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Ultimate Warrior of Zera

Hi, I'm a Brony. Here's my fanfiction.net page: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/1751450/Ultimate_Warrior_of_Zera


Daring Do leads her new friends on an adventure to stop her enemies from stealing an artifact, but they run into a strange stallion who claims to be a superhero from another planet. Set near the end of Season Five.

The image is an idea of the outfit Superman wears in his non-pony form. It wouldn't look exactly like this (it would be more practical for the jacket to go down to his waist instead of his knees, and in the story, he normally has his cape attached), but it's the best picture I could find. I don't care what the critics say, I think this was the coolest version of his costume ever. Although this image is of Tom Welling, I prefer Henry Cavill.

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I'll be keeping an eye on this one :raritywink:

Eventually, Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends showed me the error of my ways

, and ignored their own.

Daring Do stepped forward. “My name is Daring Do. These are my friends Trixie Lulamoon and Maud Pie. What’s your name?”

He thought for a second, then said, “Just call me Clark for now.”

NOt my favourite Hero, but I guess it is Super Man right? IF it is the young one, then I think I like him a bit more, but somehow his movies are more or less not that interessting for me, but the other ones I never really saw.

However, I think I read a bit more.

6562210 Please explain what you mean by "and ignored their own."

6562672 Well in a way I think, that is if I remember it right, they challanged Trixie in her own show, on her own stage.
For me, even if she wasn´t very nice, she was just "acting", and if I remember it right, most of what happened with the main six, was part of a challenge, mean or not.

Of course she was wrong to, but I would have to watch the episode again to talk about every detail. Mostly that they didn´t helped her in the end, or that no one tried to explain that it was the fault of the other two Colt´s, was the bad thing for me.

It is rather late, but I think I managed to explain it more or less. If something isn´t easy to understand the way I have written it, just ask again, sometimes it helps me to make it more incomplex.

Long story short, I think I can´t say rixie hasn´t done anything, but the main six had no real reason to make her show bad, even if they doesn´t like her personality.

6562976 Wait, are you talking about the Season 1 episode "Boast Busters"? I was talking about the Season 3 episode "Magic Duel", where Trixie went mad with power after gaining the Alicorn Amulet and took over Ponyville. After Twilight and the others managed to stop her, she genuinely repented. In the IDW comics, it showed that after that experience, Trixie became a wandering hero, helping stop criminals and disasters. Basically, the reason why she stopped appearing in the show is because she's having her own adventures elsewhere in Equestria.


Trixie became a wandering hero, helping stop criminals and disasters. Basically, the reason why she stopped appearing in the show is because she's having her own adventures elsewhere in Equestria.

can you write out the name for the comics?
Huh I actually forgot about the next time she appeared to have some revenge.
However the first time was how the whole thing started.

I´m not sure if I would like it, but since she is one of my favourite ponys, I would like to read a bit in those comics, or at least take a look at them to see how they are written.

6563090 Trixie's appearances in the comics that I know of:

My Little Pony Friends Forever #6. In this story, she was still kind of a jerk, but she and Rainbow Dash eventually came to an understanding after Rainbow helped her escape imprisonment by the Diamond Dogs.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic (IDW):
Issue #5-8 (The Nightmare Arc): I forgot exactly when she appears, but she, along with several other side characters, helped defend Ponyville from the Nightmare Forces.
Issue #17-20 (Reflections): Though she doesn't actually appear, her Mirror Universe counterpart has a cameo. She became an Alicorn Princess instead of her world's Twilight Sparkle, and represented Humility.
Issue #21-22 (Manehattan Mysteries): Trixie attempts to help the Manehattan police catch a criminal, but she is framed for a crime, so Applejack, Apple Bloom, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Babs Seed help clear her name and catch the real criminal.
Issue #23 (Just For Sidekicks 2): Well, she didn't really get a chance to be a hero in this one. She had a cameo as one of the many characters who was brainwashed by the antagonist.

Definitely enjoying this thus far, kinda reminds me a lot of old adventure serials and silver age comics. Which is fitting considering the context we're referring too. Everyone seems in character well enough and some of the good ol' MLP wackiness is still present. I'll be sure to continue to watch this story as it plays out. If anything I could recommend, it that you either have rearranged the set up to split the backstory up. Give us enough in the beginning to get a feel for the other side of the crossover before bringing the ponies in, as more likely than not the main reader base on FiMFic will be well acquainted with MLP, but might not know too much about the rest of this crossover. Granted this IS superheroes we're talking about, and a well known one at that with the backstory; but point stands that having some in the beginning might make for a good memory refresher.

Still, far from anything worthy of complaint and an excellent display thus far.

6888027 Thank you for your review, but I'm not sure if splitting the backstory up would work. I wanted a solid narrative to explain what kind of Superman this was and then explain how he arrived in Equestria. If you notice, the first chapter was from Daring Do's point of view and showed how she met Trixie and Maud and then ran into Clark. Then after Clark's huge flashback and then him being banished to Equestria, it repeated their meeting from his point of view. Now that both sides are caught up, we're off to stop Dr. Caballeron! Of course, there will be a few surprises along the way.:pinkiehappy:

PS: Could you please check out my blogs?

A new chapter a new adventure, sorry it took me awhile to see this. Been busy as all get-out

7054555 Thank you very much. Do you see any flaws or plot holes?

Huh. Was not expecting Doomsday. Still pretty awesome!! Can't wait for more!! :raritystarry:

7345460 Glad you liked it. It will be explained two chapters from now.

The romance is between Trixie and Maud, right?

Hmm... So Clark has feelings for Maud, and vice versa. But. He is immortal, she isn't, and then there's the whole Earth/Equestria thing. I wonder... Oh! Will Luna play a part of this story?

7398988 If it will put your mind at ease, recall this passage from "The Backstory".

Through more study of Shazam’s spellbooks, Billy eventually found a way to make it so that if one person was immortal or ageless, their loved ones would also benefit, unless they rejected the gift. He cast the spell on everyone he knew, though Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, and their families rejected the gift, preferring to live their lives normally. Batman also rejected the gift, wanting to retire and let his son Nightwing take over as Batman.

Yes, Luna and the other princesses are going to appear.

As for your other concerns, you'll have to wait for the upcoming chapters.

Just out of curiosity did Flash Point happen in this world? Also how far into season 5 does the story take place?

7586585 I'm going to say Flashpoint didn't happen. Then again, if it happened, no one would ever know. It would probably explain why my version of Superman didn't wear the red underpants back when he was wearing that version of his costume.

The next chapter will reveal this story started between "The Mane Attraction" and "The Cutie Re-Mark".

Out of curiosity, what gave you the idea for this particular crossover?

7648003 I'm not really sure. I just really wanted to do a Superman/MLP crossover.

Your story title really reminds me of one of my favorite books, Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero :ajsmug:

7683643 Nice. I haven't read those books, but I heard they were good. So what did you think of this story so far?

"He's back" moments never ceased to leave me grinning and this was no exception. I intend to give this story another shout-out soon, this deserves all the notice it can get!

7907474 Glad you liked it. What was your favorite part of the fight so far? And did you notice that scene that foreshadowed Sombra's return back in "Step Up"?

7907737 The pacing was very well done and I think yes, I did notice the indications something was up now that you mention it and I read this. Tying Sombra directly into Doomsday and the WIndigos was a great choice and reminds me of a lot of older syndicated series with multiple villains. Often it is less Villain B just happened to come by and attack after Villain A as much as it was B is a direct aftereffect of A. Can be something as simple as A and B were rivals and didn't wan't to waste time fighting each other, B is coming in to avenge A; or something A did caused B to arrive on the scene. It keeps a good action sense rolling.

As for the fight itself, as I said, well paced. Lots of dialogue very at home in a DC or IDW comic, fittingly, and a good sense of rise and fall of escalations. Definitely gave a smile inducing moment with the return of the cape.

Superman vs Sombra I like it :pinkiehappy: and glad to know I'm not the only one who liked the Fullbring arc

7971007 So far I would have to say seeing Supes fight the villains of the Mlp verse and all of the Doomsday stuff but that's mostly due to him being one of my favorite villains in comics. Can't wait to see the final fight between Clark in Doomsday internal or external I got a feeling that it's going to be good.

7971031 I'll just say you probably won't see Doomsday's fate coming.

Looks like the Doomslayer helped Sombra finally chill out.

And Maud and Supes on a date my shenanigans sensor is going off.

8003756 That first line was funny, though technically, he wasn't in his Doomslayer form when that happened.

What was your favorite part?

8003809 Probably Supes launching Sombra into space. I know you where referencing Superman Returns but it reminded me of Goku and Beerus fighting it out in Battle of Gods. The whole time I kept playing Hero by Flow during that part.

You know what I love about this chapter? It guns down the "slippery slope" of "killing =serial murderer" while not ratting on heroes who don't use lethal force. I think it's very asinine for some media to label any hero who is forced into a situation that calls for lethal force with no contrived way to get out of it, will inevitably end up a serial murderer and fall off a slippery slope. It's a slap in the face to soldier, police, or anyone who's been forced to go through that to insist they are now no better than who they stopped. And it does that in a few lines while not bashing on heroes who don't kill.

Well done man, you did what a lot of writers can't

He was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton with his fraternal twin sister Kara-El. When they were mere infants, their parents Jor-El and Lara-El realized the planet would be destroyed by a supernova. When they failed to warn their people of the danger, they decided to load their children in a special escape ship made of crystal and launch them to Earth, just in time.

Is Kara really Clark's sister or cousin? All shows and cartoons I've seen portrayed her as Clark's cousin.

Supergirl’s civilian name is Mae instead of Kara because it would have to take a huge coincidence for the Kents to give her the same name as her Kryptonian one. Plus, the Matrix version of Supergirl (long story) was named Mae and I thought that was cute. I made her his sister instead of his cousin to keep things simple.

Forgot to read this part.

He gingerly walked around until he could get used to moving in this body. What was strange was that although the gravity level was equal to Earth’s, it somehow felt off. Upon closer inspection, he found he was wearing his jacket, now altered to fit his smaller body, and saddlebags. Since he no longer had fingers, he opened his saddlebags with his teeth to find they were a magical bag of holding aka bigger on the inside. Right now, the only things inside were his neatly folded cape and Dawnbreak. His Legion Ring was gone.

Kinda like the TARDIS and Trixie's wagon.

Clark? I don’t think that even means anything. He must be from another country, maybe even raised by Zebras or Griffons.

Clark is a French and English name that means clergyman or cleric

Yeah, she's normally Clark's cousin, but I thought it would be simpler this way. I'll add it to the author's notes.

“Yeah, that makes sense. Doomsday was created in a lab to be the ultimate survivor. Some even call him the Ultimate Life-Form. As long as at least one cell in his body lives, he lives. He’s now in me, so he’ll live as long as I live.”

So who's the true "Ultimate Life-Form"? Shadow the Hedgehog or Doomsday?

Personal opinion, I'd say Doomsday is superior. Shadow's Super Form may be indestructible, but it doesn't last very long, especially if he removes the inhibitor rings. His Super Form also doesn't protect his mind and he's very vulnerable to mental attacks, while Doomsday can fight them off. Also, Shadow can be straight up killed while Doomsday will come back.

“Big brother? You're taller than him.”

"Big" doesn't always mean being taller or bigger in size, Pinkie
It means that Vartox is older than Clark.

Since the comics are not canon, that story of her having adventures and fully repenting is bs. It is thanks to Starlight, that she is fully reformed. 😈

Well, I'm using the comics because I really liked that Rough Diamond story.

Man finally got time to myself to read this chapter. Pretty good I love that Baradock exist in this universe now I can't stop imaging Freezia attacking while everyone is gone. Also started thinking about Clark fighting off Tempest and Storm King when they attack. Just a silly thought since Clark is becoming a body guard.

Like I said, I just needed two names for two Almeracian soldiers. Unfortunately, Saiyans and related parties do not exist in the DC Universe. Spoiler Alert: When I eventually do the sequel, there will be a time skip, and I will gloss over my version of the movie and later seasons. I promise nopony is going to act as stupid as they did during "To Where and Back Again" and "My Little Pony: The Movie".

Are you going to check out Fates Collide?

The story sounds pretty interesting so I might check it out once I get some free time again. Though I'd be doing it more for RWBY since I'm not that knowledge of Fate other than the ones on Netflix. Also if you are going to do that for the sequel I'd recommend watching Superman Unbound because I could see that type of story line working in your universe.

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