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The author of "Lavender Feathers". English is not my native language, and my stories can sometimes be really hard to read. Twirax shipper DERPI-LINKVALIDATION-3A1B5ADE8B

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Ready NEW main 6 for my story "My Little Pony: Next Generation (damiranc1's vision)" · 9:33am Sep 20th, 2018

The main characters for my new story are ready ... I just have to think of villains…

You can create backstories for those characters.

Viridi Lux (Thorax's and Twilight Sparkle's son)

Contact Lens (Moondancer's and Sunburst's daughter)

Rainy Water (Rainbow Dash's and Quibble Pants' daughter)

Tritis Ignis (Discord's and Fluttershy's son)

Apple Punch (Applejack's and Soarin's daughter)

Watermelon Bean (Cheese Sandwich's and Pinkie Pie's son)

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thanks for the follow if you ever need help with a story let me know

Thanks for the follow and do you have a Discord account?

Thanks for the follow! I hope you enjoy my work!


I liked Discord when i was younger ^^

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