• Published 12th Nov 2017
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Jack Spicer's Quest to Conquer Equestria - CrazedLaughter

Jack Spicer and Wuya are teleported to Equestria after a fight with Omi and his friends. Jack, using his evil genius, plots a magnificent and fool proof plan to take over the new land he finds himself in. Also Wuya is there.

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Chapter 22 - Breaking into Twilight's Castle... Again

Both Jacks made their way back to the surface. When they reached the outside, they looked upon the landscape from the barren, rock filled hills.

What they saw was not as the original Jack had left it.

The castle he was hiding himself in had become a giant stone tower visible from any position.the surrounding forest becoming a thicket of thorns and the plains had become a dried up husk. Wuya's rise had already began while he and Good Jack were in the cave sniveling.

However, there was still greenery outside of the dead ring of Wuya's influence.

Over at Ponyville, the green was still there. There was only dead vegetation at the border of the town farthest from Twilight's castle.

As for Twilight's castle itself. a Purple barrier was surrounding it.

"....boy, I thought a world of cute horsies wouldn't look so gloomy" Good Jack said as he surveyed the area.

"It's not that bad....it's kind of weird actually." Noted Jack, as he looked upon the sections untouched by Wuya's influence

"Weird?" Good Jack looked to Jack, confused

"ugh...use your brain! You have the same memories I do. Don't you notice anything odd?" Jack scolded good Jack

"ummmmmm" Good Jack looked around again "Well...golly, now that I think about it. The last time Wuya ruled the world. Everything was super gloomy and icky and full of badness"

"Exactly, which means Wuya ain't at full power. hmm...wonder why that is…?" Jack rubbed his chin, trying to figure it out.

"Does it have to do with that creepy amulet?" Good Jack inquired

"Nah.....Though, thinking about it. Wuya was having some problems getting used to this place before. I remember our first week here, she couldn't sense a single Wu. She could barely feel the Wu I had. She would have known right off the bat that I had the Reversing Mirror and yet, she never did..hmm" Jack then raised his finger the moment a light bulb went off in his head "EUREKA! I got it! She must not be used to how the magic works here."

Good Jack clapped "Good job Jack! That sounds super sensible! hurrah!"

Jack took a bow "Of course it is, it did come from me....but" Jack looked towards Twilight's castle "That only means we have a chance to stop Wuya. Since we don't have a puzzle box. The only way I can think of stopping her....is with some help." Jack took a deep breath "So, you mind talking to those chuckleheads? You know...to get them to help us?"

Good Jack frowned "Sorry Jack.....you're the only one who can see me....spiritually...remember?"

"ok....But you got some "Super Good Guy" advice on how to get an evil guy like me to talk them into an alliance...right?" Jack looked, getting nervous.

Good Jack smiled happily and threw his fist around "You betcha! Just go up to them with a warm, happy smile and tell them how sorry you are and that you want to help them save the world."

"Want me to get some flowers and chocolate too?" Jack gave his good self a creepily wide smile

"That sounds pr-" Good Jack gets cut off


"...a-actually..it's Applebloom" Good Jack corrected him in a softspoken voice.

Jack smacked his own face open palm and slid it down "...whatever...ok...we need an ACTUAL plan."

"I'll do the best I can to think of one!" Good Jack said with confidence.

".....ok...well, let's get to the castle at least. Maybe we'll have a plan by the time we get there.”

And so they went off to Ponyville.

Upon arrival, it was clear nobody was in the town. The streets were quiet..and empty. the buildings near the entrance already starting to fall apart.

"Gee...where is everypony?" Good Jack said

Jack looked at him, and sighed "Did you seriously say everypony? Do you know how stupid that sounds?"

Good Jack smiled at him "But Jack! When in Rome! Do what the romans do! and everypony does sound ever so cheerful!"

Jack started to tap his forehead, completely astounded. "I can't believe you were ever a part of me.....I seriously can't believe it."

"Everypony has a good side! And I'm yours! hehe" Good Jack giggled

"...Which is why I was happy to be rid o-...ahh..forget it.." Jack huffed, he didn't want to argue about it.

They arrived at the barrier surrounding Twilight’s castle. Jack gave it a knock. "...solid magic alright...any ideas how to get past it?"

"maybe it's a barrier that protects from evil...if you have pure, nice, cute thoughts. Maybe you could push through!" Good Jack suggested

Jack shrugged "Worth a shot....ok.....so what should I think about?"

"why don't you think of Scootaloo....She makes you the happiest, right?" Good Jack raised his point

"hmmmm...Well, if you suggested it..it must be good..alright..good thoughts...good thoughts.." Jack closed his eyes and began to think.

He thought of her face when she started flying around for the first time, she thought of her happiness during their talks, she thought of her excitement when she won the showdown "........."

Jack started to step back, silent, a sense of seriousness written across his face. "....."

"Scootaloo...You were my only real friend...." Jack muttered

Good Jack smiled "I'm your friend too right?"

"No...SHUT UP...trying to concentrate...where was I....right....you were my only real friend, and I screwed up...I promise...some way...some how. I'll make it up to you....and...ngh.....save the world...I guess..."

Jack looked at the barrier, and charged it with these thoughts in mind "I'M COMING THROUGH!"

"GO JACK GO!" Good Jack cheered!

"I think it's gonna work! I THINK ITS GO-OOMPH" Jack crashes into the barrier and falls backwards onto his back.

".......or it could be a normal kind of barrier that keeps everything out...ehehe..." Good Jack chuckled nervously.

Jack just laid there, looking at the gloomy sky. "Great....that didn't work..any more bright ideas genius?"

Good Jack again began to think "Well...let's see...what if we dig super deep and pop out from the inside like a mole?...is that good?"

"We don't have any digging tools. I don't even have enough scrap to make...wait..." Jack stopped and looked over at the town. "We got a whole town to plunder for scrap! I can make a drilling machine in no time! HAHAHA...Jack, You're a genius!"

Good Jack smiled "Right back at ya Jack, If I could..I'd give you a big ole hug!"

"Save it...start looking through the houses for anything I can use so we can save some time. I'll pick up what I can, and you tell me where I can find more. We gotta be as quick as possible...got it?" Jack said

Good Jack nodded "got it!"

And so they went. collecting items around the town to make a drilling machine. It actually didn't take them too long. Good Jack was starting to feel bad they were taking the ponys' things to make it. But if Wuya won, she'd probably destroy everything anyway.

After enough was acquired. Jack went to work to making a drilling add on to his helipack. Wuya's influence was slowly encroaching onto the town. But wasn't anywhere close to the castle yet. "Ok...it's a little hasty...but it'll do...Follow me!"

Jack activated the drill and went deep down into the earth. he went deep enough to where the barrier wasn't seeping through. and went forward and up to the other side.

He broke through to the surface and cackled "Stupid barrier! No way you're getting the best of Jack Spicer!"

"Bravo! Bravo!" Good Jack clapped, already on the other side himself.

Jack looked at him in amazement "HOW DID?! WHAT?! HOW...HOW DID YOU GET THROUGH SO FAST?!"

Good Jack shrugged "I...just walked.."

Jack covered his face, realizing his own foolishness "..spiritual...right...ok then...make yourself useful and get in there and tell me where the princess is. She's the one I gotta talk to."

"Righty-o!" Good Jack saluted as he turned and ran through the castle doors.

Jack stood silently waiting for his good half. He was trying to think better thoughts and keep his patience. If he was going to do this, he had to hold back as much of his evil tendencies as possible.

After some time, Good Jack walked back through the doors. "Hi!"

"Don't "Hi!" m-... I mean...uhm..How's it lookin in there?" Jack took a breath, keeping his patience.

"Well.....I think all the townsponies are being kept in there for their safety. The princess is at the top...Her horn is all glowy. It looks pretty bad. I heard her talking that one of her friends went to some other kingdoms to get help. and two others are looking for a friend that never made it. The only one with her is a pink one, trying to keep her spirits up....I wish I could help too." Good Jack made a long face, he didn't like the situation at all.

Jack mustered up some empathy, the best he could "I see...well, that's why we're here. We're going to help them out and save the world...then at one point, conquer our world...but for now...we save this one..yeah...That sounds like what a good guy would say...right?" Jack smiled a half crooked smile

"umm..close...but..well" Good Jack gave a thumbs up "At least you're giving it your best!"

Jack narrowed his eyes at his good self, not very happy that his response wasn't "It's perfect!" But...there was nothing he could do about it. "Ok...so what should we do now?"

"I think we should follow what your heart thinks! The heart always knows" Good Jack said

".......My heart is telling me that it wants to burn you for making that comment" Jack gave a look of disgust

".....Well...um...I don't think that would help us....So...umm..try to think more positive...and with less arson" Good Jack chuckled nervously

Jack wanted to make another mean comment. But he held back "....ok..I'll try that. Anyway, since I doubt she wouldn't be happy to see me anyway. I say we just fly up to the top and go through her window. How does that sound?"

"ummm...Won't she be mad that you're barging in?" Good Jack stated

"Not like knocking would be any better...We gotta force ourselves in....for the good of things." Jack took a deep breath and prepared for flight "It's the only way"

"If it's what your heart is telling you! Then I'll follow you! I trust you ! I know you can make it work!" Good Jack said, as he began to float upwards

Jack simply nodded as he flew up, asking his other self what window he should fly through.

Good Jack pointed to the highest one. Jack nodded, and flew right to the side of the window and peered inside.

Twilight was there, upset. Pinkie trying to console her. It seemed she was worried about Fluttershy suddenly going missing. Worried about the castle suddenly springing up. And wishing she could do something more than hold up a barrier. Pinkie telling her she's doing the right thing, protecting the ponies of Ponyville and that Applejack or Rarity would find Fluttershy soon. That she probably got caught up trying to evacuate the animals.

Jack took a deep breath. "here we go...at least she can't blast me...wooo..ok"

Jack flew through the window, Good Jack following. And landed just out of range of a bucking from Pinkie Pie should things get violent. "Heya!...how's it going..haha.." Jack waved weakly.

"YOU!?" Twilight called out in angered surprise, she immediately entered a battle ready pose "YOU'RE THE ONE WHO TOOK FLUTTERSHY. AREN'T YOU?! HOW DID YOU-"

Pinkie gave a hug to Twilight and nuzzled her "Calm down Twilight, remember...you gotta focus...let me handle this, ok?"

Twilight growled, but calmed down. she had to keep focus on the barrier. She stepped back as far away as Jack as possible. Keeping both eyes on him.


"WOAH!" Jack stepped back covering his face and nether regions! "IT WASN'T ME I SWEAR! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME! I CAME TO HELP!"

"Came to help, huh! Yeah right! Scootaloo already told us how you were leading her down the road of eeeviiilllll! You lied to her! So how are we supposed to trust you now? huh! huh! If you even come close to Twilight..so help me!..I'll..I'll..." Suddenly she pulled her party cannon close "I'll actually shoot a cannonball out of this thing!" She was huffing in deep anger "Why don't you just confess now?! Tell us what you're planning! and Maybe...just maybe..I won't blast you!"

Jack got on his knees, he would do anything to get her to believe him at this point. "Please! Please! Don't hurt me! I mean it! What do I have to do to prove it!?"

Twilight stepped up, but still kept her distance. Her horn lit up like a lightbulb from keeping the barrier up "You take one of my best friends! You attack my home...TWICE! And you come here expecting us to just trust you? no...Pinkie..Blast him!" Twilight didn't want to listen to him anymore, she looked like she was going berserk.

"What? Really...that's kinda dark..isn't it Twilight...that's not really what a princess of friendship would say, I think?" Pinkie said

"Really? Weren't you going to blast him anyway?! Just do it!...I..." Twilight sighed "He's pure evil...even trying to take fillies under him..I don't see how we can trust him. If it's a trap, then the ponies of Ponyville could suffer because I decided to trust him."

"...o-ok....But..umm...Which Jack should I blast? There's two of them...I think the other one is a creepy robot..though..I gotta admit..he has a really genuine smile!" Pinkie aimed her party cannon at the original Jack

Both Jack and Twilight said in surprise "Which Jack?!"

Pinkie was looking down a iron sight that flipped up at the end of her cannon "Yeah, there's two of em!"

"You can see me?" Good Jack pointed to himself, in wonderment

Pinkie nodded "Of course I can, you're standing right there!"

Twilight was trying to see what Pinkie was seeing "Pinkie....there's only one Jack. Who are you even talking to?"

Pinkie pointed towards Good Jack "Him! Don't you see him?"

"...noooo....Pinkie..are you ok?" Twilight was reaaallly trying..thinking maybe it was cloaked somehow.

Jack looked towards Pinkie and pointed towards his good self "you can see him?"

Pinkie nodded "mhmm! which is weird...he looks like you...but he looks...so nice. It's bizarre"

Twilight put her hoof to her face "Ok what's going on?...what are you both looking at, exactly?"

Jack took bit into this opportunity hard like it was candy. Maybe he couldn't convince them. But his half that is pure good should be able to do it no problem. At least someone else could see him! He ran over to his good side in a cowardly shuffle "Ok Ok! If you could see him, then you gotta know. He's my good side...100% good and trustworthy!"

Pinkie inched up to his good self, and gave him a good hard stare "If you're really good...then...what's a good number?"

Good Jack leaned down and gave her a happy smile "All numbers are good! Everypony should know that!"

"wow! not even Wuya got that right!" Pinkie turned to Twilight and waved "We can trust him! He got the right answer!"

"Who got the right answer?! wh-. Do you really expect me to believe there's somepony else in this room?" Twilight said, skeptical of the whole thing.

After a little consideration. Pinkie came up with a way to prove it by politely asking Twilight to hold something out of view and let her guess what it is. The only way she'd know is if Good Jack told her. Proving he was there. Pinkie also kept her cannon trained on Jack. Not actually trusting him.Twilight hid a picture of her and spike close to her out of Pinkie and Jack's view. Good Jack floated over and told Pinkie what she was holding, even remarking some small marks on the frame from Twilight's tears. Pinkie took the guess, and got it right. Twilight couldn't accept it, and demanded every detail of what she was holding. Which, with the help of Good Jack. She was able to get down to every last detail. Finally...Twilight was starting to believe.

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