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We all have a talent. Too bad mine isn't writing.

I can't do this right......

If you haven't notice I SUCK AT WRITING... So if I can get better at it, maybe I could post good stories Not like I was anyway... I am warning you in advance,IF YOU READ THESE STORIES YOU MIGHT CRINGE! Just a warning...

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Thanks for the fave on 'Think Discordingly', 'The End Of Chaos' and 'Where Is Daddy?'. I never gave you any cookies, haven't I? Well here's six cookies. Wait, make that seven. Seven cookies for you. Munch on 'em while you read.

Heyyo! Thanks for the fave on 'The Child Of Chaos' and 'Who Is Your Daddy?'. As you may or may not have heard, there are a few fics that were made before and after those two certain fics, which are 'The End Of Chaos' and 'Where Is Daddy?'. Reading then might let you understand the situation a bit better. Don't know if you have read them or not, really.

Again, thanks for the fave.

Thank you for the fave :yay:

Thanks for favoriting Interesting Nights :twilightsmile:

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