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This story is a sequel to Dadonequus Discord (Book 1)

Originally a single shot story set in the "Dadonequus Discord" universe

Daring Do's latest adventure hit's a chaotic snag when she ends up rescuing the adopted son of Discord. Will they be able to work together to stop Ahuizotl's latest plot? Or will Anon's usual screw ups put them both in hot water?

Well, when it comes to the chaotic colt, you never know what could happen.

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Where can I find the first story set in the "Dadonequus Discord" universe?


look in stories near the bottom, it's simply called (dadonequus discord). the other stories from other writers can be found on 4chan. but mine is the original

hemos pasado del tono del elevador a una escena hilarante protagonizada otra vez por anon.

me parte de risa las ideas de anon y el como se desarrollan.:rainbowlaugh:


What happened to the original series of Dadonequus Discord cause I can't seem to find it. Anyways, liked this series.

Oh. Ohhhhh, yep, found it. Sorry, I logged in on a new device and never realised that the 'mature content' switch thing was off so..... yea. Sorry.

Despite overcoming that Tantabus long ago, with some of your friends learning the truth about you, you’d think you’d be more comfortable with someone figuring out your secret on their own. But for some reason, her asking that question made you feel slightly uncomfortable. "Yeah...erm. I used to be a human from a place called earth....ummm..why do you ask? I mean, you’re neat even weirded out at all by that?" She didn’t seem to have as grand a reaction as you thought she’d have

Huh, neat...


I feel very dorkly about that error

Maybe you should mark this as a sequel to Book 1, I completely overlooked this story until you mentioned it.
Marking it as a sequel will make it show up on the Book 1 page, so more people will see it.

I had a thought when Anon was talking of Chrysalis... That was not the real Daring Do but Chrysalis disguised... Good that I was wrong.

:moustache: Don't tell me. The code is 1-2-3-4, isn't it?

I stand corrected.

I should've expected that. :moustache:

this little side story was awesome and funny :D

i think it was a reference to the Mayan calender's ending in 2012 and the world ending theory

Can somebody tell me when in the main story this would take place? or is it not canon to the main dadonequus discord timeline?

takes place after book 1 but before the movie book

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