• Published 12th Nov 2017
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Jack Spicer's Quest to Conquer Equestria - CrazedLaughter

Jack Spicer and Wuya are teleported to Equestria after a fight with Omi and his friends. Jack, using his evil genius, plots a magnificent and fool proof plan to take over the new land he finds himself in. Also Wuya is there.

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Chapter 27 - Wuya Vs. Twilight

Wuya sat on her new throne, reading a Daring Do book. The throne room to the castle itself had turned into a craggy, rocky twisted design of the original throne room. The banners featuring her face in ghostly form.

The Diamond Dogs were celebrating in the mass piles of gems that were scattered around.

Wuya started to get annoyed with their hoot and hollers and slowly eyed them before yelling "WILL YOU FLEA BITTEN MUTTS BE QUIET!? I'M TRYING TO READ HERE! OR DO YOU WANT ME TO SMASH ALL OF YOU DOWN INTO CARBON SLUDGE!"

Suddenly they all stopped, some shivering in fear. the others just freezing in place.

Wuya sighed, and raised the book to continue reading. "Good...I was just getting to a really good part."
Wuya turned the page, her expression turning to that of disgust as she tosses the book aside and blasts it ".....how anti-climatic...she survived."

A diamond dog walked up to Wuya fearfully, shaking "M-mistress W-"

Wuya shook her finger at him "ah ah ah, it's QUEEN Wuya. Or Empress Wuya if you like. It doesn't matter, both sound good. Anything less and you'll get the newspaper again" She looked down at him with a cruel smile "Now...what is it you want? And bow while saying it. I need to break you all in after all..."

"W-well, other diamond dogs talk. And we think we deserve city made of gems. In exchange for helping you with Equestrian conquest." He said as he bowed to one knee.

Wuya sighed, resting her head on her hand "Eh, why not? Not like I'd need them. As long as you stay loyal to me. you can have your little capital. But don't expect any leniency . I expect you all to fight as if your lives depended on it. Because failing me means they will be forfeit." She looked down at him, making an eerie smile "Understand?"

The Diamond Dog nodded "Y-yes Queen Wuya. We agree as long as we get gem capital." He was visibly shaking

"Good..." Wuya leaned back on her throne and turned her head to the side "How are we on our army anyway?"

"Well, our clans be here within week. Then we take Appeloosa like plan you specified" The Diamond Dog said.

"....ugh..how boring. I wonder if that miserable princess will listen to reason and bow down to me. Go look out the window and tell me if that barrier is still up." Wuya shooed the diamond dog away

The diamond dog slowly backed away and looked out the window. He could see the barrier around Twilight's castle had dropped. He relays this information to Wuya.

"What?...Well..that was quick" Wuya got up and walked towards the window to confirm it for herself "Well, Well. It seems the little princess is giving up already. And moving her little subjects away it seems" Wuya let out a small cackle "It's only a matter of time. She’ll comes begging for the lives of those pitiful ponies. And we have her little friends in our dungeon. She'd no doubt join us to make sure they are kept in good health.”

"I'll Never stop believing in friendship, Wuya! Not as long as I'm able to fight!" Twilight said, stepping out from behind some dead trees. Looking straight up at the window Wuya was staring down from.

"Why hello there Princess...hehe. How has your day been?" Wuya said, in a decadently evil tone.

"....." Twilight said nothing, staring up at her with her best menacing look

"oh my Twilight...is that anyway to treat an old friend? you’re hurting my feelings" Wuya made a fake pout.

"You're no friend of mine, Wuya! You tricked me and my friends! And for what...Power? You're no better than Jack! How could you sink so low?!" Twilight cried out, feigning ignorance of the true facts.

"Oh trust me, I've always been that low. For me to sink any lower would cause a disruption in the planet's core....actually...that might be a good plan for later when I get sick of this place." Wuya began to tap at her chin. thinking about it.

"Your tyranny ends here Wuya! I'm here to stop you!" Twilight began to flap her wings, her horn aglow.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA, are you serious?! You're going to fight me by yourself? Let me guess...are you going to give me one last chance to stand down before giving me some pathetic speech on how evil is bad?" Wuya leered at Twilight

"...." Twilight said nothing, as that's what she was going to do exactly.

Wuya gave her an arrogant smirk "Typical...You!" Wuya pointed to the Diamond Dog "Get the guards and the first platoon and bring that princess to her knees! all four of them!"

"B-b-but we can't fight Alicorns!" The diamond dog quivered in fear

"EITHER FIGHT HER OR FIGHT ME!" Wuya roared as her eyes glowed a vicious yellow "YOU HAVE A SING-" Before she could finish, the diamond dog ran away to fulfill her task.

Wuya then turned to Twilight "You must forgive them, they need better doggie training. They'll be down to subjugate you in a moment."

"I'm not in the mood to fight an army. Just you! I'm going to end your reign here and now!" Twilight flew upwards, straight up to eye level with Wuya.

"My, aren't we impatient.How can you just skip to the climatic battle without the hero's warm up?" Wuya yawned "..oh well, at least we can make this quick. So, since we are being so hasty. Why don't we just skip to your surrender, hmm?"

Twilight leaned back, and immediately fired a blast at Wuya. Who only put her hand forward and blocked the shot. Leaving a small scorch mark on her palm.

Wuya had actually felt that. Had she been at full power, that probably wouldn't have hurt. And she knew that wasn't Twilight's best blast.

"There's my warm up Wuya! Give up now, or it's going to get a lot worse!" Twilight demanded "that's your only warning"

"What was that? Couldn't hear you over all those spears being chucked at you." Wuya said as the Diamond Dogs stepped out of the front gates to hurl their spears towards Twilight.

Twilight was having none of it and immediately sent a bomb shot to scatter the platoon of dogs while shielding herself from the spears.

The Dogs ran away in fear. Not wanting to fight an Alicorn with that kind of power.

".....useless..." Wuya turned to the diamond dogs in the gem piles "You, gather the second force and this time...spread out...then chuck your spears!"

They immediately dashed off as Wuya turned to Twilight. only to meet a blast in her face. Making her step back as she puts her hand up to block others ".....Why you little....GRAGH!" Wuya raised both her hands to seal the window. Blocking the rest of Twilight's shots as she forced her hand forward. Sending the entire section of the wall at Twilight.

Twilight yelped in surprise and dropped altitude to dodge it. but then was met with a second wave of spears. one knicking her wing. Making her flight wobbly "wa-waah!"

"You can't fight forever you little fool! Once my dogs get you to the ground. My rock men will crush you into a pancake! ONE I'LL PROBABLY EAT!" Wuya yelled, peeved that she took a hit.

Wuya raised her hand "RISE MY MINIONS"

The ground began to shake as Twilight tried to straighten herself in the air after taking that nick in the wing.

The Diamond Dogs stopped throwing their spears as they did their best to balance themselves. Some even running away.

"YOU COWARDS! I'M RAISING ALLIES FOR YOU AND...oh why do I even bother." Wuya sighed as only a few troops stayed to witness the rise of her...Rock....ponies.
"PONIES?!...ugh" Wuya slapped her forehead "Please tell me I didn't just raise some rock ponies...Is that permanent? Please tell me that's not permanent. I'd rather not have my opponents dying of laughter before I get a chance to end them myself"

Suddenly, some of the rock ponies gave Twilight a soulless glare as they grew wings and darted towards her. Others growing horns that fired laser blasts.

Twilight was having trouble like never before. All she could do was focus on dodging the incoming rock pegasi and dodging rock unicorn blasts.

"hrmmm...Maybe it's not so bad after all. I didn't even know I could do that. It must be my magic infusing with the magic of the Amulet. Yes...yes....this will do quite nicely." Wuya looked over to Twilight. Who was now completely focused on trying to destroy her rock army. "Princess, how long do you think you can hold out before getting hit by a spear, being blasted..or just outright crushed? Just save yourself the trouble and surrender to me. I have a lovely little spot for you in my dungeon. Right next to your little dragon pet...you know, I wonder if he's still ok. I haven't actually bothered to see if those wretched mongrels have been feeding him....oh well."

Hearing that, That was enough to make Twilight angry. She released a spell that sent out an expanding blast that devastated the rock pegasi. and sent the rest of the diamond dog's 2nd platoon to flee. Only leaving the rock unicorns to fire their magical projectiles towards Twilight.

Twilight backed up from the beams and fired a huge one of her own at Wuya. Who quickly raised another wall, reinforced with her magic. It only barely managed to block Twilight's shot.

"Miserable little pony..." Wuya rubbed her cheek where she had been wounded "I just need more time..."

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