• Published 12th Nov 2017
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Jack Spicer's Quest to Conquer Equestria - CrazedLaughter

Jack Spicer and Wuya are teleported to Equestria after a fight with Omi and his friends. Jack, using his evil genius, plots a magnificent and fool proof plan to take over the new land he finds himself in. Also Wuya is there.

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Chapter 21 - The Truth

Jack stood silent. He didn't know what was wrong with him. He was actually reaching into his coat. The only inkling left in his mind of the situation was that Wuya couldn't even use the items anyway without a unicorn.

Jack took out the mirror and the amulet and tossed them towards Wuya with a hefty huff "...fine...Just let her go, ok? She's got nothing to do with it"

"I'm a witch of my word, Jack. You needn't fret" Wuya suppressed her urge to laugh maniacally as Jack tossed the items to the floor. "But just in case...I'll do it AFTER I regain my body.." Wuya turned to a scrappy looking diamond dog "YOU! FETCH!" she then pointed to another dog "YOU, BRING OUT THE UNICORN!"

The dog quickly scooped up the items as another brought out a minty furred horse with a horn, she looked like she was in quite some distress. Jack stood in silent surprise.

Wuya took notice as she ordered the dog to put the amulet on the unicorn "Oh what Jack? you didn't think I wouldn't come prepared, did you? Do you realize how easy it is to kidnap these things? It's like a mother let out one hundred of her children in the middle of Detroit.....at night."

Jack didn't reply, he was just keeping his eye on things. To make sure Wuya kept her word.

Wuya ordered the unicorn to zap the mirror with everything she had, and a dog to hold the mirror and yell "Reversing Mirror" at her command.

Jack only had more chance. He was hoping Wuya wouldn't know...or at least forget about the reversing effects of the amulet's power after hitting the mirror.

The unicorn zapped the mirror with all it's magical strength. causing the mirror to deflect the shot back at the unicorn and the amulet.

The amulet's aura changed from Red to blue. as it's power flew out of the amulet as an energy orb.

"Finallllyyyyy" Wuya cried as she darted towards the energy mass. Causing some sort of chain reaction.

everyone in the room stood in awe as Wuya's ghostly form began to reshape into a physical form.

Wuya stood, in her human form,snatching the amulet from the unicorn and putting it on, then throwing her hands up in mid air. Cackling like a mad woman "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAA-ahrm" she stopped for a moment "Ahh, there I go again, getting ahead of myself over such a little thing as getting my body back" Wuya chuckled as she snatched the mirror away from the diamond dog, and called out "Reversing Mirror" as she shot a huge blue orb of energy from her body back into the amulet around her neck. Making it glisten with magic, it's blue aura reverting back to red. "There we are...last thing I need is to be my own party pooper..ahrm..where was I?...ahh yes...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Wuya screamed in devilish laughter as she threw her hands up in the air again.

Jack winced and groaned. "Alright, alright you got your body back. Let Scoots go already"

"Hold on Jack, don't be so hasty. Now I have to laugh at you for not even pulling one dirty little trick. Not a bomb, an army of Jackbots, you didn't even think to trick me with a fake amulet or mirror...how...noble of you...heheheHAHAHAHAHAHA" She pointed and laughed at Jack, then noticed the diamond dogs not laughing with her. "LAUGH WITH ME YOU AIRHEADED DIMWITS! IT'S FUNNY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

The diamond dogs gulped and began chuckling nervously, they began to fear what they had actually gotten themselves into.

Jack turned to the side and looked down in shame. it was true, he didn't have any kind of backup plan. He went into it like a naive hero would. And Wuya was reveling in it.

"Hahahaha...hmmnn...But really Jack, I will honor our little trade.It's the least I can do after all" Wuya snapped her fingers. "Back off from the horses, boys. Let the little cretin have them."

Jack was angry with himself, half of him realized he just gave up the world for this. And yet, the other half was glad Wuya was complying...so far.

He walked past Wuya with a shameful scowl. Wuya herself just watching him pass with a insidious smile on her face.

He walked over to Scootaloo and knelt down "Don't worry Scoots, I'll get you out of this" He began to untie her, and then removed the hankerchief gag, and gave her a smile.

Unfortunately for him. She didn't return the gesture kindly. silently looking at him with fury and distaste.

"Scoots? Hey? What's the matter?" Jack began to feel nervous. Trying to retain his smile.

"....how could you" Scootaloo forced out, her words in a sobbish low tone as a tear drops from her eye.

"How could I what? come on, so I may have been a little late in rescuing you, sometime a he-"

"Don't, STOP!" Scootaloo backed away from him. "You liar! You tricked me..you tricked my friends! You're no hero! You're evil! Just like her!” Tears started to fall from her cheek.

"H-hey..w-where would you get an idea like that! come on Scoots..it's me Jack... Remember? your friend?" Jack was sweating bullets.

"Friend?! did you even ever really consider me your friend?...or...or was I just someone you thought you could control?...I can't..I Can't believe I fell for it!" Scootaloo leaned back against the wall, sobbing.

"S-scoots..come on..where would you even get an idea like that! Did Wuya lie to yo-" Suddenly Jack stopped, as he began to hear his voice ffom behind him. and the ponies’ voices too. multiple conversations going off at once.

His eyes grew wide as he turned to the side to see various holograms in the air. Wuya was standing there. her palm open as holograms flew out from it. She was giving Jack an evil grin, She had the spybot in her palm "Care to finish that sentence, Jack?"

"a...a...ah-ah" Jack was rendered speechless.

"Oh Jack, poor little insignificant Jack. You really should take better care of your toys. Leaving them around like that. Someone is just liable to happen upon them and take them for themselves. HA!" She crushed the spybot with her hand.

"You're both...EVIL MONSTERS!" Scootaloo yelled out in anger, she was furious.

"Oh I knooowww, isn't it great?" Wuya said as she checked her body to make sure everything was in place.

"Scoots...come on" Jack knew his cover was blown at this point, but he couldn't just let her walk away. He reached out to her "I didn't lie completely...I..I..really was going to have you by my side. We would be partners and-"

"Rule the world? Was that it? grrr! If you even thought I'd betray my friends, my family, my world for a monster like you then you're wrong! I've seen how bad guys act...I saw those stuff from that little robot...you would have betrayed me...I mean..if you just wanted me as your partner...then you were probably just going to betray my friends first right?" Scootaloo began sobbing.

"N-no..I kind of wanted them too..I jus-" Jack again is cut off

"Just what? JUST WHAT!? You know..forget it..Forget you! and." Scootaloo struggled and threw off her helipack "Forget this...I don't want it.I can't believe I was so stupid.....my first ever flight...and it was all because I got caught up by your lies..."

Jack, seeing her toss off the helipack, made his heart break. He couldn't let this happen "Scoots come on, I still rescued you right? Doesn't that count for something?...right?...Scoots?"

"It would if you weren't just STILL going to try the conquer Equestria...it's what you were going to do right?" Scootaloo gave him a scowl.

Jack stayed silent...he couldn't say a word.

"That's what I thought..." Scootaloo sniffed as tears flowed down. She was done. and made off for the exit. Keeping her eye on Wuya, hoping she wouldn't try to stop her.

Wuya only grinned at her, and waved "Ta-ta"

Jack couldn't say another word. he didn't even flinch when Wuya walked up to him and began to caress his hair. "Oh Jack, look at what a wreck you are. you look absolutely crushed. But you can't blame me. I had to show the little darling the truth about you before you arrived. Otherwise you'd just spirit her away again. After learning you were doing some good deeds such as providing that little pegasus with the gift of flight, I too felt the need to do a good deed and expose the truth. It's true what they say...the truth shall set you free. I feel much better about it, don't you?"

Jack just crumpled into a ball, silent.

Wuya took a step back from him and smirked "Ohhh Jack, what? No witty comeback? No evil pun? Not even going to take a swing at me? Who would have thought that losing your first true friend would hit you so hard? Then again...there were never any actual truth to it...was there? hehehehehe. Oh this was so worth it, if I was a dirty little slob I'd actually fill a cup with your tears and drink it to slate my thirst. But alas, I have things to do and no doubt that little brat went to warn her friends."

Wuya began commanding the Diamond Dogs. "Ok you Flea-bittin freaks! If you want more gems, then you will station yourself in the castle in the Everfree Forest. Except you four! We have a little cottage to go to. NOW MARCH!" Wuya commanded as she watched. She wanted to capture Fluttershy as one of her first moves. Separate one of them and they wouldn't be able to activate a power that could potentially stop her.

As the Diamond Dogs marched, Wuya took one last look at Jack "Don't feel too bad, Jack. At least I'm not throwing you in my new dungeon to rot. I like my cowering humans free range. HAHAHAHAHAHA" She cackled as she walked out with the diamond dogs.

Jack just laid there silent as the caves emptied.

after a few moments, the only noise was of Jack's sobbing...and the panic muffled yells of a tied up unicorn.

Jack went up to Scootaloo's helipack and latched on to it. He couldn't really be bothered to pay attention to the muffled cries of his panicked companion.

And there he laid. he sobbed, he whined. he thought about how he screwed up.

After a few hours. He finally noticed the muffled cries of the Unicorn and was getting annoyed "Hey! Can't you see I'm having a moment here!"

The unicorn began bouncing around, screaming. not the least bit tired, just trying to break free.

Jack sighed and got up and untied the unicorn. "There...geez, you probably could have used your magic to free yourself, you know"

The green minty unicorn said nothing and took to running in a panic. Making Jack the sole inhabitant. "....yeah well...You're welcome you st-....eh...I don't even feel like it"

Jack fell back to his position.

a day must have passed by now, maybe two. Jack had been sustaining himself on the few snacks he had packed in his own helipack.

He was in true pain. He was torn, he knew what he did was wrong. And yet, he still wanted to rule the world AND be Scootaloo's friend. But he knew he couldn't have both. He didn't even have a means to save it, even if he wanted to. He was too depressed. He was beaten.

"Gee Jack, it sure puts a frown on my face to see you so down" Said a voice, coming from Jack. It sounded eerily familiar.

"Scoots?" Jack slowly began to look behind him.

But it wasn't Scootaloo.....it was himself...It was...Good Jack. In the same well groomed hair, vest, and nice pants and shoes.

"oohhh noooo.....Have I gone crazy already?" he groaned and fell back to a slump. "I dunno how to make hallucinations go away...but go away"

"I can't!" good Jack was frowning, hurt to see his evil self so down "Not when you're in trouble like this!"

"You can, because you're a hallucination! The real you is sealed up in the Yin Yang world! So you can't possibly be him!" Jack turned to yell at him, to yell at what could possibly be himself...not his good self..just himself..

"Physically I may be gone, but you can never truly be rid of what has always existed inside you Jack. Isn't that great!?" Good Jack gave him a kind and creepy smile

"No! It's not! All you do is get in my way!" Jack yelled.

"I guess I do sometimes. But now is totally different. I'm here to help! I managed to get to you due to the friendship you built with that adorable little brown horsey!" Good Jack stated

"Yeah well, you came too late. She doesn't want to be friends with me anymore. I blew it. Not like it was real anyway, I was lying like no tomorrow" Jack frowned, and began to lay on the ground.

"ahh Jack, you gotta look at the bright side. Sure your lies caught up with you. Giving Wuya the chance to rule the world and crush your hopes and dreams at the same time" Good Jack raised his finger as he said this point.

"gee thanks, you're reaaallllyyy helping" Jack said sarcastically, turned away from Good Jack.

"Well...umm..I know that's bad. But the good thing is that your FEELINGS were true. You actually cared about her, you came here to rescue her, giving up the world. Why, I bet if she was always in danger, you'd always go to rescue her. Like the hero you told her you were!"

"Yeah, the hero I told her I was." Jack said sarcastically "I don't know if you realize this doofus, but I still want to conquer the world!...I..I just won't be getting a chance too now.."

"I figured. And, given the situation. I fully support that!" Good Jack said

"what?!" Jack turned towards his good self "Yeah right, my good half WOULD never support that."

"Normally I wouldn't...but you misunderstand. I didn't say WHICH world. I'd rather you not take over a world because that's a meanie mean thing to do. But, you only need one world right? Wouldn't ruling two be such a hassle?" Good Jack was trying to convince Jack, he had a plan

Jack mumbled as he began to think about it "...I guess. Keeping track of two conquered worlds would be annoying. I can't even handle a city really in one of those city simulator games...two worlds....eh...maybe...mnn..it would have been nice though"

"There see? So why not be the hero you made yourself out to be? Saving the world won’t...well..it could give you a lot of ouchies...but." Good Jack put his own hand to his chest "but you won't feel ouchies in here , where it counts."

"...mmnn.." Jack looked at Scootaloo's helipack "What about Scoots? she'll hate me forever no matter what I do..."

"Never say forever Jackarooni! All those happy moments, those were real. If you can just show her that you're willing to try. and tell her you're sorry. I bet everything will be a-ok!" Good Jack said, with confidence in his words.

Jack looked up at him "You really think so?"

Good Jack nodded "I know so!

Jack took another moment to think about it. Was he really willing to sacrifice any chance to take over two worlds? To actually go about being a hero in this one? Saving it from evil and tyranny? Giving up his evil ways for the ponies?...Not completely...but it was a start. He stood up, with newfound determination, "For Scoots..."

"And for everyone else right?" Good Jack asked

"Don't push it. You already got this far." Jack warned

Good Jack had a wide beaming smile on his face "good enough, it makes me feel all fuzzy wuzzy to see you like this!"

"yeah well don't get used to it. I'm only doing it for Scoots...that's it! Besides, we should be able to do it. Now that we got two Jacks" Jack said, his confidence building.

Good Jack again, nodded "I've got your back, always! I'll never let you down"

"I know you won't you creepy version of me..ahrm..anyway" Jack reeled back his hand for a high five "Go Team Jack!"

Good Jack also reeled back his hand "Go Team Jack!"

They both went for the high five, but Jack lost his footing the moment his hand went through Good Jack's hand. He fell right on his face.

Good Jack laughed nervously "O-oh yeah, I dunno if I mentioned this. But I'm only sorta here spiritually....not physically...I-I hope that isn't a problem..haha"

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