• Published 12th Nov 2017
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Jack Spicer's Quest to Conquer Equestria - CrazedLaughter

Jack Spicer and Wuya are teleported to Equestria after a fight with Omi and his friends. Jack, using his evil genius, plots a magnificent and fool proof plan to take over the new land he finds himself in. Also Wuya is there.

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Chapter 16 - The Mirror Retreived

"Yarrr, ghost matey! First Mate Pinkie says to keep an eye peeled for that scurvy pirate Jack Spicer," Pinkie said as she looked through a telescope from on top of Twilight's castle. She was donned in a bandanna and eye patch. Like a pirate

Wuya sighed. "You know I'm not a pirate right? Why are we even up here?"

"Well my ecto bucko! Since that nasty ole Jack likes to raid the castle a lot, we gotta protect the treasure by spottin him before he gets here, that way we can set up an ambush." Pinkie said as she kept sweeping the area with her telescope.

"That's stupid...what WE should be doing is going to Canterlot to get my body back." Wuya said, annoyed and protesting being "lookout"

"But then, what if Jack attacked the castle while we were away?" Pinkie turned to her, a little confused by Wuya's persistence

"That's why we take the mirror with us. With my body, I could easily crush Jack Spicer with my bare han...ahrmm..hooves..” Wuya made crushing motions with her tendrils "All we're doing now is wasting time!"

"But we can't just go! our shipmate Spike be in danger! and getting him back is the most important thing right now. That's why we got our blue and yellow parrots scouting about while our captain and Applegrub looks for ye olde dragon locating spell...if there is any that is...yarrr."

"Can you stop talking like that? It's really annoying" Wuya was getting tired of her pirate talk

"Awww...come on, it's pretty fuuuunnn" Pinkie tried to nudge her, but she fell right through her and onto the ground "...see? you'd be an amazing ghost pirate!"

"I don't think being a ghost ANYTHING is fun. I can't believe there's six of you and not one of you have found that little cretin yet!" Wuya was getting furious that she had six allies, and they were losing to Jack of all people.

Pinkie rolled belly up and looked at Wuya with concern "Wow...he must have done something really awful for you to be so cranky. Aren't you supposed to be the benevolent witch or something?"

Wuya's ghostly eye twitched, she hated being called "Benevolent" even if she was the one who came up with the moniker. "The only thing "Benevolent" about me right now is the fact I haven't found a way to personally destroy you!"

Pinkie blinked and stayed silent for a moment, then giggled "Good one Wuya! I almost thought you were serious for a second there! You'd make a good comedian!"

"...I was being serious" Wuya didn't even care to hide her "evil" too much at this point, she was too annoyed

Pinkie just started to slam her hoof on the ground, laughing uncontrollably "hehehehehaha! sthahap! Thahaht's too funnehehey!"

"...." Wuya just covered her face with her tendrils and sobbed "Where did I go wrong? Was this the right choice I should have made? Is it possible I'm truly dead and I'm being punished by not only being allies with these ponies...but being beat by Jack Spicer...OF ALL PEOPLE...HIM?! HOW COULD IT GET ANY WORSE!?"

Pinkie stayed silent, her laughter ending instantly upon Wuya saying that..

Wuya went silent, afraid, and looked towards Pinkie "I said that out loud...didn't I?"

Pinkie nodded

"ahrm...you must forgive me, I've..urm...been under a lot of stress" Wuya chuckled nervously, she didn't want to be left without any allies. That would mean she'd never get her body back.

"That's ok Wuya, it's not like you're totally evil and just using us in a desperate plot to get your body back to conquer Equestria using your powers which are actually evil powers AHHHH" Pinkie took a breath "And that you were actually with Jack Spicer at one point but you also got annoyed with him a lot while having to deal with three....maybe four good guys, having wacky adventures together every other week" Pinkie said a mouthful

"....err...right. It's not like I did any of that. I was much too busy feeding cute little bunny rabbits and singing with birdies" Wuya was sweating, she screwed up, she was going to be found out for sure!

"Well duh, that's what I thought you always did. Why would I have any reason to think any different?...unless.... you really are totally evil and just using us in a desperate plot to get your body back to conquer Equestria using your powers which are actually evil powers AHHHH" Pinkie took a breath "And that you were actually with Jack Spicer at one point but you also got annoyed with him a lot while having to deal with three....maybe four good guys, having wacky adventures together every other week" Pinkie took a breath, again a mouthful.

Wuya stayed silent...and took a quick breath "..y-yyarr..that be silly first mate Pinkie, why would I ever do anything like that?" Wuya tried to go along with it, hoping it'd calm Pinkie down.

"Because, Pirates are notorious badguys who loot and plunder towns of everypony's valuables and make everypony sad. In short, Pirates are pretty evil" Pinkie said, in a matter of factly way


Pinkie smiled and closed her eyes as she waved her hoof "Oh, I was only pretending to be a pirate."


Pinkie giggled "I know. and gee whiz, your impression of being evil is top notch, I would have never guessed you were a good guy!"

Wuya fell over, she was crawling along the ground, whimpering , she was thinking in her mind"I can't..I just can't. It's like my own personal torture room....where I'M the one being tortured. If anyone is truly evil here...it's this horse!"

"Something wrong Wuya?" Pinkie got up and looked at her, Wuya seemed pretty sickly all of a sudden.

"I have a headache" Wuya groaned, as she dragged herself to the edge of the castle roof.

Pinkie giggled "Another good one! How can you have a headache without a head! Classic!"

Wuya moaned and groaned as she leaned over the edge. She felt nauseated, she didn't even know how it was possible. But she also felt something else. All of a sudden, she had a sense of a close by Shen Gong Wu being moved. Her ability to sense Shen Gong Wu had already been weakened. To the point that they either had to be activated so she could follow it to its activation point of origin. Or be very close to one to even get a feint scent...and the only one close by at the moment was...

"The Reversing Mirror" Wuya said silently to herself as she immediately recovered from her nausea and looked to the ground, near the castle entrance, squinting her eyes "it's being moved out of the castle....but why....hmmmm...It can't be Jack. The peabrain likes to make a grand entrance."

As she stared downwards, three fillies started to make their way out of the castle. one of them had a familiar looking Helipack on her. "...what's this?"

Pinkie jumped next to Wuya and looked downwards "Whatcha lookin at Wuya?"

"oh..er..nothing. Just enjoying the view, eheh" Wuya chuckled nervously

"Pretty nice huh? oh hey, it's Scootaloo,Sweetie Belle, and Applebloom. I wonder what they are doing here!.....Oh well! Gotta stay on guard! yaaarr!" Pinkie said as she got back up and went back to looking for Jack with her telescope.

"Yes er, Pinkie. I need to be going to the...erm...thing...I shall return momentarily" Wuya said as she started to float backwards and off the roof.

"Okie Dokie Loki! Have fun doing that...thing! Pinkie waved to her as Wuya divebombed next to a bush as the CMC passed by.

She started listening in on their conversation.

"I still say this is wrong girls, it just don't feel right" Applebloom said, feeling pretty awful about just snatching the mirror.

"Yeah, even knowing this belongs to Jack. I gotta say, it still feels like stealing. I didn't expect to feel this bad" Sweetie Belle was feeling uncomfortable as well.

Scootaloo patted the back of her Helipack, which had a hidden compartment for storing items. "I know it feels pretty bad girls, but we did it for good reasons. Once we get it back to Jack, I'm sure it'll be alright."

"We don't even know where he is right now though" Sweetie Belle brought up

"Well, he usually shows up in the morning" Applebloom stated "We might as well leave the mirror at the clubhouse and wait til mornin for him to show up."

Scootaloo nodded "Sounds like a plan, let's go!"

Wuya was hiding, shaking her ghostly tendrils in anger. "are you telling me that tiny brained monkey managed to hire children that outdid six..SIX...powerful magical adults?! THATS IT! ONCE I GET MY BODY BACK! I'M BURNING THIS PLACE TO THE GROUND! I..." Wuya noticed the CMC had already run off "I...really got to learn there's a time and a place for my recent anger fits"

Wuya flew off after them, making sure to stay out of sight.

And she followed them, all the way back to their clubhouse.

"Hey, Jack left a note!" Sweetie Belle squeaked as she walked over to the door

"What's it say?" Scootaloo asked

"Hey! It just says what we were gonna do anyway and leave the Shen Gong Wu here. But he says he'll pick it up later" Sweetie Belle stated

"So does that mean later as in tomorrow? Or later as in a few hours?" Applebloom asked

The other two shrugged

"Well ah can't be waitin for the rest of the day, there's work to be done at the farm since Applejack has been at the castle most of the time. So I'll see y'all later!" Applebloom gave a half hearted wave. She just wanted to be away from the mirror and try to forget she had stolen it. She was beginning to wonder if this was even worth a Cutie Mark.

"Yeah, I'm gonna go too.Since Rarity's been gone, I've had the whole boutique to myself! I kinda don't want to waste the time. so seeya!" Sweetie Belle waved, less affected by the guilt.

Scootaloo waved, but she didn't leave. She walked into the clubhouse and removed the mirror hidden away in her helipack and put it on the table. "mnnn...I should really talk to Jack, I got so caught up with all this hero stuff and...I dunno who he really is. Maybe if I hang out with him a little, I won't feel bad about taking this mirror." Scootaloo looked into the mirror as she said this, frowning. At first she was perfectly fine with taking it, but as time went on after the deed was done. She was starting to feel bad about it. Perhaps getting to really know Jack would do her some good. As she felt she jumped the gun simply because he gave her the ability to fly.

Wuya was hiding just outside the window. staring at Scootaloo "I had to see this to believe this. So Jack Spicer,it seems you managed to get a little fan. You've even given her a little helipack. hahaha, did you think I wouldn't notice?! Perhaps...I can use this to my advantage. I must fetch myself some new allies willing to do some "Dirty work". Mehehehehe. Enjoy your lead Jack. We'll see how much this world has affected your will..." Wuya flew off, she had knowledge of the world by sifting through the books in the Castle. And she had just the allies in mind to do what she needed to do.

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