• Published 30th Apr 2018
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Daring Do and the "Hero Colt" (Dadonequus Discord) - CrazedLaughter

Daring Do's latest adventure hit's a chaotic snag when she ends up rescuing the adopted son of Discord.

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Chapter 7 - The Final Hurrah

But rather than a beam hitting you, there is a magical explosion of light and smoke from Ahuizotl's position.

You and Daring Do fall to the ground now that his chaotic force had extinguished.

You grunt as you fall forward, and then you open your eyes to see if you had hands. At least you'd know how to use them, maybe you could use them to...

Wait....you still had thought...

You still had hooves.

And out of the smoke, the horn came forward, spurting and sputtering magic as it bounced around.

Finally, it landed in front of you as it fizzled out.

...The fuck?

"Anon...you alright?" Daring Do wasted no time in getting up and rushing over to you to make sure you were ok

"..I..think so?" You reach over for the horn and immediately put it around your neck.

"What happened? Was that supposed to happen?" Daring Do peered over at the smoke cloud. She had zero clue as to what was going on.

Fuck, you had no clue. "....I...don't know."

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" You could hear evil laughter coming from the smoke.

But it wasn't deep monstrous laughter. It was adorable, girly, sort of squeaky laughter.

when the smoke cleared. A girlified and rather small Ahuizotl with a more feminine body and cute moppy hair stood where his monstrous form was originally standing.

He looked...kinda fuckable...

"VICTORY IS MINE! AND NOW DARING DO......Do....Do?" Ahuizotl reached for his own throat "What is this?! why do I sound like the daughter?!...Wait?!" He looks over to you "Why are you not my daughter?!"

You and Daring Do began to snort with a smirk, then giggle, then laugh at what you were both looking at.

"Laughing?! Why the laughing?! Do you both not realize your own doom?! I did not cast a tickle spell and.....wait..." Ahuizotl spots a mirror, and walks up to it. He peered deeply into it before going wide eyed in fright "WHAT?! I HAVE BECOME THE DAUGHTER! HOW CAN THIS BE?!"

You and Daring Do just exploded in regaled laughter.

"Ahuizotl! you look so precious! Haha! You want to get a dress to match your eyes or something? HAHAHA!" Daring Do couldn't help but mock him

You picked yourself up from the floor and tapped his back, making him turn towards you "H-heyahaha Hey babe! Y'know, I got mad whenever you grabbed me before. But now? You can put your hands on me all you want" You snickered at him

He flew into a rage and jumped on you, he then started strangling you

"EGFGFGHERTER" You cried in a choke

"CHANGE ME BACK! CHANGE ME BACK! CHANGE ME BACK!" Ahuizotl cried as he choked you out.

...This was oddly nostalgic...and very painful.

Daring Do very gently bites onto Ahuizotl's scruff and pulls him off of you before putting him down and giving him a pet "Calm down, Ahzy, no need to get fussy"

"But...But I was so close.....I was so close..I could feel all that power..w-what happened..?What...What.....WAAAAAAAAHHH!" Ahuizotl started to cry, he couldn't handle such a humiliating loss.

"Yeah..." Daring Do helped you up as she asked the question "What DID happen?"

you gave your throat a gentle rub as you gave it some thought.

Actually, your horn had been acting peculiar since Discord started setting up for his tea time with Fluttershy. He was supposed to have that this morning. Probably explained the Mr.Rogers set up."I'm not exactly sure. But the horn hadn't been working right all night. Gonna take a guess that it backfired on Ahuizotl because of a certain issue back home"

"A certain issue?" She asked, curious as to what you meant

"He's getting ready for a tea party"

"That's the issue? Really?"

You shrug "That's the only thing I can think of. Dad doesn't usually have guests over. It may have messed with his..chaos..or something. I dunno. Point is, he picked a good time to do it because we would have been gone otherwise."

"Yeah...Wow.." Daring Do looked at the crying loli dog. "How long is he going to be like that?

You shrug "No idea, but probably not long. Same with this place...It'll all change back eventually"

"Well then, I think we should head back. We got the eye, we beat the bad guys, and had an adventure. There's nothing more to do." Daring Do said.

"I'm with you on that. And I'm...super..tired. Today has been a real trip."

"Alright then, come close so I can pick you up. I'll fly more gently this time since we're not trying to escape with our lives." Daring Do steps close to you and lowers herself so you can ride her.

"W-wait!...you're just going to leave me?" Ahuizotl said with a cute and pitiful expression

"Yep, you can get down on your own" Daring Do said without a care to him.

"B-but...I'm too small to get back down the elevator shaft...p-pwease...pwease don't leave me here" Ahuizotl gives the both of you big soft eyes.

Sad you were taken...the things you could try with those five hands of his...hers...whatever.

Daring Do rolled her eyes and sighed "Fine...get on. You're ok with this, right, Anon?"

"Yeah I guess. But you have to promise to be good, ok?" You say towards Ahuizotl

Ahuizotl nodded as he cheered "Ok! Mhmm! I promise!"

"Good, ok, we're good to go!" You say as you scooch a bit to make room.

And with that, Daring Do flew out through the window and touched down on the ground near the building. She could already see many of the goons had made an exit of their own. She lowers herself to let Ahuizotl off as she looks down at him. "There, you're outside. Safe and sound."

"Oh thank you Daring Do! Thank you!" He curtsies to her. It was cute...it really was

"And remember your promise, ok?" You ask him.

"Oh yes, Mr.Foal, sir! I promise not to do anything bad, or cruel, or mean, or-" As he said this, he suddenly poofed into his old self "insane, or vicious, or world...ending?" Ahuizotl slowly stopped when he heard his old voice. He looked at his hands, then looked at the both of you with a blank expression.

You both stared back.

It was silent for a moment.

"GET THEM! GET THEM NOW!" Ahuizotl pointed at the both of you

"Time to go! Hang on tight, kid!" Daring Do flies off as fast as she can before Ahuizotl's cats or goon squad have any time to realize what's going on.

You could hear in the distance "NEXT TIME, DARING DO! NEXT TIME!"

You eventually reach the camp. Daring Do leans down to let you off.

"Ugh, these clothes" Daring Do rips off her suit, revealing her classic shirt under it. She picks out a small flashlight and turns it on to be able to see in the darkness of the camp. "Alright kid, I'm going to get some sleep. But let me get you some water first so you can go home, how much do you need exactly?"

What? Home...

But...that's it? Not even a goodbye? "That's it?"

"Yeah...huh?" Daring Do looks back over to you, she could see your sad face and your ears drooped. "Oh Anon, c'mon. What's wrong?"

...Maybe you shouldn't have been so sentimental about it. But, you felt this close connection to her. At least, as a rad partner. "..I d-dunno..I just thought there'd be like. A sleepover or something. Or...y'know. A celebration for a job well done that..." You yawn "..That I'm guess I'm too tired for...but still, I thought we were a team"

"Anon, honestly? I never want to team up with you again"


...That actually...really hurt...

You looked to the side as you whimpered..After all that. the humming, the chats, the banter… "...oh....."

Daring Do cringed, it was like she knew she said something wrong. "Anon, that's not what I meant. C'mon..I thought you were more mature than that"

You just sat there silently. You felt pretty hurt over what she said.

Daring Do walked over to you and placed her hoof gently on your head as she gave you a gentler look "Kid..look. What I meant by that is..well. I just don't want you to get hurt. Or anypony really. These aren't games, it isn't meant to be a fun adventure. It is to the readers, yeah, but it's always dangerous..and one day...I might not come back from it. But there's always artifacts to find out there. And It's better for me to find them in case they have the power to end the world, than some dunce like Ahuizotl"

you look up at her, teary eyed. "So..we did have a rad adventure then?"

Daring Do gave out a tired sigh "Yes...we had a ‘rad’ adventure. And yes, if we HAD to team up again, I would without a single complaint. I acknowledge that you are the hero colt. But let's not try to make this a regular thing. Alright, kid?"

"And..and.." You look up at her with a small sad smile, as your ears begin to perk up a little "We're friends, right?"

Daring Do was ridiculously surprised. She didn't expect you to act so childish all of a sudden. "Yeah, we're friends. And...." She sighs, takes her hat back from you, and begins to gently rub her hoof through your mane. It felt very relaxing "If you want to meet up again, and maybe swap some stories and chat or something. There's going to be a con in Las Pegasus in a month or so. I'm guessing you, as the hero colt and the son of chaos, wouldn't have any trouble getting there, right?"

"Totally and....ahhh...I'm going to have to hang out with Rainbow Dash too, aren't I?"

Daring Do shrugged "Sorry kid, can't be too greedy. it's the curse of friendship" She giggled a little "What's your problem with Rainbow Dash anyway?"

oh, she wanted to know? hrn..you wondered what she would think. "She's super arrogant, and thinks she's the best, and all that stuff. I mean, she's not the worst pony. We're friends and all. But you know."

"Y'know, I remember reading a few quotes from the papers about you. One that stuck out is that you can be pretty ‘high and mighty’...Is that true?" She gives you a smirk

....Sweetie Belllleeeee! "...I guess it depends on who you ask...."

She lets out a small laugh "I guess so. Ahh, kid. You're alright. Look, I just want you to go because it'll be safer that way. I got to get up early to get everything packed up before Ahuizotl gets around to hunting me down. And from what I also read, you're not a morning person"

..Wait.....dammit...well… "Shouldn't you go now then? What if he's after you now?"

She shrugs "Dog breath isn't going to make a move when it's this dark. And he's probably still traumatized from all that craziness. It'll be safer for me to move out when there's actual light outside. Even I know not to travel around in the jungle in pitch darkness."

But can you even go home? You could...but with Discord being so weirdly...off. It might be safer to wait as long as you can. At least until the tea party ends. Maybe Fluttershy could figure out what got into him, because with the horn malfunctioning and your room being different. You didn't want to have to sleep in it while things were going loopy.

Also...you kind of wanted to spend a little more time with Daring Do. She had this..aura about her. The last time you went on a super full fledged adventure was with Chrysalis. Daring Do surprisingly was just as endearing as Chrysalis was during dimensional adventure. And if this was going to be the last time you got to hang out with her for a month, you might as well get your time's worth. "Well, my Dad has been acting weird. And with the horn malfunctioning and whatnot. I-I wouldn't mind spending the night with you. I promise to get up when you need me to"

you gave her an adorable pout. "...Seriously? Whoever said you were ‘high and mighty’ was dead wrong. You're like a puppy...a puppy...wait" She narrows her eyes at you "You don't have a crush on me. do you? I mean seriously..do you?"


you were all for your s-sweet Diamond Tiara!

....You weren't a degenerate horndog who wouldn't look away if tentacles suddenly sprung up and… "N-no! No! Why would you say that! I am loyal, to my princess! Diamond Tiara!"

......that'll work..right? you were loyal to Diamond Tiara...it's not like you wanted to maybe see how'd she react to a bunch of tentacles...appearing..and..

"Cute...alright. Let's get some sleep then." Daring Do opens up her tent and leads you inside. It was pretty big and roomy. Daring Do went to the side to look for something. "Let's see if we can't make you a makeshift bed..."

You just sit there as she rummages through clothes and such. But all of them, to her, were rough and uncomfortable.

You look at her roll out bed, and point to that. before even realizing what that could mean. "What about that bed?"

"Huh?" Daring Do looked at it for a moment, then at you "You realize we'd have to snuggle really close, right? that only really fits one adult. I'm just asking because I don't want to invade your space or anything like that. I still think I can make you something If I look hard enough"

...Sleep night and snugly?

With Daring Do?

....RD would be soooooo jealous

And she'd probably be sooo warm.

You hide your smile as you walk under the blanket, lay down, and turn around to poke your head out. "I don't mind. I cuddle with my aunt all the time"

..You didn't care how lame that sounded. You...were...going..to..cuddle..with..DARING DO!

Daring Do walked over to you after removing her clothing, finding it a little odd that your demeanor changed so suddenly. "Well..if you don't mind. Just squeeze over to the right for a second so I can fit."

You do so, and you could feel her carefully squeeze herself in. Her body pressing you to the outer edges of the blanket as she zips up the roll out bed.

Holy shit...she was nude.....you were sleeping with NUDE PONY.

Ok..well..all the ponies were nude but..she usually had clothes on!

And she was sooooo warm.

She held you close with her forelegs and closed her eyes. "You alright, Anon? Are you comfortable?"

"..Y-yeah. I mean..yeah."

"Not too tight?"

"No, I'm comfy"

Daring Do couldn't help but smile. It was suddenly like taking care of a nice little foal. Not that she wanted that as a career or anything, but she found it heart warming. "Goodnight, kid. I'll see you in a few hours."

You could feel her cuddle you closer, as if to protect you from the darkness of the night.

You sighed. You started to get those feelings you got when you nearly touched Fluttershy lewdly during your first days in Equestria.

You couldn't even bring yourself to even try touching Daring Do lewdly...not even once

...Dammit "Goodnight, Daring Do...Today was really cool"

She closed her eyes and rested her head gently above yours. "It was..." She says with a soothing sigh, and then yawns "Maybe..mnnn..maybe tomorrow. We'll take a picture together, that way we'll always remember this adventure"

awww...dammit. you couldn't even bring yourself to actively shove that in Rainbow Dash's face.

Though if she ever saw the picture and asked about it on her own, you'd probably do that. "I'd like that...."

"Ok...we'll...do that before you go...mnnn"

You both were drifting off to sleep.

Your mind went out, with the feeling of Daring Do keeping you warm and safe from the jungle just outside the camp.

And so, the night passes into day. "Kid...Hey, Kid...wake up"

You lay there, snoring. "Geez, they weren't kidding about how hard you sleep. Well...Kid, this is more your fault than mine"

You feel a cold liquid suddenly splash into your face, sending you upward in cold shock as you fall back onto the ground, right on your head.

"It's a good thing your head is made of sterner stuff...what a way to wake up. It was just some water"

"...Ughhh..." You slowly open your eyes, then close them as sunlight hits her face. You had to very slowly open your eyes to get used to it.

You could see that Daring Do had mostly everything packed up. Seems she was only going to take the essentials back with her., and leave behind what she considered nonessential.

you look back at her to see her wearing her trademark hat and shirt, and a large pack on her back.

"Is it morning already?" You yawn

"Kid, it's noon. I can't believe how hard you sleep. I accidentally dropped a peg on your face when I was packing up the tent and you still were snoring."

..That explains the slight sting you were suddenly feeling "..Cripes...erm. Well darn, sorry. I would have helped you pack if I woke up sooner. Really...really sorry about that"

Dammit, how could you oversleep? You've seen the episode with Daring Do meeting the Mane 6. And you've seen how she doesn't take too much bullshit first hand, you didn't want to lose her respect.

She just sighs as she adjusts her hat "Relax kid, I'm used to this. I was just surprised, that's all. In any case, I have to get going. So let's make this quick."

..wut? "Make what quick?"

She points to a barrel with a camera set up. With a line attached to it that was connected to a button.

"Oh yeah!" The picture!

Daring Do went and sat where she thought was the perfect spot to take the picture. You walked up to her side and looked at the camera. "Is this good?"

"I'm not too good at this whole group shot thing. But I've taken enough pictures on artifacts to know that certain details are important to a picture. And there...is one thing missing from all this"

"What is it?"

She takes her hat off, and plants it right on your head. "There we go. Now it's perfect"

Her hat? Aww...

Now you wanted Daring Do to stick around Ponyville. Fuck, going on another adventure with her would be fucking rad.

heh, something you sure you could "accidently" set up.

"Alright, now look at the camera, smile, and say....hmmmm...Adventure!" She tells you

"Got it!"

"alright, on 1....3.....2....1! ADVENTURE!" You both cry out

and the snapshot is taken

After that, Daring Do informs you that she'd mail the picture to you later after she gets it developed.

She takes her hat back, packs up the camera, and gives you a gentle little hug. "Anon, you're a good kid. Brave, stron-....Smart. and I guess you're pretty fun to be around...for a kid."

you just tell her in an arrogant tone "Yeah, I guess you're ok too. I mean, if my horn was working. I would have been able to do this all on my own"

Daring Do chuckled at that "Really now? So you're saying that you could solve any situation and win any fight with that thing? No matter what?"

You nod "Yeah, it's all poweNGH!"

Daring Do flips you on your back and presses her hoof on the horn itself. "Quick Scenario before I go. Ahuizotl has his hand pressed on your chest and your horn. You can't reach it, he can crush you...or probably just tie you up like he usually does. What do you do?"

D-dammit "This isn't fair!"

"Life isn't fair, kid" She smirks back at you

"Well...I'd...do something like...THIS!"

You try rubbing your hooves on her leg to tickle her. But she doesn't even flinch

"Yeah, nice try." She removes her hoof from your chest , still smirking "Gotta work on that, Anon. You're not definitely not invincible."

Ugh… "..Yeah yeah..."

"Heh, well. See you around, Anon." Daring Do bucks the barrel she had sat her camera on, knocking it open and spilling water everywhere.

you could feel the cool water flow along your sides as you get up and dust yourself off. "Seeya around, Daring Do. Oh, is this going to be a book by any chance?"

"Kid, I don't think anypony could handle temples turning into office buildings, a ghost trick, or the fact I teamed up with the hero colt himself. Trust me, I know the fans would wreck the convention for everypony else just due to that."

You definitely understood that..fucking ponyfags. "Gotcha"

And with that, Daring Do gave one last goodbye before taking off.

You yourself? You used your map to return home through the large puddle.

When you arrived. You had noticed everything had returned to normal.......normal by your standards.

you were happy to see the floor door.

And you could hear talking and giggling. Even singing.

You went over, and slowly opened the door.

You could see Discord and Fluttershy…..on the ceiling of the Living Room, having tea while everything was being a little too weird.

Ok then…

You just slowly close your door, and let them have at it.

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What happened to the original series of Dadonequus Discord cause I can't seem to find it. Anyways, liked this series.

Oh. Ohhhhh, yep, found it. Sorry, I logged in on a new device and never realised that the 'mature content' switch thing was off so..... yea. Sorry.

Maybe you should mark this as a sequel to Book 1, I completely overlooked this story until you mentioned it.
Marking it as a sequel will make it show up on the Book 1 page, so more people will see it.

I had a thought when Anon was talking of Chrysalis... That was not the real Daring Do but Chrysalis disguised... Good that I was wrong.

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