be aware of who Twilight is. I mean... This is the mare who put down Nightmare Moon's first return... defeated Discord, and is technically a member of the royal family. That unicorn has got to be an Equestrian Celebrity.

The Needs Of Life
-MLP :heart::heart::heart:

Which one is the most important:rainbowhuh:

1406488 Well, let's assume NM picked him because she wanted all of those traits so she'd have a strong foal :pinkiehappy:

1408205 hey that was supposed to be my gif! lol oh well i got one noone else does...mlptf2mods.com/_/rsrc/1324626715126/mods/weapons/soldier/LunasLibertyLauncher.jpg?height=200&width=200
this here is Luna's personal Liberty Launcher...

EDIT: this is a pic not a gif....

1409386 i find you adorable.... lol had to say it i had to :3

Needs Moar Cowbell.


Which reminds me.... I'd REALLY like to see a Fic where Anti-Guy stumbles into Equestria....

Glad to see a sequel up! Let's rock this stallion's world! And Moonlight's! Onward!

Well, one chapter down. Now where are the rest?! :applecry:


Judging by his actions and knowledge, one would assume he's military, possibly some kind of secret ops or a cleanup agent. He knows magic to track someone down, he knows just how to fight and escape, and patients. Plus he's not from anywhere near Ponyville so I would assume some land beyond the sea or whatnot.

At any rate, if he disappeared while on a mission, especially if it's a secret mission, not much would be known about his disappearance other than by the government that contracted him, and if he is a secret agent, then said government would keep quiet about the whole thing and keep it under wraps. Kinda like that whole Mission Impossible line: "IF anything happens to you, the government will disadvow any knowledge" blah blah blah.

But he's awesome, in a Jason Bourne kinda way.

Nightmare Moon plans many moves ahead of her opponents she had to have anticipated that her plan with Twilight would fail, and it seems a little too convenient that the Nightmare forgot to refresh the enchantments on the Stallions restraints... allowing him to escape and go straight to Twilight and her foal.

After all, why would she brainwash one and not the other? :rainbowderp:

I hope you update soon :twilightsmile: or I'll be really sad :applecry:

1411571 Yes, but you have to remember. Nightmare was banished to the moon for 1000 years, returns, was immediately purged from Luna by the Elements of Harmony, spent a year recovering her strength and lying in wait for an opportunity, continuously used her power to keep Twilight under control, and then purged by the Elements of Harmony yet again. That's gotta take it's toll on your body and mind, being hit by the Elements three times.

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