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As you can tell from my username, I'm a very hardcore "Fluttercord" shipper! I'm dedicated to only writing Fluttercord stories!!!


After mysteriously appearing on Mt. Aris where the gods are as a newborn, baby Discord is kidnapped and brought to Equestrian, where he is stripped of his god-like immortality. Because he did not finish the entire potion, he has retained his god-like magical powers. In order to return to Mt. Aris, Discord must prove that he can become a true hero in order to reclaim is god status.

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I like it
Please keep going to make more

This has been and intriguing and amusing read :ajsmug: Seems like you really know how to write Discord!
Just judging by these first two chapters, I'm a little afraid if you aren't planning on simply rewriting and ponyfying the Hercules movie. Similar things happen a lot and those are not very pleasant to read. Still, I have faith in you coming up with a new plot.

A few words about the technical aspects: There were a few occasional typos, but nothing too obnoxious :pinkiesmile: The only recurring issue I noticed was some badly placed punctuation and capitalization in direct speech. Let me explain:

When there is a speaking action present in the dialogue tag (said, replied, asked, commented etc.), the tag starts with lowercase letter (except proper nouns or I). However, direct speech in such case cannot end with a period. A comma has to be in its place. (Question and exclamation marks, as well as ellipses, are alright there as well.)

"Write it like this," she said.
"Like this?" he asked.

On the other hand, when the tag contains a non-speaking action (nodded, blushed, sighed etc.), the tag has to start with an uppercase letter and the direct speech cannot end with a comma. Period or other punctuation mark has to be there.

"Indeed, just like that." She nodded.

These are just the basic rules, but trust me, they are really good to now, especially if you want to receive positive reviews :twilightsmile: Was it all clear? Any additional questions?

PS: Looking forward to the next chapter!


Thank you for your tip. I think I understood what you were saying. If you don’t mind, can you look back at the first chapter to make sure I did it correctly?

Ps: trust me, I’ll be writing it totally differently than the original. There probably will be some lines that are spoken the same way as the original, but I am not going to do it word for word. I think you’ll be impressed :)

You are welcome! And very nice, the only two still runaway spots I found were Twilight tickling Discord’s tummy and Sombra declining the offer to stay and party.

And I’m very happy to hear that! I’m curious what you come up with :twilightsmile:

So I take it Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon will be Pain and Panic?

No. If you look at my recent blog post. It has a list of who will be who. Snips and Snails will play the roles of Pain and Panic

This is so cool

Not bad, though I feel like it's a bit lacking.

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