• Published 12th Nov 2017
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Jack Spicer's Quest to Conquer Equestria - CrazedLaughter

Jack Spicer and Wuya are teleported to Equestria after a fight with Omi and his friends. Jack, using his evil genius, plots a magnificent and fool proof plan to take over the new land he finds himself in. Also Wuya is there.

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Chapter 26 - Forgiveness

"Given the circumstances...if things are truly that dire. And Mr.Jack is doing his best to be "good"...I suppose it'd be alright." Rarity said, still contemplating if her own words were of a good idea.

"........" Applejack said nothing,she just stared into Jack's eyes.

"Applejack?" Twilight said, wondering if she had an answer.

"...I dunno...He tried to make her into somethin' bad. Ah don't think he deserves that chance. He's lucky he hasn't gotten a really good bucking yet." Applejack couldn't decide. Her family, especially her sister. Was important to her. And Jack had only proven himself to be scum.

Jack held his tongue.He wanted to say something. But he could see his good self shaking his head "no". as if it was a warning not to speak.

"Applejack, I do think you're being a little harsh. Ok, he did attack us...true. But Twilight does have a point, everypony deserves at least one chance." Rarity was actually fighting for it, on Jack's side.

"How ya figure?" Applejack asked

"Well,let's look at it this way. Think of all the other "evil" beings that we had managed to get a second chance and have bettered themselves for it. Princess Luna, Discord, and even Trixie have become better ponies.....given a slight relapse on one of their parts...but still. I'm willing to bet this is one of those times where perhaps. We need to be more understanding." Rarity tried to convince Applejack

"...hmn." Applejack was starting to think about it.

"Think of it this way darling. Perhaps had we not been so suspicious of Discord when he was reforming himself. Perhaps he wouldn't have had that little "relapse" in the first place. I'm not saying we have to leave the room, we can still keep an eye on him in case he tries anything devious" Rarity was giving it her all. If only because she actually believed in her own words and thought of how horrible it would be if the plan failed. Nobody deserves to be crushed that hard.

"...." Applejack closed her eyes and sighed. "Fine....I reckon you might have a point." She then looked towards Jack "But if you try anythin funny, then I'm gonna see how far you fly. Got it?"

Jack nodded, Internally, he wanted to talk to them privately. But if this is what he could get. Then he will have to accept. No amount of dirty tricks would gain him a private audience with the CMC. "Alright...fine."

"And remember Jack, you gotta try to be good." Pinkie said "And a smile always helps!"

"And be truthful! Don't forget to be truthful!" Good Jack added.

Jack huffed and put his face down on the table with a groan. "you guys are seriously killing me."

"Jack, don't act like that. We are doing you a favor. Please be more considerate." Twilight told him, finding his response deplorable.

"I know, but I think you guys-...never mind....just give me a second" Jack raised himself back up and started tapping and slapping his face and mussing with his hair. When he was done, he had a happy...creepy...looking grin on his face "This better?"

"...I normally don't say this...but...ya might wanna tone that smile down a bit" Pinkie said, even she thought it was rather disheartening.

Jack rolled his eyes and attempted a smaller grin.

"There we go! Should I go get them?" Pinkie looked to Twilight. in which Twilight nodded.

Pinkie rushed down to get the girls. Every moment since her departure making Jack more nervous to speak with them. He started to sweat.

Good Jack had noticed this and sat opposite of his counterpart. "What's the matter?"

"As if you don't know!" Jack suddenly snapped at his good self.

"mnnn...Jack, you don't have to worry. In fact. It actually makes me happy to see you like this." Good Jack smiled at him

Jack immediately rose up and pointed accusingly at his Good Self "I'm not worried! I'm just...What's so good about it anyway?! huh!"

Good Jack just looked up to him, unaffected by his threatening demeanor "It means you really do care Jack, I can tell you're really trying. And sure, you might not turn into a "Good Guy". But at least you're making an effort. And even if you go back to fighting Omi and trying to rule the world. At least I know that you were capable of truly being good on your very own. And that means a lot." Good Jack had a very gentle soft tone in his words. He was proud of his evil self. For making the effort.

"..........That's the most stupid thing to ever come out of your mouth ever." Jack put his head back down.

"You say that now, but I know how you truly feel. I am you you know." Good Jack giggled

Applejack leaned her head over to Twilight "Are ya absolutely sure he hasn't gone bonkers?"

Twilight nodded to her "Pinkie can see whoever this "Good Jack" is too.So he has to be real...I just wish I could understand what he's saying. He seems like a good guy."

Applejack was skeptical "I'm still on the fence about that"

Pinkie slid through the door halfway, and looked to Jack. "Are ya ready Jack?"

Jack gulped. and took multiple breaths before taking a slow final one. "......yeah...I think.."

He was repeating in his head a mantra of "Think good thoughts"

Pinkie slowly opened the door completely.

Through the door came three rather upset fillies. Scootaloo gave Jack a very nasty look as she stood by the door. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle's looks being that of sadness and slight confusion.

Jack became still. giving a glance towards Scootaloo. He felt a guilt sparked pain in his chest. But he retained his composure, and did his best to sound apologetic and humble.

"...hey girls...how's it going?" Jack said, softly, with a small jitter in his voice.

not one of them spoke.

"...ok....I deserve that. I guess Scoots told you girls everything huh?" Jack started to tap his finger on his table. His face becoming more apparent that he was feeling shame.

Sweetie Belle and Applebloom nodded. Scootaloo still keeping her dreadful stare.

"....Why? Why did ya do those awful things Jack?" Applebloom asked. She was crushed, not only had her new friend betrayed her. But her hopes had fleeted.

"....." Jack couldn't answer. He couldn't just say "Because I'm an evil boy genius!"

as Jack stayed in silence. Scootaloo spoke up as she pointed at Jack "Why don't you just tell them! or are you just going to lie again!?

Jack cringed. It was if being evil had really came and bit him right back. "Because...I..Well..." He hung his head with a sigh "I'm a bad guy..."

Applebloom had a tear go down her cheek "so...all that stuff about saving the world..and helping us get a cutie mark...that was all fake too?"

"...yeah" Jack couldn't look at them "I lied about all that..." He raised his head and gave them a nervous chuckle "Except the cutie marks...you probably sti-" He stopped when he noticed how distraught they looked. "....ahrm..."

"We heard you wanted to apologize... Pinkie said you we're going to help fight Wuya but...are you really? Scootaloo said you had worked with her before..Jack...who are you?" Sweetie Belle wanted a clear cut answer. She couldn't forgive him unless she knew who he was.

"......." Jack stood up, "I'm Jack Spicer....Evil boy genius..." It suddenly hurt to say that "I worked with Wuya to take over the world. But, after a few betrayals here and there...I became independent...then not..a few times...it's really topsy turvy. Point is...That's who I am. But...it is true I actually DID help save the world once....maybe twice."

"You probably did it because if you hadn't, you would have been toast too" Scootaloo said snidely.

"...err...sorta....yeah.." Jack fell and slumped down onto his chair "..."

"...But...Mr.Jack..if that's the case. Why'd ya save Scootaloo then? Was that because you were "gonna be toast" too?" Applebloom was confused.

"...probably only did it because he thought he needed a pegasus instead of a unicorn to get that stupid amulet to work. Probably thought I'd just walk right into it like an idiot after he had come up with some way to get the amulet and mirror back." Scootaloo huffed

Sweetie Belle rubbed her chin, thinking about that statement "But Scootaloo, Everypony knows unicorns are the ponies that actually use magic. I'd think he'd had just come after me instead. I don't think Jack is that dumb."

"...hmph...I dunno" Scootaloo looked to the side, not wanting to discuss further.

"...actually about that. I actually had sorta kidnapped a unicorn already. I guess Wuya didn't tell you that part....Scoots..I really did go down to save you. You gotta believe me!" Jack tried to appeal to her senses. But she turned to him and stomped her hoof!

"LIAR! If you had everything you needed. Then you wouldn't have bothered with me! So come on Jack. Who did you ponynap?" Scootaloo demanded an answer

Twilight facehoofed. She didn't even know another pony was ponynapped.

"..I...I don't remember. But she had these funky purple shades" That's all Jack had cared to remember about her.

"...likely story" Scootaloo couldn't believe him

"huh....so That's where Vinyl went off to." Pinkie rubbed her chin. "We gotta remember to save her too when we get inside Wuya's castle....definitely gotta remember that"

"Hey, that proves he's telling the truth...at least about that!" Sweetie Belle said, seeing some hope. "It's a pretty heroic thing to save somepony."

"Is that what you think? Come on, so he was telling the truth about that. But I saw everything." Scootaloo focused her attention on Jack "You lied about everything you were doing with us. You were the one who attacked the castle, attacked our friends and family, and ponynapped too! Then you suddenly came to rescue me? You had to have some evil reason...come on...tell me! I just want to go back downstairs...I'm tired of this.." Scootaloo started to tear up. Him saving her for any other reason but selfish or evil ones seemed too farfetched at this point.

Jack looked right into Scootaloo's eyes as he said this "You're right..I did all those things. I did it all so I could conquer this place. And I was going to put the final stage of my plan into action the day you got ponynapped. I had everything I needed.....But I couldn't do it when Wuya showed up. She basically gave me a choice. The world, or you. Simple as that. If I had an even eviler version of myself, I guess he'd be calling me a dweeb right now for choosing you."

Scootaloo was surprised, if only because she hadn't known about that a certain detail "Wuya came to you first?"

"Well yeah, not like she could take me on. Us evil villains always gotta have an ace in the hole. tch, I actually thought she had somehow blown up for good. Guess I was wrong, huh?" Jack chuckled weakly.

"So you just saved Scootaloo...because she was in trouble?" Sweetie Belle inquired.

"I saved her because she was my friend! Why would I just risk my neck for somebody who's in trouble? Unless they are gonna pay me or something, then I'm not going to risk my neck for some random loser! Got it!" Jack didn't want to seem as some wishy washy wimp that would stick his neck our for anyone. It was one of his "hey! Don't call me that!" moments.

"...Well...I think ah can forgive ya then Jack" Applebloom nodded "Even if you were lying to us just now....ya can never lie about an act of heroism like that"

"I agree!...though...you kind of need to work on that whole "evil" thing. You were telling the truth about everything before right? I mean...you aren't lying to us right now, right?" Sweetie Belle asked

"No, I'm pretty sure I'm telling the truth right now." Jack said

Sweetie Belle gave a small smile "Then..I think I can forgive you too. Pinkie said you were going to help save us from Wuya. is that also true?"

Jack nodded "Yeah! of course! If I...ahrm...." Jack had to stop, as he realized he was going to say "if I couldn't have the world, then neither could she".
"Yeah, you can bet she's going down!" Jack gave Sweetie Belle a confident look.
Then he turned his attention to Scootaloo "So Scoots....ya forgive me?..I mean...look, all those times we shared...those..feelings" Jack looked to his good self as he said that word, Good Jack giving him a thumbs up "Those weren't a lie. I actually had fun. I liked hanging out with you. I liked...being your friend. Come on, what do ya say?" Jack reached into his coat and pulled out Scootaloo's Helipak "forgive me?"

Scootaloo just gave him a stoic stare "...I don't believe you. Just do what you need to do and leave." She then gave an unamused look to her two friends. "can't believe you guys actually forgive him."

Jack went silent, he reached for Scootaloo, but she just backed off. and walked away from him. "I'm going back downstairs...." and Scootaloo turned. Jack wanted to stop her. Even Good Jack wanted to. But what could Jack say? He said everything he thought he needed to.

it was a crushing sight. Even Applejack couldn't help but feel sorry for Jack. "s-sorry pardner"

Jack, looking down. keeping in his tears. put his hand in front of her without even facing her "Save it...I don't need your sympathy."

"Jack..I'm...I'm so-" Good Jack wanted to apologize, but Jack stopped him

"And you. don't even say a word. You were here two minutes and you made friends..somehow! I should have known making any kind of friends was a stupid stupid idea, you..you don't even deserve to be a part of me!" Jack yelled, it was now visible tears were falling down his cheek.

Applebloom and Sweetie Belle said nothing. But they could see the tears. It gave them silent solidifcation of his feelings.

"Jack. Maybe we should give Sc-" Twilight tries to calm him down, but again he interrupts
"I don't even care" he says as he sniffs and wipes away a tear "Besides...we got a world to save anyway. The longer we wait, the stronger Wuya gets. So if everyone is done being stupid." Jack looks at Scootaloo's helipak, freezing for a moment before putting it on the table "We gotta get going now"

Jack was heartbroken. He could already feel his heart growing cold. He tried his best. But like everything else. It was another failed attempt. Any attempt to talk to him about the subject was met with a harsh retort. Except from Applebloom and Sweetie Belle. Whom he didn't reply back to at all.

With Jack not in the mood to listen about it. There was no time to waste further. Rarity went with the CMC downstairs to start the evacuations. Applebloom grabbed Scootaloo's helipak without Jack noticing.

Pinkie and Good Jack looked like they wanted to cry. It was such a painful moment to witness.

Applejack couldn't think of anything more to say. She didn't think Jack had it in him to have those kind of feelings.

Twilight tried to keep her mind on the mission at hand. She felt bad. But she was going to be first up to bat. And had no idea what Wuya was going to throw at her.

...it was time.

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