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Discord decides it's a really good idea to invite all the villains of Equestria, well at least the ones who almost conquered the world, to a slumber party. Good idea, right? Nope! Also, a certain great and powerful pony is mad she didn't get invited. She's a villain, right?

Pranks happen, and mayhem is the main theme of this whole ordeal. How will these four deal with each other and the many villains who are mad they weren't invited to the evil lair of sleep?

Coverart: https://www.deviantart.com/ssalbug/art/Villains-479112035

EDIT: Yes, I changed the title slightly and the cover art.

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Comments ( 8 )

There are a few signs that you're a beginner, but you're a beginner who has some idea of what you're doing. You put effort in and it shows. A few grammatical details could use some ironing out, but I still loved it. I wish I could explain exactly what the issues are, but it's past 1:30 am at the time I'm posting this, so I'm not nearly coherent enough for that.

omg i get that! haha, i really need a proofreader since i write this late at night and overlook things, i just don't know anyone who'd do that for me. but thank you so much!

Nice work.

thank you! means a lot.

Though there was a few mistakes, this- just like your first story- was another good read.

ty very much! i'll try to get a proofreader.

This was a great read! Love to see what else you come up with :D

oh, tysm!! means a lot to hear. :twilightblush:

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