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Final thoughts on how i'm going about writing this. · 8:09am July 6th

Yeah, with work being stressful and long. And my schedule being random as compared to where I used to work, nightly writings is definitely impossible.

I know you all have said you're willing to be patient. But Book 1 was a 95% nightly endeavor I was able to do thanks to that schedule, and I just personally feel bad that I can't do that anymore.

But I thank you all for your patience. Really, I do

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Never even knew the story existed till you turned it to a T rating Good choice


check your mature setting. since it's rated M. also gonna switch it to T. As it really hasn't earned an M rating really

I've checked your blogs and all but Dadonequus Discord has gone missing from fimfiction and I can't seem to find a reason as to why?

finally once you reach the end I might be able to catch up

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