• Published 30th Apr 2018
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Daring Do and the "Hero Colt" (Dadonequus Discord) - CrazedLaughter

Daring Do's latest adventure hit's a chaotic snag when she ends up rescuing the adopted son of Discord.

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Chapter 6 - The True Power of Chaos

"NOOOO! PLEASE! NOOOOO!" He held his arms up to defend himself.

“ok, now!” You tugged at the rope just a tad to alert Daring Do to swing you at him. You were gonna smash his head with your hoof and knock him out.

The problem was, Ahuizotl was such in fright that when you got launched and retracted your grappling line, you went passed Ahuizotl as he fell unconscious. And so you flew further than you should, smashing your head into a very elegant bust of some pony.

You fell to the ground in a daze. "..G-g-goddammit......dammit..."

Daring Do flew in a few moments later to see Ahuizotl knocked out on the ground as she saw you slowly getting up. "Kid, you did it! Good wor-...you alright?"

"....Yeah, just wondering if there's a god or not"You said as you rubbed your head, your eyes spinning.

"Which one? There's a whole ton of gods ancient ponies and..most ancient races worshipped."

..Dammit.. "Ergh..Nevermind. Did I do it though? Is the guy out?"

"Out cold. You never cease to amaze, kid. Then again. Ahuizotl has always been kind of a boob. So I guess it isn't that impressive"

..not impressive? "What? C'mon, this is my first adventure with you and I was the one who took him out. That's gotta be worth something."

"Mmmmmmm. Ok, I'll let you have it. Beginners luck, but hey, still earned" She gives you a jokey kind of smirk, and then places her hat on your head. "And you can wear this for the rest of the adventure. You took him out, so you deserve it"

...you actually felt touched. It was like an honor.

even if you weren't a Daring Do fan. Earning someone's respect like that, it felt really nice. "Thanks Daring Do. I don't know what to say..."

"Ahh c'mon. Don't get mushy on me now. Besides, we still need to figure out how to get the eye before this guy wakes up"

"..Yeah...but i've been through so many codes. What else could it be? If only there was a set of numbers I could remember that I would have set....but I've used every number I can think of......wait...except for....what did you call Ahuizotl again?"

"A boob, why?"




But most importantly… "Daring Do..you're a genius!"

"...Because I called him a boob?" She was so confused.

But you? You dashed back to the panel and put in 8008.


And then the safe opened. Revealing a monocle piece adorned with golden cobras at it's edges. The lens was a strange glowing purple, and the cobras that went around the eye piece weaved in such a way to make it look like one slithery half of a mask. "..Exactly...."

You then gazed upon the eye "is this it?"

"...Woah..yeah...that's it." But then she pondered "...How did you get this thing opened? From me calling him boob? Really? That doesn't make any sense"

....... "Don't worry about it. It's a human thing. ..But wow. I've never seen anything like it. Can it really do what Ahuizotl said it can?"

"Yeah, most likely"

You begin to smirk evilly. "...Are we going to use it on him?"

Daring Do stopped, and noticed your smirk. She sighed and took the eye "...No, as much as I'd like to. And as much as I wish that I could keep this thing fully intact...." She takes out a small camera to take a few snapshots of it, and then she smashes the eyepiece.

"What in the?! Why?! We worked so hard to get it!"

"And we got it. But it's too dangerous to just give it to a museum as is. I really wanted to keep the thing fully intact. But with guys like Ahuizotl around, I had to at least smash the lens. Trust me, it wasn't easy. But sometimes..you just gotta do what you gotta do."

"I guess" You were pretty disappointed "I just wanted to make him think he was a girl or something. Y'know, after he threatened me so much"

Daring Do chuckled as she ruffled your mane "Don't be such a kid, kid. You should know as a hero, that you can never ever let dangerous things get into the wrong hooves...speaking of which"

She started to eye your necklace "That horn, you wouldn't mind me having a quick look see, would you?"

"Woah, you wanna wait until we're in bed first?" You smirk at her, but she didn't get it

"What?" She didn’t realize you used the word “horn” as a pun

"Er..nothing. Bad joke...umm. Sure, why not? I want to know what the great Daring Do has to say about the horn." You remove the necklace from around your neck and give it to Daring Do for inspection.

"Huh, touching this makes me feel a little...weird. There's some strong enchantments on this, huh?"

"More than that. Unlike some of the other stuff I have from my Dad, the horn itself is directly tied to his power. The necklace though... It's just enchanted with a spell so that it can never be taken off of me by others if I'm wearing it"

"That's good. So it means it can't be stolen from you just like that. Hmmm" She took careful note of the necklace itself "This metal is pretty rare, very durable and near unbreakable. I've seen it before. It's the kind of metal that makes up royal crowns and such. I'm going to take a guess that Princess Celestia gave this to you"

"Yeah, that's right. How did you know?"

"The suns on the necklace. Dead give away"

...oh "Right...so what about the horn?"

"Yeah...it's cheap plastic with a slightly pricy jewel in the inside of it to harness certain magic like a small battery. I'm guessing your father's magic comes through that jewel."

"I...Guess? I never really gave it much thought"

"Yeah, I'm sure of it. If it wasn't for the necklace, nopony would really realize how valuable it really is. And hmm, it has no power in it right now, as you've said. Shame, I kind of wanted to try it out"

You scoff at her "Really? Hypocritical, don't you think?"

She just shrugs your words off with a smirk "Yup, but I didn't want to use it to mess with Ahuizotl, I just wanted to try it out on rope"

Wut? "Rope? Why rope?"

"You'd be surprised how many times I get tied up. Would have been nice to have something set up so I can just break out of it whenever it happens"

....Tied up a lot ,eh?

...That made you wonder...

You started to blush as you spoke "A lot huh? You...wouldn't have been tied up by living tentacles at all, would you?"

"Weird question. But yeah, it happened once"

You gulped, you needed to know more "What happened...exactly?"

"Not much, it held me by all four of my legs, and slithered up my shirt to take an idol I had. And if your next question is how did I escape, well..that's simple. The idol had a keyhole , it held a jewel you see, and I said I had the key in my mouth. I tricked the tentacle's master into checking my mouth with one of the monster's tentacles and I bit hard. Thing went nuts, but it let me go and I gave it's controller a good thrashing"

....That's pretty hot… "..Interesting. "

"I guess, not one of my finer....are you blushing?" She noticed you staring at her

"U-Uhm...nope. I'm just a little hot, that's all"

"Look kid, I'm too old for you. And I'm not easily flattered either. You best set your sights somewhere else before your heart gets crushed"

"Hey! I have a marefriend! Thank you very much!" Thank god she thought you were just liking the way she looked. And didn't realize the situation she described is what got you off. Because that would have been awkward.

She laughed, and waved her hoof at you "Relax kid, don't take it so personally. I was just messing with you a little. Hmmm" She smiled as she looked at the horn "It's funny. I remember once, at a convention. Two fans, one dressed as me and another as King Sombra, asked me who would win...y'know. Me or King Sombra."

"Ok..first of all. Why is there a guy dressed as Sombra at a Daring Do convention?"

She shrugged "look kid, I stopped asking those kinds of questions years ago when the body pillows started popping up."

..Body pillows, eh? You had to make sure to pick up one of those.....for research.. "Ok then. Secondly, what did you say?"

"Fans are pretty delicate. If you give them a hard answer, they'll just send letters endlessly to each other about how wrong I am or right I am and it turns into a mess. So I gave them an answer that would imply either one could win and it works out for everypony."

That makes sense. Fans did become total retards whenever a shitty hard answer was given on anything. "Gotcha"

"Yeah, well. Here's your horn back. We should head back to camp, I'm beat. And I don't want to hang around here anymore, I don't do well in corporate settings"

She tosses the horn back at you, but as you go to catch it. A fisted tail comes between the both of you and nabs it first.

"WHAT?!" Daring Do steps back in surprise


You both heard loud cackling as Ahuizotl stood in front of the desk. Holding the horn up high in victory "HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! NOW THE POWER OF THE DRACONEQUUS IS MINE!"

"Ahuizotl! When did you-" Daring Do said, before being interrupted

"Wake up? Aha, Miss Do. I never went down. I merely pretended. I was going to take the eye from you, but after witnessing such fearsome power, I decided to set my sights for something far greater" He snickered in delight

That fucker! NOW HE BELIEVES?! "Really?! REALLY?! NOW YOU BELIEVE I'M THE SON OF CHAOS?! SERIOUSLY?!" You were fucking pissed. Things would have gone more smoothly if he believed it at the start. Could have just taken the tea leaves and went home.

"Indeed, but now that title shall be changed. For now, the great Ahuizotl will become that of a DEITY! And then you two will suffer a worse fate than merely thinking you are what I want you to be. Because now, YOU SHALL BE WHAT I WANT YOU TO BE! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" He cackled maniacally. But seriously? This guy was gonna get fucked. He had no power.

"Yeah yeah, Hey Daring Do. You wanna just pummel the guy?"

Daring Do remembered what you said about the two charges. And gave herself a stretch "Yeah, sure, alright. I need a little extra exercise anyway"

"Fools! You think you can stop me? ME?! Allow me to show you what true power is!" He growled as he began to place the horn on his head.

"Yeah yeah, whatever. Geez, you're so predicab-GYAH!" The moment he put on the horn. A blast of magic spread out. Sending you and Daring Do into the wall.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I CAN FEEL IT! THE POWER! THE CHAOS! IT'S MINE!" Ahuizotl cackled ever louder, deeper, more monstrous as he began to grow. His muscles expanding, his teeth curling, his eyes becoming a solid red. He was turning into a monster. Even his hands had changed to claws. "THE WORLD SHALL BE MINE!"

"Anon! W-what's going on?! I thought you said the horn was powerless!" Daring Do was NOT expecting this. Hell, you weren't expecting this!

"IT IS! THE ONLY WAY IT COULD WORK IS.." Then your eyes go wide.

You and Daring Do set out at night

You got the horn later on

It took hours for the teleport to actually get you to your destination

Then there was the time to get the eye

You look around, and find a large grandfather clock on the opposite end of the bookcase.

...12:01 AM

......oh.....fucking...SHIT! "IT'S PASSED MIDNIGHT!"

"MIDNIGHT?! WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?!" Daring Do yelled out as both of you were pressed harder into the wall from Ahuizotl's magical might.



.....You don't know "I-I....I DON'T KNOW!"

"SUCH AMAZING POWER! HAHAHA!" The monstrous Ahuizotl looked towards the both of you with a cruel,sharp toothed grin. And then he pointed at you "Daring Do! I want you to watch this! I want you to see what your fate will be. I want you to experience that for once, you will know doom shall come to you as I turn this foal into my true daughter. And then you...a housecat! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Any last words, foal?"

...only 2 "Fuck you!"

"I KNOW NOT WHAT THAT MEANS! BUT I FEEL IT'S SOMETHING WORTH A SPANKING OVER! SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR FREEDOM!" Ahuizotl's hand began to glow. He was going to shoot a transformation ray at you.

"Anon! Anon! Don't give up! It may seem like our final moment! But there's always a way out!" Daring Do yells at you as she struggles to get out of the wall

But you don't say a word. You were about to lose. Lose yourself, your family, your friends......

Your dick....

Ahuizotl finally released his magical energy towards you

You close your eyes as the room fills with light

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