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This story is a sequel to Dadonequus Discord (Book 1)

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

But that new school Twilight is having built might be a bad place to start.

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Great Chapter ;)

And here, a photo taken of you,Starlight, and Trixie

Missing space.

And here is one of you,Big Mac, Discord, and Spike

Another missing space.

Spike had decided to name the team after winning a die roll between the four of you.

Is that like this?


on the first two, you're correct.

but the singular for Dice is Die

Yay! The start of another amazing adventure!

“Mnnn…” You looked at the next photo with a somber look. You and Chrysalis, yelling at each other in an adorable fashion. This was so long ago. You put the photo face down with a sigh, you had moved on with your life since then, and remembering the old times only made you feel miserable. Still, you kept her car in perfect condition, for the just in case.

"for the just in case", should just be "just in case".

fuc yea it's here

Ha! It seems you took my advice about tossing the storm kings head out the window. I was hoping the X-Captain would still be around for book 2. But, I mean, where else could he go? XD


no, this is right while being wrong. Just a bit of Anon's personal way of putting it.

I guess that makes sense...


don't worry, you'll have me soon enough

Comment posted by thatonecoffeemachine deleted Jun 17th, 2018

That was rather funny.

Now for a few (potential) errors:

That’s a lot of shit your spouting there, Stormy.


but don’t you think you’re princesses would get a little testy


I don’t give a fuck how bad your suffering.

Either ‘you're’ or an ‘is’ at the end.


Good catches, i'll have to be more mindful. I really got to try better, i say I do. And the prologue I did pretty good at, but it's clear I still need to pay better attention

Ooh. Chapter titles. Fancy.

Also, XD that was even better than what I had in mind!

this is totally not going to bite him in the ass later on /s :raritywink:


Glad you liked it, like with Book 1, I do my best with what I'm given. And your idea was a little too good to pass up.

Thought I would've received a notification this has started. Glad I checked, hehe.

Dis gun b gud.

Are we sure the horn don't have a anti-crazy spell to make sure Anon don't lose the head by stress?

a place to feel accepted,validated,

Missing space.

That was surprisingly understanding of Twiggles.:twilightoops:

....he didn't cave into her....

Good for him.

Well, Twilight is growing reasonably in my opinion. I mean, how many times before this point has she regret fighting Anon to a high degree? A lot, so she's gained a form of respect for him.

Good chapter, but Anon saying how simple it should be for friendship to be learned, and how a school is unnecessary is funny considering what happens.

Because if I remember correctly, the students in that episode, only learn about friendship after they've abandoned the school, and it just sorta clicked. Imagine if Anon said, "Alright Twilight, I believe in your school and its usefulness to those who need it, but don't be surprised if a majority of your students don't need it to be friends."

And his reaction to learning how they became friends AFTER they left the school could easily be a soft spot he could tease Twilight about later if he ever learns it.

If Twilight insisted, Anon should had remembered her the point that Twilight did not learn friendship in any school, and that she is the Princess of Friendship and how even now and then she had some problems.




for the most part. Superthorthax is right, Both Anon and Twilight have grown and both know each other a lot more at this point. Unless Anon was being an unreasonable teat, she had no reason to push him, but she did want to instill that her school was necessary in her eyes

Shit, you hadn’t thought of that. Equestria did seemed filled with this kind of shit. Twilight, in that regard, was mostly right. You couldn’t reform everyone nor could you be in everyplace at once. And given how Starlight had become evil over just one friend abandoning her...Ugh, fine. “No, if you look at it that way, I guess you’re right.”

That supposed to be "You no, if you look at it that way, I guess you’re right.” at the end or?


more like I didn't word it clear enough. I'll fix it

"For the most part."

The only thing you didn't really agree with was the joke I made about how they became friends outside their teachings. Guess you don't feel the same? I mean, I could see why, the challenges they all related to and wanted to avoid brought them together, challenges being skipping school. Quite hilarious actually.


Their friends, and they are closer. But not as close as they could be, this being mostly Anon's fault. But hey, there's still a lot more story to tell, we'll just have to see how it all goes

It's been quite a while since I checked in with the pastebin on /mlp/ so I'm wondering where this is in the grand scheme of things. Last I read it, the story was at a sorta time skip withanon and DT being a couple with kids and stuff. Is this a sort of in between that time period?

it takes place before that, during Season 8. This is a continuation of the original 325 chapters.

Here are some (potential) erros I found:

Discord puts on some sunglasses and holds up a squirtgun as he speaks in a schwarzenegger voice.

Since that is a name, should the S not be uppercase?

“ One more Pony? You mean for us?

Unnecessary space in fron of the ‘One’.

Excuse me, Big Mac. But we didn’t agree

I could be wrong, but I do not think the ‘But’ should be a new sentence.

He does, but he’s also our friend and a bonafide apple,

Would that not refer to the name in this context?

this just causes Big Mac to once again to do a face hoof

One ‘to’ too many.

Going by what usually happens, Anon will be holding their team down in score, but his Dad, Big Mac, and Spike will make up for it.

Particularly due to the fact they have opposable thumbs.

I mean, considering he's Discord's friend, he could have them if he wants.

I foolishly published this chapter before giving it a look over. I already made the changes I saw, so hopefully Mr.Heins or Sailina can't spot anything this time.

Challenge accepted.

not bad if I don’t say so myself.

This may be one, but I am not too sure.

Ironic that one makes a typo when pointing out mistakes, is it not? :twilightsheepish: Fixed.

Honestly? I should have seen that coming. (The Bowling ball to the face, bit.)

Love Babs, she is under used in the show and in the fandom. I'm not sure if Anon will love or hate her big city attitude.

A part of me thinks the ol' harmony tree is pulling some interference in ol DIscord's shenanigans....

I am happy to be surprised that Anon actually succeeding in the menial stuff for once, but I'm not surprised it was stopped before he could have it. That being said, I'm happy they were all there for it to see how close he came.

Hopefully he mops the floor with this dragon in a manner that matches his rage, and boosts his reputation further.

Then again, dragon's are resistant to magic, and Anon only has so many charges, so he better be clever within his rage.

Here's to hoping Anon trades a perfect game for bowling to defeating an adult dragon. (The biggest bonus for this is that Babs will think his high and mighty personality is justified to an extent, and Sweetie Belle's favorite insult takes even less credence, which is almost cathartic with how little she respects him.)

A part of me feels like I should've spoilered all of this, but I realize anyone who reads comments before they read chapters is just.... Just asking for it.

I'm so glad to be reading this again :D

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