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This story is a sequel to The Curiosity of Mr. Disc

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, this is the third part of the Mr. Disc series. The thought experiment goes on when Canterlot High's newest student, Twilight Sparkle has gone missing. This gets the attention of the CIA, and the art teacher gets questioned by one of its agents.

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Ah, the real human Twilight Sparkle has gone missing. I had assumed from the summary that it was about the discrepancy from pony Twilight coming and going. Though I guess I should have known better: As you've shown, Mr. Disc isn't one to really keep secrets, he'd just straight out tell them she didn't belong.

Instead, I see everyone's investigations of the 'real' Twilight sparking her curiosity to investigate why the hell everyone seems to know her, making her go down the rabbit hole herself.

... So a doomsday group tries to kidnap pony twilight but gets human one instead.

Cliched but it's going to be fun!

And said solution to proving that somebody or somepony is spying on you is to spy in suitably humorous and amateurish on said spys who may or may not have ways of disposing you.

Oh, and you can get caught.


5790214 You're welcome!


Faust facepalmed, “That was incredibly stupid of her. The logic behind that: she spied on you guys to prove that she was being spied on without being something to record that she was being spied on.”

Book smart does not equate street smart.

Or rationality for that matter.

“As you were saying,” she said.


I hope you realize that in another universe taht you are the widely accepted creator of the MLP franchise.

And technically the anchestor of the man you're talking to right now.

“I got a Pogo stick and jumped as high as I could to see them,” I said dryly. Why do I have to explain that to her? It’s pretty much a no brainier if you ask me.

Most people would fly.

Or climb a ladder.

Or go to a higher place.

Your alternate version is a spirit of chaos.

We have to ask.

Isn't it kind of like one of those annoying quests where you go out looking for something, get into chain quests, and then discover that the object that you were looking for was at your origin place?

Lauren Faust is the ancestor of John De Lancie?:twilightsheepish:

Obligatory musical reference GO!

.....and Fausticorn returns...

You never cease to confuse the ever-loving shit outta me. Don't ever change.

Suddenly the door busted open with a legion of gilded pony guards, “Halt in the name of Princess Twilight!” one of them shouted.

And Princess Twilight Sparkle that they are brought to is in a coma due to actually not being a horned, winged horse thingie that somehow appears to be royalty and has not been listening to the world for a day.

And the Princess Twilight Sparkle of this side is imprisoned on fear of being a changeling.

And this also happens to be the day a changeling infiltrator was supposed to be coming in on, but also got caught and imprisoned.

And Agent Faust is confused by Luna and Celestia to be their long lost mother.

And Discord is laughing his ass off(Literally as he has a part of himself that is actually an ass or donkey).

And Mr. D is shaking his head, also laughing his ass off, but reattaches it and drinks a pina colada while playing.

I can't wait for Luna to suddenly hug fausticorn yelling "mommy"

Hmmm.... now we're getting somewhere.
Okay then! Headcannon/theory time! I'll spoiler out everything just in case I end up being right.

So in the land of Equestria, alicorn Faust is Luna and Celestia's mother. This makes sense, as it's a common idea throughout the fanon (fan canon). Luna says that "they weren't expecting her" which concludes that the actual alicorn Faust is alive... somewhere. Now if the land of Equestria and the town of Equestria are as mirrored as we have been led to believe, then these would imply that human Faust is principal Celestia and VP Luna's mother as well. Unless human Faust is in her sixties or older, then we've got something wacky going on.
Human Faust correctly identifies Luna, but that just means that she is familiar with the Vice Principal, which makes perfect sense since (as an agent) she would have learned the background of those closely involved with her mission beforehand.

So far this has mostly been analysis and deduction, but here's where the extrapolated theories start: If we take the original ending of "The Curiosity of Mr. Disc" as canon to this universe, then we get some interesting avenues to explore. That ending was not viable before because, at the time, there were no plans to continue the story and it made no sense to add Faust in for final scene. Now however, it works. It even fits in with the opening chapter of this story (assuming some weeks or months have passed since their earlier meeting and they've forgotten details about each other). In that chapter, Faust was shown to have some powers of her own (just basic telekinesis, but something nonetheless). What if... another power is longevity/youth? Perhaps, many years before, she did indeed have a pair of daughters, but due to the relationship falling apart and knowing how her work would make her be on the move constantly, she gave them up for adoption. Or, if we want to disregard the edited chapter, we could go a less magical route. If we hold that Human Celestia, Luna, and Faust are similar in age then I pose the scenario that they grew up together. It could work that the three were foster siblings together, and if we make Faust a good 7 or 8 years older than the other two, then she could have been a powerful mother figure in place of an absent or neglectful foster mom. While this comparison is not perfect, it could explain why the town of Equestria is "in her district" (she asked for it since she grew up there). Also, it has been shown that the worlds are not perfect mirrors (unless human Twilight is about to get a promotion to a teaching position, and how Discord and Julius are remarkably distinct despite their shared powers and similar history).
Anyways, it could work.
So anyways... this has been a remarkably long comment.
What I've surmised may be right, but that's just a theory. A pony theory.

5803071 Thank you for this incredible analysis.

But I must turn to you for advice. Originally, ever since I've began this, I've thought about combining the two endings of "The Curiosity of Mr. Disc", but with what you've presented, I must ask the question, should I do that? I think that Mr. D is of course going to ask Agent F her age (I mean, Luna said Mother after all). So with what you've given, what do you advise?


I got two predictions right!



Hmmm... well, after rereading both the chapters in question I believe merging them could work. The linchpin to the decision is whether or not you want human Faust to have some sort of magic, or just be a normal human with a position of power (similar to human Celestia and Luna). Going the non-magic route will make explaining the Mother relationship in the human world difficult, though not impossible with a bit or creativity. This might be down with the "foster sister as a mother figure" concept I mentioned or if her job before becoming an Agent was a superintendent or head of the school board or something similar. However, making the magic chapter canon will require rewriting some of Faust's dialogue (either in the early chapters of this story or the last lines of the other one) so that her knowledge of "what's been going on and who's involved" is consistent between stories. Also, her having magic would mean that all of her subsequent reactions to magic would have to be more toned down than if she were seeing it for the first time, which would greatly impact how she carries herself and reacts to new situations as an alicorn in a world of magic equines.
Unfortunately I can't advise anything definitive, seeing as how I don't know how much more of the story you have written in advance; and since taking either route will affect how this story progresses and how Faust develops as a character.

5803340 Thanks for that, I'll sleep on it tonight.

Oh noes D: What happened to the Twilys? I hope everyone will be okay! And I'm wondering when the "that's not really your mother" bomb is going to drop on Luna

I can honestly picture Discord running up to Celestia saying “Never fear, Inconsistency man is here!”

Bravo good sir, bravo. :raritystarry:
I'm so glad you're continuing this story :DDDD and that kinda-plot-twist thing with fausticorn and luna etc was pretty cool :yay:

Well done. *applauds politely*
I wholeheartedly approve of this relationship backstory. It provides excellent justification and even builds the characters at the same time. The only remaining question is: where is the actual alicorn Faust? But I suppose we'll find that out later on (or perhaps not, the story could still work fine without her).

5817034 Thanks, I've taken your advice and went back to edit the ending of the last story to tailor for this. To me, artisticly, it's an interesting idea to work off of. I don't know about bring pony Faust into the story, not that I haven't thought about it, but at the moment I'm not sure what to do if that does happen. Oh well, I guess we'll see as time goes by.

I don't know why, but I've got this nagging feeling as if I've forgotten to put something in this chapter. But I can't figure out what...

I know what you forgot: The proof reading. You really need to do that before posting.


A Friendly Warning: the following story has not been edited. If you can't stand stories like these, you know how to exit this story. If you wished to volunteer to edit this, please PM me.

:ajbemused:Funny, I thought I've mentioned something like that. Oh well.

Oh. Sorry about that Ink, I really did miss that part. Noted.




Liking the story so far my friend. :)

But this brings up question:
I keep getting the feeling like how everyone is trying to get HUMAN Twilight to have friends with Pony Twilight's Human Friends... Even though
Pony Twilight already made friends with them and it would feel like a... A... Either a replacement or a copy...
To me, it feels like the whole "Flash Sentry/Brad" debate all over again... And that issue makes my head hurt on thinking about it.

Don't want to cause any trouble or wanted to start an argument... But it's really confusing...

5824125 Thanks for the criticism. I'll think it over and see where I may go with this.

Thank you. :)
It just felt weird that... Well, like how everyone is forcing one person to do something or take someone else's place, but without any experience or the time to bond with them.
Just, "BAM! Your friends with these strangers, which you never met but they know everything about you, and you are supposed to be an all powerful being that uses magic to fix(kinda) all of life's problems! Have fun!"
It would feel kinda shallow... It would feel like a cycle that has to be repeated... Without any choice or another thought added in...

5824308 No, thank you. To be honest, I happened to run out of ideas, but you've just gave me one.

Wait, what!?
Really? ... Wow... I... don't know what to say.

One last though... Now that I think about it...
Pony Twilight is kinda like Chrysalis... Since Pony Twilight is taking Human Twilight's life... Not on purpose of course... But it does kinda look like it...

Well... this can go many ways.
All of them wonderful for us (safe as we are behind the fourth wall), but hilariously disastrous for our heroes.

A quote comes to mind, though I can't remember who said it:
"This... is gonna be fun!"

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