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Hey all I'm Spy AKA SFL AKA whatever you wanna call me, anyway I like to write and draw, and here's where you can find my pony stories! I hope you're entertained and if not oh well I tried!



The Life Aura Center is one of Equestria's top medical research centers, the producer of spells and medicines that have cured many once-fatal illnesses, and they continue to produce quality technology and cures. No one wants to think that they're doing anything unethical, but Celestia has her suspicions, so she sends Twilight to investigate.

One symbiotic pairing with an alien later, Twilight realizes Celestia was right to be suspicious. Now, working together with the strange creature inhabiting her body, Twilight will have to expose the center's shocking truth. And not get killed in the process. It's gonna be a wild ride.

Now with an audio reading by Mr. Snarky on YouTube! Please give him your support!
Part 1 Chapters 1-4
Part 2 Chapters 5-12
Part 3 Chapters 13-19
Part 4 Chapters 20-25

I also have a Discord! Rather quiet right now but feel free to join if you wanna talk fics or just ponies in general! Ask me for the link if you want in, I had to remove it because of too many spam bots.

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Venom: I also have another name.
Twilight: W-what?
*Turns into Bane*
Bane: I am Bane.

So this is just a rewrite, but with FiM shoehorned in?

It'll be somewhat similar to the 2018 movie (since most of what I currently know about Venom comes from that) but I plan on doing the plot differently since Twilight's obviously a much different character from Eddie, to say nothing of how different Equestria is from modern day Earth. I don't really want to give away my entire plotline but I'll just say no, it's not going to be a rewrite of the movie, it just borrows elements from it like an equivalent to the Life Foundation and stuff like that. I have a few more chapters written and they've already diverged from the movie's plot and I plan on keeping it that way.

Btw I like your avatar, Hamstergeddon was one of my favorite Invader Zim episodes.

Thanks. It's my fave episode. As for the story, that's good to hear. Couldn't tell you how many times I've read a crossover with something just released and it's just a rehash with MLP characters. Good to see someone breaking the cycle. Keep it up.

Yeah I've gotten that impression from things but I wanted to kinda go my own way with Twilight and Venom. She's probably going to hold him back from stupid decisions a lot better than Eddie does, buut we've also seen how wild Twilight can get so she'll probably have her moments in this too. :')

Having seen Venom on opening night, all I can say is... please, continue.

Off to a really good start far. I've been waiting for someone to start a fanfic like this since I saw Venom (loved it by the way, don't believe the reviews) and having Twilight investigate the Life Aura Center on orders of Princess Celestia was a really clever way to kick things off without making it seem out of character for her. Out of curiosity though, you said you'd be diverging from the movie later on (which I look forward to as of course I don't want to just see the exact same story with ponies) but in these divergences are you planning to reference Venom from any other continuities (like Spectacular or Ultimate)?

can't wait for more

I do plan on looking into the comics to get ideas, I already have just for a few later conversations between Twilight and Venom, but I'll probably also put somewhat of my own spin on things. I'm not entirely sure if there's an equivalent to the Marvel universe at large in this, which will of course affect a lot of things about Venom's backstory. We'll just have to see but I'll definitely be researching various comics anyway for ideas and to stay as true as I can to his character.

Thanks for the comment and I'm glad you like it so far. :D

Well here's a few good storylines to get an idea for a good venom.

This last one is especially interesting because the klyntar can modify their powers to a ridiculous point so a venomized twilight should be very interesting.

just finished watching Venom in theaters and saw this when I booted up my laptop. convenient!


Just the day after I went to watch it in the cinema.
Looking well written, and my favourite pony gets the symbiote...
I am hooked and I am eager for more!
Direct favourite.

One of my main OC's is an alien pony who has pretty much identical powers to Venom, but without the teeth and the bulk. XD

Anyway, cool story. ^^

Oh nice, I'll look into those. Thanks!

If at some point Twilight does the “Eat Your Face” speech I’ll be a happy mare. Keep up the good work. I look forward to more Darling :raritywink:

Alright, I’m very interested! This is shaping up to be a good story so far, can’t wait to read the next chapter :twilightsmile:

Nice is this based on the venom movie? In that chase I plan on reading this, I just hope it won'T turn out like one of the old venom stories. That was a displaced one I think.
Sadly I'm a day to late to this story.


Keep up the awesome job, I can’t wait for more.

That's not the kind of impression I want to make. It could shatter their trust in me.”

1. Yes I agree in many stories stuff like that makes her look exactly like you mentioned it, well I guess that is the expression I often have, something along the lines.
2. Not sure if she would just have to risk it based on maybe many weird accidents that happened.

I hope they have at least some nice reactions to Venom once they find out that he is in Twilight.

I rushed the end here a bit to be honest. It was a nice movie, better than I thought it would be based on what I saw and I hope the story will be interessting too.
Well right now I'm a bit unpatient till I get to Venom. I may hope that he isn't an asshole to long or that Twilight and him will learn to get along without the alicorns just overpowering/forcing him.
I liked how it happened in the movie and hope that his personality will irritade Twilight sometimes.

Oh because of the little Lady Venom scene in the movie, I hope there is no Flash Sentry and maybe not a romance at all in the first story.
For once I want this to focus on Twilight and him. Personally I'm still in the mood for an adoption.

Ok. Decent start. Following for now.

I looked at the thumbnail and legit thought twilight and venom were wearing camouflage pattern hats

“Thank you. But be careful.” Celestia hesitated, looking toward the door, then leaned in and said, “There’s a reporter from Canterlot that asked them a few too many questions, tried a little too hard to get into the restricted areas. They died in a house fire a few days later.”

My first reaction:

“They killed Eddie man! C’mon!”

You’ve done something special here my friend. I love it

Okay so...... when does this take place in MLP? I see the cover art but I dunno if that's just cover art or what time this story is set.

Let the record show that there will be no Flash Sentry. That romance tag is NOT there because of him. No spoilers, but well. Check out the Venom comics and you might be able to guess what I'm planning. :V

That sounds adorable, ngl

The cover art is vaguely based on them just after chapter 2. As for when during MLP this is set, I imagine it's some time after season 8. If anything happens in season 9 that conflicts with something I write, oh well I suppose. :')

I sadly have no time for that at the moment, at least it feels like that so if you want to give me a pm in a spoiler it would be okay.
No Flash Sentry sounds nice already.

I'm not sure if I have really seen the romance tag there, I just imaged something like in the movie would happen.
Like I said, can you maybe at least give me the right comic and maybe page, something like that so I can get at least an good idea if you don't want to give me a real spoiler?
For now i trust you to write the romance as good as the thing with Discord and Tempest. With that I mostly mean either starting with an existing character which is probably more safe or introducing the love interesst good enough before anything happens. I had those chases where you just couldn't find anything likeable about the guys.

I read the second chapter tomorrow.

Having seen the movie just last night, I SERIOUSLY like this so far. I wonder what Arcane or Knight would think about Twilight having a Symbiote. Considering in the movie, since I'm guessing you've seen it, Eddie's ex wears Venom at one point to save him and dear Venom practically shoves "her" tongue down Eddie's throat to reclaim their symbiosis. Personally, I would fuck fem Venom. If I could amuse her that is. Wouldn't want to annoy her and get eaten because she's bored with me. Twilight having a Symbiote might be fun. Considering Venom would protect her from pretty much anything short of soundwaves.

One of the only good crossover stories I started, hopefully this continues.

This is pretty good. I will watch out for this.

It tasted both disgusting and delicious, and she yanked herself away, feeling like she was going to vomit.

I was never sure if Venom absorbed it somehow or how the human was supposed to have eaten a big head at once.

Twilight stopped the spell. So how do we-

We fight our way out.

I'm enjoying it and i try to be as patient as now with future chapters, I'm used to bad stuff after bad stuff happening to the main char, but I'm kind of sure it will be just the usual interessting Venom stuff with you.
I'm trying to say that I don't expect endless suffering beyond what is to be expected here.

Really nice story.
If I don't have enough time I toss something away that annoys me half of the time, This is at least the second "new" story I read from you already and you could be one of my main authors that I follow if it continues like this.

The nicest thing about this is that it isn't just a change of characters. I mean like someone mentioned already I think, they normally just take....let's say invader zim was it?, they just take him away and put Twilight in their normally.

Okay there are enough different stories, but once in a while I only see crossovers that I wouldn't call a crossover, but some kind of self insert for mlp characters.

edit: i really like the artstyle from Twilight in the picture, it's interessting and the darker look (probably because it's evening), makes it look even better.

Venom shows up in Equestria... because of an evil Equestrian science corporation... like in the movie... which was one of the worst parts of the plot of the movie.

Why isn't this a comedy (of errors)?


I know Venom is supposed to be a symbiote, but I prefer the explanation of the alien race symbiote that looks for a host, but the symbiote can get a bit corrupted by the host

Who says it's too late for comedy?

One think I actually liked about the movie version was making the Symbiotes more of their own entities, having personality and a bit of autonomy. Communicating with their host in terms the host can understand does make evolutionary sense. In the comics it was more influencing host behaviors and magnifying certain personality traits like aggression.

On another note I think Alicorns would likely be the ideal Symbiote hosts, with magical and genetic toughness able to better adapt to the strain of bonding. As we saw in the film poor matches kill the host via stress, a robust creature wouldn't need to be as precise a genetic match. Klintars (the Symbiote species) would covet such hosts.

yeah, but I like the honor part of the Klintar, and the the explanation "It came from space" is just as good as "It's magic". Besides... in the comics, the Venom symbiote was corrupted because its first host was Deadpool... before it went to Spider-Man. I personally like that thought.

He's not venom, missing the logo to be venom. Chose another name

Two chapters of this so far and I am already liking the premise. Keep it up!

I'll definitely go into more detail about what sort of creature I imagine Venom being in this, in fact that's a good part of the next chapter. I really liked his movie portrayal so I'll be drawing a lot from that, but doing my own thing with him too. But ye he's definitely going to be into having an alicorn host and I like the idea of both of them being influenced by each other, instead of either being totally at the other's mercy.

I sincerely hope Twilight is coherent enough to IMMEDIATELY contact Celestia by having Spike send a letter to her. The organization does not know who she is, at most they would have a vague suspicion, and as Celestia does not read her letters from Twilight aloud in public, and recieves them directly through dragonfire to her person with zero middle-ponies there is little risk of espionage.

Though if that is also a concern she could simply send a letter wanting to talk to her about something seemingly mundane. Or better yet, request Luna's aid in investigating a recent nightmare. I doubt they have dreamwalkers after all, and if they do, likely none skilled enough to hide from Luna.

If both of these options are ignored without adequate explanation I'm honestly going to be a little disappointed as these would be quite massive plotholes.

Just airing some potential worries, as I highly doubt Celestia, Luna, Shining, Cadence or any of her friends would ever turn on her because of this. Honestly Life Aura is so far on the backfoot in this scenario that, unless basically everyone that can act against them are given dumptrucks filled with implausibly effective idiot balls, the organization should be shut down or obliterated very swiftly.

Basically, they either need to be a massive global-level shadow organization to really be any sort of viable long-term villainous company considering that they will very quickly have all four alicorn princesses against them in addition to the mane six and the royalty of the crystal empire.

Life Aura is toast, it's that simple. They're screwed, good as dead, have a death sentence, you name it. I just see no viable way this company can ever be a viable long-term threat unless this universe is altered in major ways or they're a global Hydra-level super-organization. Twilight does not have to go through any middle-ponies to alert Celestia about this as she has a direct trustful relationship with her.

Sorry if that got very long-winded, just please don't do something where people are loaded up with an excessive amount of idiot-balls, you need to have actual, proper, logical explanation of exactly why the quick, easy and optimal solutions are not taken as Twilight should already have way more than enough information required to alert Celestia that her suspicions were true.

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