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A writer that should write things... Possibly should write something... Yes, I'm going to write something.

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  • 22 weeks

    Thinking of changing some things to my story.

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  • 66 weeks

    My writers block had been lifted!

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  • 67 weeks

    Oh my, almost a month in and I'm in the last and latest chapter for Trigger To Tomorrow and I'm going to have to take a pause on that because quite frankly, that story is just too good! I started reading it when Vex uploaded the latest chapter back on the tenth of Jan. Longwalk's journey so far has been a thrilling ride. Almost non-stop action. It is something I'm not used to in FoE fanfics.

    In lieu of this, I'm jumping straight back in War Does Change oh my, the plot thickens.

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  • 69 weeks

    Hello fellow pony readers, I think my writing style is more closely related to vignettes. Writing long pieces is hard for me. Writing shorter chapters without my muse is really difficult. Big reason why my story is still in unfinished limbo. I really enjoy reading other peoples novels and fics.

    Thanks for reading this. It helps get my point across.

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  • 70 weeks

    A couple weeks ago I started reading "Trigger of Tomorrow" because I took a couple week hiatus on "Commonwealth" and "War Does Change."

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17 · 2:09am Dec 23rd, 2021

Thinking of changing some things to my story.

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What? Ah know a fantastic story when Ah see one. Cheers!

Thank you for having added Welcome Home Soldier to your favorites. I'm really grateful for that, hope you continue to enjoy it sugarcube. :ajsmug: :eeyup:

Thanks for watching. We hope to get to writing again soon.

-Coco the Bearded :twilightsmile:

You deserve a smile, awesome possum!

Trying to spread more kindness around this site. Always here to bring the cheer. 😇💖

You're my friend-a-doodle now. Have a cookie! 🍪


Ohhhh my Glob you're welcome.

  • Viewing 49 - 53 of 53
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