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Desperate Dawn

I'm not that Desperate, just to let you know.

About my OC

Desperate Dawn is a light bluish Earth Pony with two tone blue mane and tail, orange eye, pointy ear, and messy pointed upward style mane.

Desperate Dawn always dream of becoming Equestrian Royal Guard, alas it never came true as he had an accident that cripled his right forehoof, destroying the possibility of joining due to his injury. Recovered from the injury, Desperate Dawn returned to his home on a medium town island of Baletavia -- 300 miles just south-west of the Island of Neighpon -- where he establish himself as local writer.

He is spirited and determined pony, but he can break down to a nervous fit if his stress is high enough.

Blog Posts

  • 238 weeks
    Focused elsewhere

    Desperate Dawn here, and with a quick blogpost.

    Due to the amount of problem IRL and also the lost of all my files on my computer (and also the lost of WIFI ;-;) . I want to focus on one story for now, after dealing IRL stuff and other things first. Afterwards, I'll return to writing. Hopefully before my Field-Work Practices on Second Grade, on which around two-three months from now. Best speculations are around mid-semester, but I'm not really sure.

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  • 258 weeks
    Vacation!!! Except not really...

    Hello all, Desperate Dawn here and I'll be quick, there's a lot of stuff to do including the Upcoming Mid-Semester exam thus I can't write for awhile and not to mention the increase activity on School Organization making me having less and less time to write. I've wrote a few hundred words on each of my story and that's pretty much it if you were curious of the development, don't worry, I'll just be gone for... three months top! After last semester to be precise.


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  • 260 weeks
    Unnecessary Sneak Peek!

    I have no idea why, but I'm getting a Writer's Block lately, school also not helping in the matter. I don't know when I start writing again but I'll get back at it soon, as for now. Enjoy this unnecessary peek of the next chapter for We're both twins, yes! Now buzz Off...

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  • 275 weeks
    A Weird Encounter... And also some rant.

    Hello there...


    ... I don't know what I have to say in my intro... I just gonna share my weird (and somewhat awkward) experience a few days ago.

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Desperate Dawn here.

I'm a spontaneous writer.

That means; I'll only write when I have the mood.

No, English is not my Main/Primary/Secondary/Otherstuff

Definitely not a colt or a filly. (Stallion, duh)

I'm shy, not desperate. Wait, that doesn't make any sense.

Favorite movie? I don't want to tell. :P

Aaaaaaand, that's it.

What? Did you expect me to write more?


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My favorite story of yours is SteelHooves: Equestria Before i have not seen anyone else do a steelhooves story like this one

Thanks for the favorite on Sunset in Azeroth!

Here goes my new follow :3

That's adorable:pinkiehappy: my kit is named Keys.

Zeke :D
And also I just adopted another one.
Named her Sunny (Butt) <3

Aaaw. What's his/her name?

I already have one. <3

You sure about that? You should get a pet kitty. Unless you already have one. It's not nice to replace kitties.

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