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Desperate Dawn

I'm not that Desperate, just to let you know.


Desperate Dawn here.

I'm a spontaneous writer.

That means; I'll only write when I have the mood.

No, English is not my Main/Primary/Secondary/Otherstuff

Definitely not a colt or a filly.

I'm shy, not desperate. Wait, that doesn't make any sense.

Favorite movie? I don't want to tell. :P

Aaaaaaand, that's it.

What? Did you expect me to write more?


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Here goes my new follow :3

That's adorable:pinkiehappy: my kit is named Keys.

Zeke :D
And also I just adopted another one.
Named her Sunny (Butt) <3

Aaaw. What's his/her name?

I already have one. <3

You sure about that? You should get a pet kitty. Unless you already have one. It's not nice to replace kitties.

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