• Published 12th Nov 2017
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Jack Spicer's Quest to Conquer Equestria - CrazedLaughter

Jack Spicer and Wuya are teleported to Equestria after a fight with Omi and his friends. Jack, using his evil genius, plots a magnificent and fool proof plan to take over the new land he finds himself in. Also Wuya is there.

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Chapter 19 - Xiaolin Showdown! Flight to the Finish!

Jack immediately took off, catching Scootaloo offguard.

Scootaloo , confused but determined. Flies off after him.

Jack notices cloud rings along the sky, he figured that part of the race had to be to fly through the rings to the goalpoint.

Scootaloo was just doing her best to keep up., noticing that each ring of clouds that Jack flew through, began to glow and then dissipate. She began to figure as well that this is the path she also had to take. But she was still behind "Hey! Jack..come on, Wait up!"

Jack flipped around and flew backwards, giving an arrogant look to Scootaloo and calling back to her "Come on Scoots, it's a showdown! You can't expect me to slow down for you. You gotta do better than that if you wanna beat me!"

Scootaloo flitted and flapped her wings as hard as possible to make her helipack move faster. But she was having trouble catching up "But it isn't fair! You knew how to start!"

"Life ain't fair kid, that's something you gotta learn!" Jack called back. "Gotta roll with it"

Scootaloo took that a little too hard and gave a nasty look to Jack as she began to flap harder, making the helipack move faster.

Jack could see her speed increased, she was gaining on him. "You gotta do better than that!"

Scootaloo suddenly smirks as she turns and flies straight up.

Jack gets confused and calls out "What are you doing? Giving up already, huh?"

"No! Just getting in the lead!" Scootaloo calls back as she flies through a ring that was going straight up.

"lead....wha..huh?" Jack looks up, then turns ahead to see he had veered off course, and flies straight into a cloud.

He comes out of it with a seriously unamused look and a cloud beard and mustache "......"

Scootaloo was just giggling as she flew through a series of rings that weaved left and right. Jack flew back onto the course and started flying through the rings, doing his best to catch up. "grrr, I meant do that!"

Scootaloo was having too much fun to answer. With the big open skies. She was starting to do tricks and loop de loops. It was like an open skybox.

Jack took the opportunity to focus on catching up. Taking the challenge seriously enough to when he caught up with Scootaloo, he grabbed her hoof and flung her behind himself. Sending her into a horizontal spin.

"HEY! WHATS THE BIG IDEA?!" Scootaloo yelled as she tried to balance herself.

"It's a race! not a stunt show! Gotta do whatever you can to win! And I'm gonna tell you right now! I'm gonna win!" Jack made a taunting face at her and flew through the next set of rings.

Scootaloo managed to catch herself and zipped towards Jack like a missile. Trying her best to catch up again.

"Grrr, You're playing dirty, Jack!" Scootaloo cried out.

"Sometimes you just gotta play dirty.." Jack was reaching inside his coat for the snare gun. "KINDA LIKE THIS!" Jack did a quick spin and shot a net at Scootaloo.

Scootaloo saw the net coming at her, and dropped her altitude by stopping her wings, narrowly dodging the net. "Haha!"

"What the?...she dodged it...Nice...wait..I mean..HOW DID YOU DODGE THAT?!" Jack called to her in confused surprise.

"You shouldn't yell things out before you shoot something, you know? Makes it super obvious!" She said, flapping like a hummingbird to gain speed.

Jack could already see the victory golden yellow cloud. All he had to do was land on it and he was...well...golden "Yeah well! You still don't stand a chance! I'm about to win this thing!"

Scootaloo was thinking hard and fast. She thought maybe getting to at least his helipack and hitting it would secure her win. Since he was playing dirty, she wanted to try it too...But he was too far away.

Jack was already nearing the end, another moment and he'd seize victory.

Then Scootaloo realized something "Wait...I'm a pegasus...." then she grinned "And I know something a lot faster than the both of us..." Scootaloo began to veer off course.

Jack looked back and noticed she was moving away from the flight path "Giving up?"

Scootaloo flew up to a black looking cloud and just looked slyly at Jack. "Nope, just gonna "shock" you with my win!"

"Shock?" Jack was confused "Is that a joke? a Pun?...what do you mean by that? Because you can't possibly catch up now, you know."

"Don't need too! Hyah!" Scootaloo gave the cloud her best kick, sending out a lightning bolt. She wished deeply that her aim wasn't off.

It wasn't

"REGRFHTGSFHRTRTGRDGFGFDFGF" Jack yelled incoherently, convulsing in mid air.

"......." Jack was blackened by the bolt, his hair frizzled, and his helipack sputtering. His eyes circling around. He opened his mouth, letting out a puff of electrified smoke.

Scootaloo grinned, he was out of it. She zipped through the last of the rings and past him. And landed on the golden cloud. Causing all the other clouds to turn golden. "I WON!..right?"

She didn't know

The clouds began to converge and turn into the walls of the clubhouse.

Scootaloo found herself in front of a stunned, silent, electrified Jack as the Monkey Staff,Reversing Mirror, and Jack's rubber ducky sat in front of her. "...woah.....that.....was...soooooo..AWESOME! THAT WAS THE COOLEST THING I EVER SAW!" She jumped, amazed by the aesthetics of the showdown, and her victory.

Jack just fell forward, landing on his face. "..u-ugghh..."

Scootaloo noticed Jack's fall and stopped her victorious hops. Helping him up. "J-jack..a-are you ok?"

Jack just turned to her with a crooked smile "ahf curse appulbelleycoot, didn fheel ah sing...hey..whys ya gotsfree heds?"

"wha? Jack?" Scootaloo shook him a little "Jack! Equestria to Jack! Are you ok?!"

Jack could fully hear Scootaloo's cries and shook his head. making his vision clear and his senses come back to him "..woah..I feel like I just got hit by a lightning bolt."

Scootaloo chuckled nervously "Yeah...hehe, you sort of did. I'm-m sorry...I just got sort of angry and just..I really wanted to win."

Jack couldn't remember the results. He could see he was back in the clubhouse "...did you win?"

Scootaloo nodded "uh huh! I managed to pull out a desperation move...like...Like..wow! Like when a hero does when they are looking like they are about to bite the dust!" She gave Jack a sly smile "Jack....you weren't training me for that sorta thing...were you?"

"Was I?" Jack thought about this for a moment. He wanted her to try to win anyway she could, no matter what kind of dirty trick. But he didn't expect to actually lose. He might as well say what she wanted to hear. He liked seeing her happy, he still couldn't figure out exactly why "Yeah.... yeah..that was exactly what I was doing. And I gotta say, surpassed all of my expectations."

Scootaloo gave him a big smile "I guess you can say I "zapped" the Jack, huh?"

"ahrm..yeah..eheh" He looked away with a wince, he was happy to see her happy. But losing never sat well with him.

"And check out all this stuff I won.....though" She began to frown "I don't get to actually keep it huh?"

"Sorry Scoots, can't let you have em. They are pretty important to me" He grabs the staff and the Mirror.

Scootaloo puts the rubber ducky on the flat of her hoof and holds it up "I can at least keep this right? It's pretty cute!" she gives it a squeeze

Jack swipes it immediately "That's ESPECIALLY important to me....for things...and stuff."

Scootaloo frowned again, deeper than before. She thought she would be able to keep it for her collection she wanted to make. "...oh..ok"

Jack noticed her sadness from him taking the rubber ducky away from her. He looked at the rubber ducky. It had his eyes and tiny plastic goggles.

he growled and struggled internally with himself. sighed heavily, and turned away and shut his eyes as he held the rubber ducky to her "........fine..."

Scootaloo squeed and smiled as she took the Rubber Ducky and gave it a hug! "Thanks Jack! I could put this with all my Rainbow Dash Duckies...They c...ahrmm..." she realized what she was saying, it sounded nerdy. "...Thanks Jack"

"...yeah..yeah...mngh" there were tears in his eyes, he was looking away...but he was seriously going to miss that duck.

Suddenly, he felt something soft and snuggly hug onto him.

He turned, it was Scootaloo. Cuddling into him. She was overwhelmed. Even Rainbow Dash didn't hang out with her like this. The world was in danger, and he gives up his spare time for her.

Jack put his hand around her and gave her a little patting hug. He felt kind of glad he didn't take over the world yet. He was planning in his head to do it in the morning. Since it was getting kind of late.

"Jack, when it's all over. Are you gonna stay in Equestria?" Scootaloo looked into his eyes with oblivious faith.

"stay?" Jack had no intention to stay, he had to conquer earth after conquering Equestria "Maybe...I have to see to some stuff after I'm all done here."

"What kind of stuff?" Scootaloo was curious, staring intently into his eyes for his heroic answer

"....stuff" Jack didn't know how else to answer, and he was getting nervous about the line of questioning.

".....oookkk...." Scootaloo said with disappointment "bbuuuttt...If you need help with that "stuff". I'm always willing to help!" Scootaloo saluted to him.

"heh..I know you are Scoots. And don't worry. There's gonna be a day I'm really gonna need you. So, you better be up to it. There's no whiners in Team Jack!" Jack smirked at her

"Gotcha..oohhhh.I can't wait!" Scootaloo got excited again.

Jack looked outside. It was getting dark. "Speaking of waiting. It looks like it's getting dark..."

"wow..I didn't even notice" Scootaloo looked out the window "I gotta be getting home before everypony starts to worry!"

Jack just nods "Yeah...don't wanna make em worry..u-um Scoots..I got a question for you. Before you go" It seemed like he forgot something

Scootaloo stopped "What is it?" she asked

"I got a list here" He pulled out a list of food "For food...kinda need help with it. You got any of this stuff here?"

Scootaloo took a look. "Sorry Jack, we got some snacks and some food, and lots of apples thanks to being near the farm. But none of that stuff"

Jack couldn't wait too long. He didn't want Vinyl to turn to dust, and he was getting hungry himself. "Mind if I take......all of it?"

Scootaloo frowned "Sorry Jack, you can't have all of it...but" She gets a bag and puts a random assortment of food for him in it. More than enough. But not emptying their supply.

She brings it over to him and puts it down, using her face to nudge it towards him.

He picked it up and slung it around his back, thinking in the back of his mind “That stupid Unicorn better eat this. It's the best she's gonna get"

"So Jack, when DO we go after Wuya?" Scootaloo asked

"Tomorrow, I promise. Trust me, she ain't gonna know what hit her. So you better go home and get some sleep Scoots. You're gonna wanna be a part of this."

Scootaloo nodded and saluted "Yes sir! Jack Sir! You won't be sorry!"

With that, she bid her farewells...or almost. Jack needed help getting through the door again.

and with that, he went back to the castle. His final victory in sight...that'd he'd hold off til tomorrow. He was getting tired.

Upon arriving,He walked into the the room his prisoners were in first when he arrived. They were playing charades.

He didn't even say a word. He passed by them with a smile, leaving the bag of food next to Vinyl. He was happy. about the world's impending doom and the day he had with Scootaloo.

Spike, Scavengerbot, and Vinyl looked at eachother with worry.

"Is that normal?" Spike asked the Scavengerbot

"no, records indicate that he usually returns home annoyed, disillusioned...and cranky. It is possible that he had.....a good day" The robot said with no emotion

"Good day? so tell me robodude, what does that entail..exactly?" Vinyl asked as she magically pulled the bag over, disappointed she didn't get what she ordered.

"It is possible he is about to conquer the world.....or his mother has lifted his restrictions and punishment" The scavengerbot said

"...is...his mom even around here? I haven't seen her." Spike looked around the room.

"no..." the robot said

"....then.....that means....OH MY GOSH! WE'RE DOOMED! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! WE ARE ACTUALLY DOOMED! EVERYPONY PANIC! AHHHHH!" Spike began to scream and tussle around

Vinyl didn't do much but eat, she didn't feel like panicking when she felt all Jack was was a nuisance to her. All she had to say about it was "wow...what a downer."

Jack snuggled into his bed he made in his lab throne room. He could hear Spike's screams of terror. which only lulled him into a deep sleep. Tomorrow would be a good day for Jack. A good day indeed.

Jack dreamt of world domination, He was finally close to victory. He saw himself between two statues of himself. as he looked down from a giant technological castle at his slaves. Both human and pony. In the sky, he saw Scootaloo leading a robo-batallion to it's next battle.

He could even see Omi, his friends, and even others like Chase. in Chains, banging on rocks.

He had it all.

"Jaaaaaack.......ohhhhh Jaaaaaccckkk.." a Voice suddenly started calling to him.

He turned silently. "Hello? who's there?"

"Jaaaaaaaackkk...it's time to get uupppp" the voice called to him. as the world around him began to dim into blackness.

"Mom?..is that you? come on..I'm busy ruling the world here!" Jack exclaimed in brattish defiance.

"Mom?! You ignorant boob! It's me!" The voice called out in anger

"Who? Kimiko?...Because I gotta say...you sound really old and raspy...sorta like.." Jack opened his eyes, above him, floating above his bed with a malicious smile was..

"WUYA?!" Jack screamed in fear from the shock of her being above him and awakening. Making him fall out of bed and hit his face.

Wuya chuckled "I always get a kick out of that..."

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