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I write weird stuff.


Anon and Shining decide to stay at the castle while their wives are away. What at first starts out as a normal night begins to become worse to traumatically awful as time goes on. From a simple game to being hunted by the queen of the changelings. These two bros' night is anything but normal.

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Holy shit that was funny i tried so hard not to laugh failed horribly

I haven't exactly read this, but the picture makes me wish for a certain story.
Now I kind of want a longer story with Anon (pony or not, but I think I prefer pony form), getting chased by a Changeling Queen with a massive crush on him. I'm more talking about the kind of fun where she would not just kidnapp him forever and do everything against his will she can think of. If it has to be than I would think of a more desperate Chrysalis.

I have to leave my ideas here and there, maybe someone likes and idea and writes something similar enough.


I like the idea. But I don't have the time these days to write out a long story about it. Dadoneequs is as close you'll get with that when it comes to me.

I don't know what this is...
But I like it.

... Anon
.... Husband?
Now I'm curious! Anon has many faces...

Edit: uurrrggggg! No second person tag.
Why even use this style!? It does add nothing other then reading constantly You, Your,Your,You...etc., lessen the variety.

I can get into it without being told what 'i supposedly do'... As long it's engaging.
Repedetive word use... Isn't that great fun.

Sigh :[

Needs grammar and punctuation checked. Scenes aren't broken up appropriately. Some sentences are squashed together.

Not a bad story, just a bit fast and comes off amateurish. I know I did the same with my stories originally.

Hey, If you do get someone to write something like that though. You let me know, Id love to see that. It would be hilarious.

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