• Published 12th Nov 2017
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Jack Spicer's Quest to Conquer Equestria - CrazedLaughter

Jack Spicer and Wuya are teleported to Equestria after a fight with Omi and his friends. Jack, using his evil genius, plots a magnificent and fool proof plan to take over the new land he finds himself in. Also Wuya is there.

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Chapter 24 - A Heart to Heart with Twilight

"Ok...let's go over it one more time. I'm going to distract Wuya, basically playing the...er..."Foolish good guy". Your team is going to drill in from the bottom and work your way to the top. Pinkie is going to distract her from the inside, and you're going to snatch the amulet..right?" Twilight was making sure she understood everything

Jack nodded"Right, without the amulet. Wuya should go back to being her stupid ghostly self. It's the only thing that should be holding her together."

"Right...I know about those Wu things you had. The mirror itself was actually quite amazing. Reflecting my magic back like it was nothing. I also know about the staff that can change your form. So then, what item do you have to get the amulet then? I'm actually really intrigued, given the amulet's properties." Twilight looked to Jack with curiousness in her eyes.

"What are you talking about?...I'm just gonna yank it off of her like I would candy from a baby....It's actually a little harder than they say, but I can still do it." Jack stated, unknowing of the miscalculation he made.

"...You're joking right?" Twilight just realized Jack didn't have a very pertinent piece of information on the Alicorn Amulet.

"What, about taking candy? No, It really is sorta tough. Some babies have a really good grip on them." Jack said, feeling a small amount of shame in admitting it.

"NOT THAT! ON CELESTIA'S NAME! PLEASE TELL ME YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN'T JUST TAKE THE AMULET BY FORCE. PLEASE TELL ME YOU ACTUALLY HAVE A WAY OF TAKING IT!" Twilight suddenly bursted in anger. And why not? The situation was looking grim, and Wuya sounded more powerful than even the likes of Tirek.

"Geez, you don't have to yell. You act like yanking an amulet off is THAT hard. If she's thoroughly distracted then it'll be as-"

Suddenly Twilight interjected, it seems he didn't know.

"Jack....the amulet just can't be "Taken off". The one wearing it has to take it off of their own free will. I thought you had one of those magical items that might have rectified that problem" Twilight was getting nervous. The plan had a huge hitch.

"...oh...umm.." Jack had nothing "Well...we might be sort of doomed then...hehe..Unless you have...maybe something that can get it off?" Jack was getting nervous. He thought it'd be simple

"....no" Twilight narrowed her eyes at him, in disbelief he'd miss such an important detail.

"oh..well, that's ok then........." Jack stood silently for a moment. Then entered a panic "WE'RE ALL DOOMED!!! AHHHHHHH! THERE'S NO WAY WE CAN WIN! AHHHHHH!" Jack started running around the room in a panic, causing Pinkie to join in.

Good Jack sighed "So much negativity....Well...I'm just as smart as Jack. Maybe my noggin can come up with something...hmmm..let's see..." Good Jack sat and began to think.

"Pinkie..er..Jack..Pinkie..please..Jack...please..stop..stop...STOOOOOOP!" Twilight roared "THIS IS NO TIME TO PANIC!"

They both stopped, but Jack simply ran up to Twilight, fear in his eyes "IT'S THE PERFECT TIME TO PANIC! WE'RE ALL GONNA BE BLASTED TO SMITHEREENS HERE!"

Twilight tried to focus on her patience, to not lose her cool again. "..well..maybe" she gritted her teeth "If somepony didn't go around hurting others and taking things that aren't there's. This wouldn't have happened in the first place!"


"...EUREKA! I GOT IT!" Good Jack raised his finger "We can't take the amulet from her! But there is a way she can still lose it! and that would be a Xiaolin Showdown! It's perfect!"

Jack stopped his yelling to look at his good self "Are you stupid? or just blind. We can't just challenge her to a showdown. We would need something she'd want. And she has everything she needs! I don't understand how any version of me can't see how doomed we are right now!" Jack whined

"Don't be so pessimistic! You gotta think positive! You may not have anything she needs. But we already know magical items here resonate with the Shen Gong Wu. And Wuya, as crafty as she is, still has no way of getting out of this world. And I dunno, your memories are also my memories at this point Jack ole buddy. And I don't remember Wuya taking a shine to this place." Good Jack was seemingly on to something, something Jack himself couldn't see.

"What's your point? That's just going to make her burn anything and everything then. Making everything even more painful and deathy and horrible!" Jack saw no more hope.

"Come on Jack. Don't you remember a mention of a certain comic book?" Good Jack was trying to get him to realize they might have something Wuya would want.

".....sorta" Jack rubbed his chin. "I remember something like that...WAIT!..WAIT! I DO REMEMBER! I SEE WHAT YOUR SAYING!WE CA-"

Twilight was confused to the highest level. Not being able to hear both sides of the conversation.
Pinkie however cuts off Jack. Realizing as well what Good Jack was getting at."WE CAN CHALLENGE HER TO A SHOWDOWN FOR THE COMIC. SINCE SHE MIGHT BE ABLE TO DO SOME CREEPY MAGIC STUFF TO NOT ONLY OPEN UP A PORTAL TO HER WORLD THROUGH IT! BUT ALL WORLDS! LETTING HER HAVE THE POSSIBILITY OF GAINING INFINITE POWER!...am I right other Jack?" Pinkie looked to him with a happy, confident smile.

"That's right Pinkie Pie! Wow, you're cute AND smart. I wish I could make macaroni art with you RIGHT NOW!" Good Jack said in infinite glee

"That sounds great! You're super nice too Good Jack. I'd throw you a party even if all the other guests couldn't see you! They'd still know about you and how nice you are" Pinkie said, with a mirthful giggle
"gee, that sounds swell" Good Jack said in a dreamy way

"..ugh...I was about to say that too you know" Jack crossed his arms and looked away, then slightly tilted his head towards Pinkie "I'd be invited too right?"

"Only if you were on your bestest best behavior! No evil stuff!” Pinkie said.

"..can..somepony tell me what's going on...please?" Twilight was very lost.

"...isn't it obvious? Look..let me explain. a Xiaolin Showdown isn't some illusion. It's for real and..." Jack explained the plan to Twilight the best he could, and how showdowns worked. "...basically, Wuya wouldn't want to be stuck here for too long. And she has a way with magic. Knowing her, she'd find a way to use that comic book thing to open up a multiversal portal."

"....I see. That might work...but...it only sounds like a chance. From what you just said. If we lose. We lose the comic book. and...well..everything from that point. Is it really worth the risk?" Twilight was unsure

"...It's better than nothing. Wuya at full power and with no puzzle box. She's going to be unstoppable. No doubts about it" Jack punched his fist into his other hand "That's why we gotta do it now while she's weakest. Otherwise she'll just decimate us in the showdown. That's why we need a good challenge, something someone could definitely beat Wuya in."

"In that case. Let's just wait for Applejack and Rarity. If the challenge itself is important. Than we will need all the input we can get on choosing just the right one." Twilight turned to Pinkie "Pinkie Pie, can you go get the comic book please?"

Pinkie saluted "righty-o! Come on other Jack, I'll show ya around!"

Good Jack smiled and followed Pinkie "Yay! I like princess castles! They are always soooooooo adorable!"

They left

Jack found a seat and silently looked at Twilight.

Twilight just stood there, silently looking at him.

".........Can I ask you something...Jack?" Twilight said, there was still something bothering her.

"yeah. I don't see why not. We're partners now" Jack said as he began to slowly look around the room.

"It's about Scootaloo....Why? Why did you lead her on like that? I want to know, and don't lie to me. I just want the full and honest truth. None of that "evil" stuff." Twilight, had to know. The hurt in Scootaloo was more than what she saw in Sweetie Belle and Applebloom when they found out.

"Why?...come on, don't ask me that. I already screwed up already. Can't you just accept I did it for evil?" Jack sighed, he wasn't exactly in the mood.

"no...because then you wouldn't have went to save her. I don't really get what's going on with this "good and evil" versions. But I do understand that you had more of a reason than some evil plan. Just tell me what it is, nopony else has to know."

"Yeah...no, You're not my psychiatrist.....not like I have had any or anything....ahrm" Jack looked away, giving a small cough.

"Then how about we call it even for taking one of my best friends? Twilight tried another route

"Dream on! I feel no guilt taking that smug reptile. Especially after he just decided to just loaf around and eat gems all day." Jack retorted

"So? You still took him!" Twilight was curious, she wanted to learn more about her out of world partner since he was currently on their side. And didn't seem to be plotting anything. If only he'd budge. She was getting annoyed with his persistent resistance.

"..fine..whatever..one question. But only to call it squaresies" Jack sighed, rubbing his temple. annoyed he even is going along with it at all.

"..ok..hrmm" Twilight thought carefully. She needed a question that encompassed everything she needed to know. "....Why did you bond with Scootaloo the most? What made her more important to you than Applebloom or Sweetie Belle. From my understanding, you treated her more like your friend than some evil protege.You even gave her the ability to fly...using one of your contraptions no doubt. You didn't need to do that if you wanted her to be in some evil scheme."

"....." Jack turned away

Twilight stomped her hoof "Don't turn away from me! We had a deal."

"...tch...fine. You wanna know? You really want the truth?" Jack looked at her angrily. Waiting for a response.

"Yes..I'd like the truth." Twilight nodded, intimidated by his resistant attitude.

"It's because she actually looked up to me. She genuinely wanted to be around me. She didn't even complain when I gave her her own helipack. She actually liked it. She used it..I don't think she ever even took it off.I've hung around with all kinds of mooks, backstabbers, even my own enemies...and a bird...and a robot version of myself....and out of all of them. She actually cared about me. I thought that might mean I could get her on my side as a general in my future evil army." Jack explained

"But you lied to her, Jack. You were telling her you were a hero...when you were a villain all along." Twilight said

"Yeah, I know that!" Jack snapped "How do you think she would have reacted if she knew I was a villain? I'm not a good guy, princess. I hate that stuff. But I made a friend. And I guess...well..ugh...can't believe I'm gonna say this...I blame him really" Jack sighed, tapping at his forehead as he thought of his good self "everyone needs a friend...ugh..I can't believe I just said that"

"I actually agree with that Jack. Everypony does need a friend. But it shouldn't be based on lies. Do you really enjoy being evil?" Twilight was curious, as she had managed to get him to open up. He seemed to have forgotten the deal.

"Of course I do, it's always been my dream to rule the world. I get a kick out of.." Jack stopped himself, realizing she'd probably not like his full answer "Ok look, I'm willing to let bygones be bygones and not lift a finger in trying to rule this world. I want to save it. And I want to know I at least can have one friend...one genuine friend like a good guy would....just to know what it's like." Jack looked up and took in a deep breath "Before you say it...yes, I'm willing to be a good guy...in this world only....for Scoots. You can accept that much right? Because that's the best you're gonna get from me."

Twilight nodded, that was sufficient enough for her. It was at least a good start. "Ok...I understand. I would also guess you'd want to talk to Scootaloo too right? To try to fix your friendship?"

Jack's annoyance dropped in an instant. Those words... "...You'd let me do that?"

Twilight nodded "I would, friendship is magic after all. But...you have to promise to be honest. You have to be genuine and good...at least as good as you can get....And don't try to convert her to evil.."

Jack nodded "Ok...I can work with that...so...can I talk with her now? and Applebloom and Sweetie Belle? I kind...I...ngh" It hurt him to say it "I..I want to apologize to them too"

Twilight again nodded "You can...but....not right now. We need to fully iron out the plan with Rarity and Applejack. Before we leave, I'll let you talk to them......from the way things sound. We might not come out of this one if we screw up..." Twilight frowned, it wasn't a pleasant thought.

"....ok..T-thank you...I guess...mnn" Jack crossed his arms.

Now it was time for Pinkie and good jack to come back with the comic.and Rarity and Applejack to show back up.

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