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Desperate Dawn

I'm not that Desperate, just to let you know.


A/N: Originally this was suppose to be a oneshot fic, but I got carried away and decide to make another series. Anyway, I present thee mine new work.

In a world where the strongest shall rule and the weak shall enslaved. Ark, one the fewest surviving Werewolves in captivity and the only one that managed to escape confinement from his captor, finds himself in Equestria. No knowledge of the land ahead, he kept moving in the hope to settle peacefully on this land.

Chapters (4)
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Fun Fact :
Fenrir is a wolf from Norse Myth. Since they were wolf, so they swear using his name since Fenrir is a wolf or a hound. And also their language is norwegian since... they're norse. And because I don't speak one, Google is my best friend for a norwegian word. Feel free to correct me in this one since I just do a crash course on the wolf related myth.

The story is good keep up the good work

Apart from needing an editor, this is really good. Keep it up.

good chapter can't wait for the next update

Wow, this is a very quick update ain't it?
Oh well, gonna go to sleep now.
Point out any errors you may find eh?
See ya guys later.

Desperate Dawn

story's good so far keep up the good work

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