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yo WADDAP · 2:23pm April 4th

been gone from this site for quite a while. sorry for not updating the stories, school keeps me busy yk. miss being able to freely write here. might come back again soon. might come back again tomorrow. who knows? might even come back later.

anyway I feel p gey for not updating my stories so like, sorry my famalams.

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Thank you, fam. You were p nice to talk to btw haha.

2694151 I like your view on life. Easy going, forward-looking.

Personally, I don't like traveling. It feels like giving up. Admitting defeat. Running away from obligations and responsibilities. Abandoning instead of building up. I also don't like walks for the same reason.

I hope you find completeness one day.

If I had no aspiration, then I'll just give up then ig. Probs just lay in bed with some doggos. But then again knowing that I have friends that I might upset being a 'depresso mug' with no hopes and dreams basically gives me hope since ig some of em have issues that they would usually consult me with? I feel like I'm that one person who should be there for everyone, which is why I believe that my aspirations won't drop anytime soon.

Haha well, what I meant from travelling was to start a new life. To just run off from everything with maybe some of my friends starting a new life somewhere. I'll leave like a note saying that 'i'll be back soon' just in case someone comes to check on me and I bail halfway and come back home. To start a new life, to have a new path ahead, it's kinda dreamy like. Idk how to explain anymore. (this paragraph makes me sound more like some kid going through edge phase lol.)

Ig I like walking around too, as in another meaning for travelling to me. I like to point out the broken down places of town in my mind and be like 'ey imma be a good person one day and get monei to make this town a better place ÙwÚ'. Ig that's another way to boost my hopes up.

But honestly shit is lit so why bother giving up, I got Internet and a hell lotta chocolate cookie snacks, that's all the moral support I need to jump start my hopes up 👌👌👌👌

2693750 What if you ran out of aspirations? What would you do then?

What is it about travel that gives you hope?

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