• Published 12th Nov 2017
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Jack Spicer's Quest to Conquer Equestria - CrazedLaughter

Jack Spicer and Wuya are teleported to Equestria after a fight with Omi and his friends. Jack, using his evil genius, plots a magnificent and fool proof plan to take over the new land he finds himself in. Also Wuya is there.

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Chapter 6 - Wuya's Return

The morning sun rises

Above the castle of Twilight Sparkle, a magical force of purple energy begins to swirl above. Eventually coming together to reform the ghastly wisp known as Wuya.

The now reformed Ghost Wuya looks around. Only to see that Jack has not only gone missing. But the sun was rising. She had just returned to a conscious state while still believing she was in her previous angered moment.

"How long was I out?..grr, darn it Jack. I don't even have blood pressure and somehow you still make me pop some sort of ethereal vein." Wuya said as she shook her tendrils in rage

Wuya tries to see if any trail was left from atop the castle as to where he may have gone. But no dice, other than a few grimy slide marks. "Little fool must have fallen. Maybe looking at his broken form will cheer me up."

Wuya flew down to where he would have fallen, but no Jack
She sighed "Great, the little ingrate really did leave. Probably thinks he can take over this world without me. Didn't even bother to see if I was ok at all. They weren't kidding when they said chivalry was dead, even among your own team...mmm?"
Wuya noticed a shiny little object crawling around. It looked like a bug but it was actually... "Ahaaa...One of Jack's little spybots. The cretin must have left it here to do some extra....no, what am I saying. He probably left it behind."

Wuya flew up to the spy bot and greeted it "Hello little spybot, would you have any information that might prove useful to me?"

The spybot just shuffled around

"I'm trying to be polite ,you know" Wuya said

The spybot said nothing

"...you can't talk, can you?" Wuya realized

The spybot just made a simple gesture with it's spider like legs

"Jack really needs to redesign this thing. How am I supposed to get any of it's information without any of his stupid hardware?" Wuya inquired
The Spybot responded to her words and provided holographic screens of not only Jack's reconnaissance. But what had occurred last night. And what Wuya saw fueled her ever present rage.

"THAT IDIOT HAD THE REVERSING MIRROR THE WHOLE TIME?! WAIT...HE DOESN'T HAVE THE SERPENT'S TAIL..THAT IDIOT!...THAT FOOL...THAT REPROBATE!!..I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW...GGGHHNNGGH.....ggnnh.." Wuya did her best to calm down "Get a grip Wuya, you have more important things to deal with than the stupidity of a mortal"

Wuya continued to watch the holoscreens. Seeing Jack easily defeat Twilight with a dirty tactic and rushing off with Spike. But it ends there. "hmmm, It seems Jack plans to really try to do things without me. Very well, it looks like I will have to even the playing field. But how..?”

after a few moments, it hit Wuya. "hahaha! of course. Evening the playing is EXACTLY what I should do. If Jack is going to replace me with that slobbering beast. Then who's to say I can't replace the slobbering beast to that poor, innocent...dimwit of a princess. Jack doesn't realize that I can still sense Shen Gong Wu of our world. But I will have to be careful. I will have to try to steer this towards that artifact I had heard about...that Alicorn Amulet. It's evil magic might be enough to infuse this ghostly form of mine back to my beautiful self."

Wuya sighed "Well...time to put on a smile and...ugh.....be good. How nauseating"

Wuya flew into the Castle, making sure to stay hidden so she could show herself at the most opportune time.

through her flight, she finally happened upon Twilight. who was just awakening from her stunned unconsciousness. Never being hit with her own magic before, it must have hit her harder than she thought.

"ngh..Spike..don..don't...SPIKE?!" Twilight looked around "SPIKE!..OH NO!"

She picked herself up and started calling for him, but no answer "Oh no...that thing..he really took Spike. How could I be so stupid as to get hit by my own spell. I've never seen a spell deflected so quickly and easily before..how did he..."

"How did he deflect it? Easy my dear Princess, the being that took your dragon used a magical item called a Shen Gong Wu. The Reversing Mirror to be exact. Able to deflect or reverse anything that comes in contact with it. I apologize that I could not arrive sooner to try to warn you of his attack. You have my sincerest apologies" Wuya's voice filled the room

Twilight stood at the ready, she wasn't about to get beat twice. She never expected strange beings to just infiltrate her home so easily. "Who's there?! Show yourself!"

Wuya slowly appeared through a wall, giving an almost eerie smile "Calm yourself Princess, I can understand you being on high alert. But I mean you no harm. I have only come to seek your aid...although..it seems you might need mine as well. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the benevolent witch of love and friendship, Wuya" Wuya could almost feel some sort of ectoplasmic puke build up in her as she said that.

"Benevolent Witch? I'm sorry, I've never heard of you before" Twilight was trying to be cautious, but she wasn't about to show any actual aggression towards a being of goodness.

"as you shouldn't have. I have lived in secret for centuries.Keeping balance in many worlds. or at least...I did" Wuya did her best to sound upset and hurt

Twilight started to walk up to her, concerned on what she meant. "what do you mean? What happened?"

"An evil being known as Jack Spicer came and attacked me in my home. He stole the powerful Shen Gong Wu I possessed and removed me from my power, my body. And left me in this ghost form.I haven't been able to stop him since he did this to me. All I could do is watch as he destroyed my home and enslaved my people...Now he plans to take over all of Equestria"

Twilight was surprised, and felt empathetic towards Wuya's false plight. "I'm sorry Wuya, had I known. I would have done something sooner. I didn't even know a being like that was terrorizing Equestria...I guess that's why I failed to protect Spike...one of my best friends..."

Wuya flew closer and gave her a cheery smile but it came out creepy and sharp toothed "Do not beat yourself up, Princess.You were a victim the same as I. Jack Spicer is a very intelligent, cunning, and evil being who thinks of nothing but ruining the land with his tyranny"

"No, I let Spike down...I don't even know why he would take him." Twilight was falling more and more into distress. She couldn't come up with a single reason as to why someone would kidnap her companion.

"It is simply for the fact that he is a dragon capable of locating magical artifacts. Jack is going to use him to gain as much power as possible." Wuya explained

"But that can't be right. Spike can't do that. In fact, I don't think any dragon has that kind of ability." Twilight said

"......he can't?" Wuya now just realized she had made a miscalculation, though. One she didn't need to concern herself with now that she knew and Jack didn’t.

Twilight shook her head "no, I don't know where anypony would get an idea like that"

"yes...I have no idea...either..ahrm..But Jack doesn't realize that. So it will give us some time to save your friend. Something I can help you with." Wuya smile became more vicious as she closed in to making an "alliance" .

"you can? You know where he is?" Twilight was already ready to go, all she needed was a location.

Wuya shook her head "Not at the moment my dear. But the artifacts he stole from me are linked to me in such a way that I can sense them once they are activated. He need only use one of them at any time and I'll know exactly where he is. I'll be happy to help you in your endeavor anyway I can."

Twilight smiled happily, she now had a way to locate her friend quickly. But she now had someone who has dealt with this new evil before. She could create a proper plan of attack. "Thank you Wuya, any help I can get is greatly appreciated. And I promise I will do whatever I can do get your body back."

Wuya's smile became that of pure evil, but she was doing her darndest to keep it of good intent "I'm glad to have your support as well Princess Twilight. In fact, I already have an idea of going about doing that."

"Whatever it is, you have it on my honor and on my word that I will support you one hundred percent" Twilight was 100% committed to this. Anyone with this much insight and having suffered as she has cannot be evil.
"Ahh good good. For now, we must wait until Jack uses his Shen Gong Wu. then I'll know exactly where he is." Wuya said

"mmnn" Twilight didn't want to wait, but she didn't want to waste time chasing down what could be nothing. "How will you know he'll use one, wouldn't he keep himself from using it if you were searching for him?"

"oh erm...Jack has a tendency to use Shen Gong Wu quite often..." Wuya started to fake cry "he...insults me whenever we meet because he knows I cannot do anything to stop him. Always bringing up the fact of how worthless I am."

"hmm, given my only encounter with him. It sounds like something he'd do. Alright then, I need to tell my friends what happened. With all six of us. We should be able to bring down Jack when he shows himself....Don't worry Spike, I'm coming." Twilight started to walk toward her castle doors.

Wuya followed "That sounds like a good plan Princess, I would also love to meet these friends of yours. Being the benevolent witch that I am. I always LOVE making new friends. eheh."

Twilight gave her a smile "I'm sure they'd love to meet you too. Especially Pinkie, she can be pretty erratic. But you can bet that whenever you're down that she will always bring you back up guaranteed."

"Yes, hehe...that sounds lovely" Wuya said that, but internally she was cursing herself for not realizing how goody two shoes these ponies really were. Luckily for her, or so she believes. the more good they are, the more they will honor their word.

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