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Jack Spicer and Wuya find themselves in a strange new land without Shen Gong Wu. Together, they must find out how the way of this new world works so they may be able to conquer it and enslave it's inhabitants.

Of course, this may prove difficult as Wuya is in spectral form and the "Evil Boy Genius" isn't too bright. Join this dynamic duo in their quest to rule the pony world!

I am reformatting this one myself. It is a reformat of a greentext I wrote around S4 based on Xiaolin Showdown

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Two things
1. Comedy Gold
2. Oh boy!:facehoof:
In all honesty though, if Jack had not been up against plot armored martial artists he MIGHT actually have won in the end


Xiaolin Showdown! This gon' be good.


It's already fully written too from 3 years back. so all it needs is proper formatting for FiM rather than 4chan

you know I kinda hope the CMC help Jack turn to good I mean he really is a genius imagine what good he could do with all his inventions

This can only end one of two ways; a lynching or a bit of comedic irony. :twilightoops:

Who wants to bet Pinkie's gonna make Wuya blowup again? :applejackconfused:

I always was rooting for Jack in the show.:pinkiehappy:

It's rare that the villain comes off as the underdog.

You have something fun going here. Nice work.:twilightsmile:


Thank you. I mean, it is fully written. and theres some screw looses in the final chapters I'll try to fix. But I'm glad it's been enjoyable thus far

Jack was honestly my favorite character on the show and here I fear when the CMC turns on him cause he generally seems to like them well at least scoot and he was able to help her fly making her number 2 dream come true (after her cutie mark)

I do my best in keeping Jack in character. I have noticed in most fanfictions that hes far less dopey or smarter than usual. others have him at sudden great levels of power or give him too many deus ex machinas. I hope my version of jack has been entertainig thus far

This is hilarious and Jack is completely in character here. The only thing I don't like is the caps lock when they are yelling. An exclamation point would work just as fine without cappsing a whole sentence.

well I mean it's no doubt that he is really smart I mean he was able to build a time machine for Pete's sake altho it was limited but that was for power source reasons but I agree Jack is really smart but tends to be forgetful like using a shen gon wu as a power source but still it's amazing what he can actually make

This is really entertaining I remember watching the cartoon and enjoying it (though hated Omi) I know they came out with another show but the fact that the animation switched to CG for the showdowns really turned me off so I never really got into it long enough to find out if it was any good.

Anyways looking forward to the rest.

I only had to read the title to know that Jack Spicer will always fail, I have seen the show and my god is this character the best *cough* worst *cough* at the job of beating a group of 4 people to acquire relics of immense power. I got jacked by Jack.

The sequel, Xiaolin Chronicles, is absolutely TERRIBLE.

So terrible, Christy Hui and Warner Bros. decided it isn't canon.

Didn't Jack actually conquer the world and defeat all the other villains in the 'Bad Future' that came about because Omi wasn't around.

I really like that Jack has developed a bond with Scootaloo, and she seems to reciprocate it after he made her that helipad. I just fee bad thinking of what might happen if she learns that Jack and Wuyu are both bad guys.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe Scootaloo can do what Omi failed to do and manage to actually get Jack to switch to good. Omi came close, but Jack was too afraid of failing at being good to give up on his evil. Maybe Scootaloo can give him the courage he needs to take those first steps.

Wow, he may not have let go of his evil plans for domination of his world, but that he is willing to play the hero to save another world solely on his friendship with Scootaloo is a big step for him. He may be evil, but deep down he's a lot closer to good Jack then he may want to admit.

Make better use of periods. And commas.

Really awesome and wonderful story. Any chance of a sequel?

Probably not. The story, I feel, is perfect as is

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