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This story is a sequel to The Rogue Stallion

The Broken Mare is healing, the Rogue Stallion is leashed, and a cute little button of a filly is stumbling between them. Now what?

Here's the answer to that question. The sequel to The Broken Mare and The Rogue Stallion concludes.

Note: Yes, this will follow the path of Season Three, but placed a year later. Chapters will be irregular and intermittent due to a nasty school schedule.

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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy: more please:fluttershysad::fluttershysad::fluttershysad:

I was wondering when this was gonna come out. Sounds like this is gonna be good.

The daww train is leaving the station. Can't wait for the next chapter.


me a gud splelr!!!1!

The narration is best read in Morgan Freeman's voice.


The two month-old filly in question smiled

For the next hour, most of the attention of the group was on the month-old filly who simply bathed in all of it.

The sequel is out! And it starts awesome. Keep it up!

it finally arrived it seems these days whenever i think of a fic it updates :twilightsmile:

one thing i noticed

Twilight's sister-slash-adopted son.

this one should be brother i think

loving it :heart:, while you said that this was to be a slice of life story, you trow us a nightmare that has some serious foreboding :twilightsmile: and in the in-between of it all there is so much d´aww in this story that i think i´m gonna check myself for diabetes :pinkiehappy:

P.S. very ingenious the part about checklist and Twilight, that put a goofy smile on my face :twilightsmile:

A good story so far.

I have seen some small errors:

The happiest of this morning ritual is the foals whom are are running rampant in preparation for school.

Twilight's sister-slash-adopted son

Like BrackMadar, I think you mean "Brother-slash-adopted son". Unless you consider dragons to be hermaphrodite…

The stallion simply sighed and shook his head, accepting it. He knew full well

Need a point between "it" and "He".

Checks feed... sees this story... GOOD LORD IT'S ARRIVED!!!!!!!!! :raritystarry: :yay: :trollestia: :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy: :derpytongue2: :pinkiegasp: :moustache:

Reads... suffers mini heart attacks... reads Twilight's nightmare...

Hmm. We must take into account that Twilight was missing for a year, and had been abused and raped during that time. In that case, this dream is most likely a repressed memory of her time with Nightmare. I sense that a plot point of this story is going to be Twilight struggling to understand and deal with said memories.

Yay, after all Twilight and Janus have been through, they deserve a slice of life story

Good sequel to your two previous stories. I look forward to reading more, because I'm certain that there are going to be many comedic episodes.

Thank you for making my crappy Monday better

I quite liked this series - first I've seen of it. I don't necessarily agree with Luna's aggression toward ... whats-his-nuts but it's not outside of possibility. Good job, thumbs all around.

Huh, I'm following you but I didn't get a notification on this... I wonder why

so freaking HAPPY for this story! I loved the other two as well.

It still irks me that everyone treats Janus so badly. He was forced into an unenviable position (in most ways...) and Luna is making a bigger mess of things for him, just because her pride was wounded. Not to mention that he wouldn't be in this position except for Nightmare, who, depending on how the nightmare came about in this context, was Luna's fault. By that token Luna really has no business behaving that way, especially considering she was forgiven all kinds of potentially horrible stuff. That's not even to speak about Celestia who could, arguably, he having in an extremely irrational and irresponsible fashion. Her parents might have a little business being mad, but no reason to stay mad since neither of them (Janus or Twilight) really had much choice in the matter.

Of course, he had already gotten something akin to that from Celestia when they moved from Sweet Apple Acres back into the library. She wasn't exactly sure what the Solar Diarch had said, but the unicorn was nearly as white as she was when he walked away.
To do so to a stallion whom had been tortured and abused both physically and mentally by a literal Nightmare for over a year, that is quite an accomplishment

Celestia, whatever will we do with your ever so abusive self? It's all "my little ponies" right until something bothers you personally. Then fairness, justice, and rational thought all go out the window.
Of course, he is remarkably sane, considering that he's been trapped on the moon for a year or more. Not to mention receiving some beating from Nightmare and being chained up all the time. Kinda makes me think the character is somehow too shallow, although I suppose he could be repressing negative thinking. If you're just going to keep giving the guy the wrong end of the stick it'd be nice to know exactly how skewed Luna and Celestia's thoughts are on all this.


Waiting for more. :twilightsmile:

Oh mercy, moar is needed. Please...

by the way congrats on getting on that Feature Box :pinkiehappy:

Can we get a pic of the happy family?
Janus, Twi and Moonlight?:twilightsmile:

Glad I saw this and that it led me into catching up on the previous two stories.

As always, excellent writing. Can't wait to read more!

Eeek, it's finally here! :yay:
That nightmare though... I hope it really was just a nightmare.

3116086 Darkangel_31314 said it was following Season 3...
And who do we know in Season 3 that might possibly power up the residual darkness? :twilightoops:

And what happens if Moonlight finds the Mirror Pool? :pinkiegasp: Or the Alicorn Amulet? :facehoof:

Or hops on Mommy as the Ascension Spell is invoked?:derpytongue2::pinkiecrazy::applejackconfused::raritycry::trollestia:

My god, it's finally here! it's finally here!:heart:

... Oh... Ahem, Thanks man, I owe you one.


somehow, after clicking that link to Rainbow Dash laughing I ended up getting here shortly after.


... Three is too many? Wow. You must not keep tabs on book series, then.

Most series I know of have more than three installments.

Finally up to date. I wonder what Key's parents think of all this.


Celestia, whatever will we do with your ever so abusive self? It's all "my little ponies" right until something bothers you personally. Then fairness, justice, and rational thought all go out the window.

To be fair, he isn't one of her little Ponies. He's from another country, remember?

It says Marelin for where he comes from, but also indicates that he was in a Guard unit? You know of any other guards? Also, from chapter 1 of "The Rogue Stallion" (Rogue on the Moon):

If he could get off this rock and back to Equestria, he had long ago decided to do whatever it took to find Twilight. Getting off would be a problem.

This implies that he came from Equestria in the first place. Unless Equestria means the whole world, including wherever the griffins live, I think it safe to assume that he would be a subject of the Princesses (Celestia and Luna). Also, the only place ponies live en-masse that's not in Equestria is the Crystal Empire. So in that case, he would be a subject of Princess Cadence then, but he doesn't seem to be a crystal pony so I assume that's out.

Heh... you know, I haven't quite thought that one out yet.

I kinda picture things as being interrelated. You got Canterlot, Germaney, Prance, the Crystal Empire... and their rulers are all 'related' (perhaps distantly - say, a couple thousand years removed) to Celestia in some shape form or fashion.

That's what I'm thinking so far, but I haven't put it to words yet.

Hmm, well. If your thinking is more in line with 3144663, it would be nice if you could elaborate a little bit. The way I read it, as I noted above, was as if it was a more distant part of Equestria (essentially all under Celestia's control).

Are Germaney, Prance, etc specifically mentioned in canon, or are you thinking in terms of general fanon there? I don't recall, and there are a still a bunch of episodes I have yet to see spread across Seasons 1,2,3. I was watching the show piecemeal until the break (the wait between season). I'll have to get into a regular watching schedule with Season 4, and finishing watching the first one which I have on DVD. Then I'll be better informed...:derpyderp2: If they are, and Marelin isn't an entirely separate country (like if it's a city), it be good to state that somewhere.

Honestly, England (or properly, the UK) aggregated several "countries" together, with varying degrees of independence. Scotland, Wales, and Ireland (only part being under English/UK control last I heard), were all separate kingdoms at some point or another ,as far as I understand. So I think it's reasonable to clarify somewhat how these countries work politically as opposed to Equestria, rather than just assuming direct equivalence to the real world.

3146797 Fanon, which I think is based on the relationship between Celestia, Blueblood, and Cadence, similar to the interrelated crowns of the United Kingdom.

Shown in one episode the three Tribes of ponies (Earth, Pegasus, Unicorn) were once separate, but eventually were forced to unite. They eventually had their unified government replaced by Celestia and Luna, but I suspect the old bloodlines and territorial claims of the royal Unicorns would still have roots if the presence of Prince Blueblood is any indication. Then perhaps later on Celestia and/or Luna made their crowns legitimate by marrying into one or more of the families (hence they can call her 'Aunt') or maybe they adopted the foal of one of them when their parents died - that fact simply becoming lost to the history of their thousand-plus years of rule.

At this point, the ponies of Equestria would simply accept it as fact. :duck:

Great chapter.

Can't wait for your next one! :pinkiehappy:

So is a horde of Pinkie Pies going to ruin Twilight's wedding rehearsal?

I like it how you make Twilight bere much more attentive and logical. It makes your story a little different from the show. Even better in some ways. Like you're fixing the flaws of the show.

I'm really interested to see what happens next. Particularly the 'Magic duel' - probably the only S3 episode I didn't enjoy. So much that I even drew a comic.

3200401 Hehe. I like that comic. :P I've already been thinking on how Magic Duel can go down. It won't be like your comic, but will be more in line with my AU here. It'll be fun - and cute. Trust me. :twilightsmile:

I love this. :) I can't wait for the next chapter!

That was your third fav -> you just earned a follower.

3200608 I hope so :). I didn't really like the 'Magic Duel' episode for one particular reason - because it was completely unnecessary.

Trixie was wronged in 'Boast Busters', by ponyvillians acting like dicks and mane 6 being completely OOC, while Trixie herself didn't do anything wrong and was just performing her job by realizing her talent and dealing with hecklers like a good performer should. And after watching some other comedians like Jimmy Carr, I see that it could have been much worse. At least Trixie didn't call them names and didn't insult their mothers.

She didn't deserve anything that happened to her between the two episodes and there was no need for finding the amulet and trying to get revenge on Twilight.

So, i'm really looking forward to seeing what are you going to do with it :twilightsmile:.

It's an interesting way to look at the story under different circumstances. But Spike rising to the occasion is what really made this story so good the first time around.
You may want to double-check the chapter a couple more times for grammatical errors.
Looking forward to the next chapter.

3202722 My problem with boast busters isn't the mane 6 or anything, in fact rainbow dash was being herself and she felt threatened they did make jokes on the fact that rainbow dash is the same way as Trixie in that way. but Twilight was actually never to blame for any of it, in fact if you actually gone to see the episode she was refusing to actually take action against Trixie, and honestly fluttershy was perfect herself (seeing as she wasn't even there.) Applejack being old fashioned can easily be said to be against Trixie for more the fact she's showing off magic more than anything else. :trixieshiftright:

So to keep it short Trixies "revenge" is ill-founded and rather misplaced, if anything nshe should be angry with snips and snails for bringing the Ursa minor there, Twilight only stepped in because she was pretty much without options. but that ends my lecture for the day class, remember to do your homework and to review your notes! :pinkiesmile:

this is no offence to you and honestly I did this because I at this very moment of making this had ABSOLUTLY nothing better to do. I hope you take this in stride and laugh about it. :twilightsmile:

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