• Published 12th Nov 2017
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Jack Spicer's Quest to Conquer Equestria - CrazedLaughter

Jack Spicer and Wuya are teleported to Equestria after a fight with Omi and his friends. Jack, using his evil genius, plots a magnificent and fool proof plan to take over the new land he finds himself in. Also Wuya is there.

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Chapter 7 - Jack Has Got His Scrap

Meanwhile, at the Sweet Apple Acres

"Woah, I'm impressed." Jack said with a wide smile as he looked upon a large pile of junk and metal inside the barn.

"It twern't nothing. all the townsfolk always have one thing or another lying around. And if it's to save Equestria, then we had to do our very best for the namesake of being Cutie Mark Crusaders!" Applebloom said with pride. Happy to know she and her friends did a good job.

Jack was ecstatic, he finally had a set of minions who, in his eyes, could do him no wrong. Plus, it looked like enough to make a good number of Jackbots. He figured he could even build a few scavenger models to bring him more scrap. He turned around and gave Applebloom a hug "Good work, Applezoom!"

"no problem..but umm..my name is Applebloom, not Applezoom" She said, half heartedly hugging him. She didn't appreciate him forgetting her name like that.

"Right....say, where are your pals?" he said as he put her down

"It's still mornin, the're probably still gettin' up" Applebloom said as she took a whiff, smelling something terrible. "Ummm...mister Jack...you sorta smell funny."

"oh..yeah..it's just some...new shampoo i've been using, haha" He wasn't about to tell her his head got drenched in his own piss.

"oh" Applebloom rubbed the back of her head with her hoof, trying to put her next words delicately."maaayyybbbeeeee, you should get a new brand. you sort of smell like like a rotten apple."

Jack winced as he inspected the scrap, he tried to ignore it as he stay focused on the next step of his plan. "now all I gotta do is get these to the castle" he began to ponder how he was going to do that without making it obvious or getting caught. He stood there, for minutes.

Applebloom was getting uncomfortable "Is somethin wrong?"

"Nothing I can't solve...." except he couldn't solve it "But, if I were to hypothetically ask you how'd you get all this stuff out of here without anyone noticing. how would you go about doing it?"

Applebloom began to think. She knew for the sake of Equestria that she had to keep it all a secret. However, at the moment. She couldn't think straight "...ummm..Mister Jack, I'm getting a little woozy"

Jack yawned "Yeah, it is still a little early. But evil never sleeps!....I mean the evil were dealing with, not me...I'm not evil...like at all"

"Oh I know. But that's not why ahm feeling woozy." Applebloom said

"Then what's the problem?" Jack inquired

"Well umm...maybe it's just....I can think better while I wash your head with some of our Apple shampoo?" Applebloom was getting sick of the smell.

Jack sniffed "Is it really that bad?Be honest."

Applebloom nodded "I don't wanna sound mean....but you could probably put out a whole herd of buffalo with that smell."

Jack frowned "You didn't need to be THAT honest....but fine, whatever. Sounds good. Make it happen Appleboom"

"Applebloom" She corrected him

"Whatever, gotta hurry...gotta think" he started rubbing his chin as she scampered off to get shampoo and a wash bucket.

a few moments later, Applebloom had Jack sit and lean back as she removed his goggles and began to wash his head for him. She believed she was doing important work, helping a bonafide hero. So It didn't bother her.

"So, any ideas yet?" Jack said as he got his head washed. It was actually quite comfy. And he didn't even have to order her to get it done.

"Not really. it'd seem mighty suspicious if we just started moving this stuff out of the barn all of a sudden." Applebloom said, feeling a little grossed out at the condition of Jack's hair.

"Suspicious huh? explain" Jack was curious, he realized that if they were bringing all this stuff here. Then wouldn't that be suspicious?

"Well, mah sister was asking what we were up to and we told her we were gonna try gettin our cutie marks in machine buildin.So don't worry, we didn't tell her about you or nothin. But she did sort of laugh saying how silly that was"

"SILLY!? there is nothing silly about making machines or robots!" Jack got up immediately, soap still in his hair "Listen here Appletomb!"

"Applebloom" Applebloom corrected him again

"right...ahrm..anyway. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make machines." Jack told her, his pride bubbling up

"Oh no, I know. But we only said that to throw her off. Though, if we could get Cutie Marks in either that or world savin. That'd be ok too!" Applebloom explained

"Theres nothing wrong with that either....sort of...anyway, what I'm trying to say is your sister shouldn't be ridiculing you for such a great thing as being able to make machines. It's an art, there's nothing more beautiful than watching your little robobaby soar and cause massive havoc....to your enemies...haha..anyway. It is something to take pride in! Knowing that your knowledge and skill is integral to your plans to co..saving the world! and even making a yesbot to reaffirm how true that all is!" Jack started to get a tear in his eye "I miss you yesbot"

Applebloom clapped "Wow! that was very inspiring!

Jack smiled, she was even finding his speeches inspiring. Nobody had found his speeches inspirational before that was living breathing flesh. he went to wipe a way his tears, not realizing some of the shampoo had gotten onto it. Stinging his eye. "OWW..ohh, ngh. darn it!"

"did ya get some of the shampoo in your eye?" Applebloom inquired

Jack was gently rubbing his eyes, keeping them closed "yeah, geez that stings"

"Don't worry, I'll get y'all some water!" Applebloom rushed to get an empty pail and some fresh water to wash his eyes out.

She returned a short moment later and put the pail down next to him. "There ya go Jack! I hope this helps"

"Thanks Bloomapple" Jack said and he leaned down, still keeping his eyes closed.

"A-applebloom..it's ApplebloWAIT JACK NO!, YA DON-" she cried out. Jack had accidentally grabbed the washbucket....and poured it in his eyes.


"You grabbed the wrong one! But don't worry, I'll save ya!" She grabbed the pail in her teeth and began to spin in a circle to get the water to hit his face using momentum.

She then let go....accidently launching the whole bucket. Smashing into Jack's face and knocking him down as the bucket flips straight up, dropping water all over his face. and then the bucket itself landing on his head.

"O-oops...a..are ya ok?" Applebloom asked, cringing at her own screwup.

Jack took a breath "in my usual moments of pain...this is actually not that bad....my eyes don't hur....OH MY MAYONNAISE I'VE GONE BLIND! NOOOOOO"

Applebloom sighed and took the bucket off his head

"OOOOOooo.....k...it was just a bucket" Jack giggled sheepishly

"you’re lucky Jack, if my sister or brother were around, they would have heard you by now." Applejack was having a small bubble of doubt about Jack's abilities.

Jack quickly stood up and wiped himself off. "not around? Where are they?"

"Well, muh brother Big Macintosh is busy bucking apples for the rest of the day because muh sister got called to Princess Twilight's castle all of a sudden...seemed pretty important."

Jack froze in place. It had to be about his raid earlier that night. He had no idea Applebloom's sister was some sort of royal guard. He didn't see any guards at all. Maybe it was her day off so she could farm? But suddenly his fear became that of cunning when he realized things fell perfectly in place for him. If Applebloom's brother was going to be busy all day and her sister was out.... "Hey...What if I made my robots right here in this barn? Infact, you can help me if you want. And so can your friends when they get here! It can be one big ev...ahrm..happy-go-lucky machine building hootananny!" Jack said, an evil smirk forming in his lips when he realized how perfect his plan is. He could build a small army in secret with no one noticing right where he was. He'd just have to worry about Twilight later, he already knew he could beat her. Jackbots would just even the odds of whoever she'd have at her side

"Ah love to! But can we wait for Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle? I don't want to get started without them, we do everything together! You don't even have to worry! they are already probably on their way!" Applebloom was getting excited, she just hope the doubt she felt was nothing.

"..ok fine, but I'll only wait a little while. This is very important work and I can't be stalling that long for them to show up" Jack said as he took out a piece of paper to write down the names Applebloom just said. Making a cheat sheet of names to remember.

"Oh don't worry, they'll be here...oh this is gonna be great. We're either going to be Cutie Mark Crusader Robot Makers or Cutie Mark Crusader World Savers!...hmmm, I wonder if we can be both? hehe!"

Jack took out a toolkit from his coat and set it down next to him as he looked evilly upon the piles of scrap. He started to rub his hands together as an evil glint shined in his eye "this is going to be sweet..."

And so Jack waited. He didn't want to upset the young horse girl..thing...now that he had her complete loyalty. And he did appreciate the help to get his plans off the ground that much faster. He already knew he could get his army up and running before day's end. His building speed was on level with most saturday morning do-baddery.

It didn't take too long for Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo to show up. They said their hellos and seemed pretty happy to see Jack. But Sweetie Belle looked a little anxious "Hey..Applebloom. Did your sister get called to the castle too?"

Applebloom nodded "yup,..hrm? So Rarity got called in too?"

Sweetie Belle nodded "yeah, at first she was pretty cranky about getting her beauty rest. But when she got told of why, she just calmed down and left. It's gotta be big if it's enough to make her that way."

Applebloom had to ask, she was curious "So did ya find out why she was called in?"

Sweetie Belle shook her head "No, but I bet Pinkie,Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash got called in too. But they aren't telling anypony why. I wonder what happened."

Applebloom frowne, she hoped nobody was hurt "me too"

Scootaloo was just looking at the parts they had gathered "You girls worry too much, whatever it is. Rainbow Dash will fix it before you can say...well...Rainbow Dash" she was pretty confident.

Jack decided to cut in, he didn't want anyone talking about the subject for too long. He already had a good guess as to why these ponies he never heard of were getting summoned up. "Well! Whatever happened. That's not for us to worry about huh? I mean, we gotta get underway in making those robots...and um...getting you all those Cutie Mark things!"

Scootaloo was the first speak up "Yeah! Let's do it! Besides we have our own problems to worry about. We gotta help Jack beat Wuya!"

The other two nodded in agreement. Whatever it was. they knew their sisters and their friends could handle it. Right now they had their own world saving to do.

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