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I Don't Know What to Say? · 4:01pm Jul 5th, 2015

Sorry? Apologies? And for what? Well, for being gone, for not telling I was going on hiatus, though part of it was unexpected, but that is no excuse. I'm sure no form of 'sorry' would work out well for any of you.

An explanation might soothe some feathers though I don't expect a complete soothing.

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First I stole it from Perceptive Key on the user page :3

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My OC become poplular {_}
Story gets featured {X}
A story make it to EQDaily {_}

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2329090 no prob and you were not missing anything too bad it was essentially the crystal empire returns just with twilight the chosen princess not cadence it was bad it was poorly written.

yeah anyway admins banned him and removed the story within two hours of my report

2328784 wow. Thanks. Anyway, it looks like he removed the story. I didn't get to see it. I'm a little mad and happy. Like, I'm glad he thought it was good enough to steal, but wow. Wow. You're going to plagiarized my whole chapter?

1284409 hey you will get a kick out of this guy Night-Moon-12 stole your opening chapter to feather to feather WORD FOR WORD, ITS LIKE HALF THE LAST CHAPTER

Have a cookie:twilightsmile:
*hands over a plate of cookies*

Many thanks for the favourite on Teeny Tiny Twilight! If you enjoyed that, perhaps you'll find Changeling to Fit the Role to your liking as well?

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