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I'm Spy and I write about many things, but here is where you can find the writings about pretty cartoon horses. Hope you enjoy, and if not, oh well I can't please everyone.

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The Symbiote Chapter 23 · 2:26am Dec 24th, 2018

Should have posted this earlier but I just wanted to let y'all know I will likely be updating The Symbiote tomorrow or on Christmas day instead of today as scheduled. I'm currently visiting my family and have been hanging out with them and relaxing instead of working on writing. So don't worry, chapter 23 is coming, it'll just be a bit off schedule.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading and supporting me so far, and happy holidays to all! :D

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I, for one, await a certain Best Princess Contest fanfic with eagerness. :twilightsmile:

good good thanks.

Not sure yet, I'm still working on an outline. I want it to flow much better and have a stronger plotline than The Symbiote did. But I'm sure I will be posting Twilight/Venom stuff in the meantime, don't worry. :'D

Hey spyro when's the sequel to your story The symbiote coming out the waiting is killing me slowly. besides I want to see more twilight x venom fluff!


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