Dadonequus Discord (Book 2)

by CrazedLaughter

Chapter 107 - The Duel

And so you stood at one end of the road as Yona stood at the other, both of you facing each other down as Smolder stood at the center.  Your plan was simple, just stop and hold your head out, and everything should work out. It didn’t matter how big or bad this yak was, your head was invincible and capable of smashing everything in it's path. By standing still, the full force of your power wouldn’t decimate her.

Gallus and Silverstream stood at the sidelines, watching, nervous. Silverstream in particular looked rather worried, torn between seeing the hero colt work his magic, not wanting to see her new friends fight, and very hoping Yona doesn’t get slaughtered.

“Alright, so the rules are this. One head smash, that’s it, because we really should be heading back to town. Loser is decided by whoever gets pushed the farthest or gets knocked down first. Yona, are you ready?” Smolder said as she looked over to her yak friend.

“Yona always ready. Yona keep head very low to make sure she doesn’t accidentally smash colt.” Yona said with hesitant confidence. She truly was ready to win, but she did worry about hurting you. Just looking at your adorable form, she felt guilt having to crush you at a contest, and would feel even worse if she accidentally smashed you.

“Alright. Yo, Anon, are you ready? And I mean, like, really ready?” Smolder asked, wanting to make absolutely sure you were ready to pull whatever you were going to pull.

“I’m ready, just give the signal. Trust me.”  You give a knock on your head to demonstrate how tough it was. “I got this.”

“Alright then, ok…” Smolder took a huge breath before hovering upwards, then exhaled as smoke began to lightly flow out of her mouth and nose. “Ready? Set… GO!” And with that, she lets out a good sized flame into the air to signify both you and Yona to run at each other.

And you both were off, rushing at each other at a reckless pace, both yelling out a battle cry as you both came ever closer to each other. Silverstream covered her eyes as the time came near. But you? You were smart, right before you and Yona meet, you stop and stretch your head out, aiming your forehead at Yona. This was the time, this was it. She’d collide and fall back, and due to whatever force she’s coming at, you’ll slide back and that’s it. It’ll be a tie. You close your eyes and brace yourself.

You then feel it, the collision. It does feel like someone slapped your head, but that was about it. You also didn’t hear anything out of Yona after impact. Was she dizzy? Or did she knock herself out? So, does that mean you win? You open your eyes to see... Everything moving forward? Now that was odd, why would everything be moving forward? You look down and noticed you were flying backward at a high velocity. Huh, that isn’t good at all. How the fsfGFDGADFDFS.

And that was it, you were sent flying harmlessly, backwards, into a tree. Though that part did cause harm, because now you were fucking stuck and you fucking knew you had splinters.

“Yona, Yona are you ok?” Gallus said as he snapped his talons in front of her. “Wow, she actually got knocked out. So…” Gallus looked to Smolder and sighed, “When do we get out of town? Before or after we get expelled and chased out?”

“We can’t just leave! Yona needs our help! And… Wait, where did…” Silverstream looked around, and spotted you. She pointed towards your direction, worried about your condition. “Oh no! Anon needs our help too! We cannot leave until we’ve helped Yona and Anon! Now… How do we do that?”

“I think Yona will get up on her own. But Anon? Yeeeeah, he really got sent flying. I don’t think either of them are really hurt though, so I guess it’s a tie. Anon got sent flying, and Yona got knocked out. Let’s just get Anon out of that tree and everything should be fine. I hope…” Smolder did show a hint of worry, sure. But she was hoping, very hoping, things really were fine. And that things would be fine when she explains to Yona that it was a tie. Because as it is now, the entire situation seemed volatile. She hovered over to you as Gallus and Silverstream followed. “Anon, yo, Anon! Are you ok? How’s your head?”

“Perfectly fine, but I think I’m stuck.” You say as you struggle to try to get out of the tree. “Um, uh, so what’s the ruling?”

Smolder sighed in relief, you really did seem fine. “Gonna say it’s a tie. Hopefully Yona will accept that and OH NO! THAT ISN’T GOOD!” Smolder yelled out in horrified surprise as she looked over to your backside.

“Smolder, what’s up OH WE’RE DEAD!” Gallus, also seemingly freaked out, shouts in fright as he looks over to see what Smolder is looking at.

“What the? What are you guys getting freaked out about back there?” You asked, trying to look back the best you can, but being unable to see anything, you could only guess that maybe there was a monster nearby. “There isn’t something about to attack us, is there?”

“Hmm? Oh no, it isn’t that at all.” Silverstream said in a little giggle. “I think everycreature is upset because there’s a lot of splinters sticking out.”

Huh, funny, you didn’t even really feel it. If you had to guess, that head bash, with all its power, must have rattled your brain hard enough to disable your pain receptors. Actually, that sounds pretty bullshit and makes no sense, but whatever, chaos. “That doesn’t sound so bad, I barely even feel it. I can probably fix that up real quick. Let me just… Ngh! OOF, never mind! Sudden major pain! Holy! Gyah! Why does it hurt so bad?!” Holy shit, you suddenly felt a sudden spike in pain. Like, oh god, it hurt!

“Oh, that might be from the bone that’s sticking out of your leg. Is that bad?” Silverstream asked once again, staring at it. “It’s so weird, it’s just sticking out, like it was out of place or something. Isn’t that silly? I think it’s silly.”


“We just ended up breaking the hero colt’s leg. We are way past doomed here, how do we even fix this?! We aren’t doctors!” Gallus said, gulping hard as the situation just seemed more grim. "What're we gonna do?"

“Oh, that’s easy. According to Professor Fluttershy, Anon is not only capable of amazing things, but also impossible things! This kind of problem can be easily fixed if we just…” Silverstream grabbed your horn as you whimpered and looked around in a panic, and placed it on your forehead. “There we go! Get ready, everycreature! We’re about to see something that is just AWESOMEEEE!”

You didn’t even really realize what was going on. But with the horn on your head, you suddenly stopped feeling pain as the need to puke suddenly hit you. You coughed, spit up, and then finally, your entire bone structure fell out of your mouth. Smolder and Gallus screamed like no tomorrow, Silverstream just watched, still enamored by the whole thing.

You, however, still didn’t realize what was going on. As a skeleton pony, you just stand up, and brush yourself off. “Wow, woah, good thinking there, Silverstream. I don’t know what you did, but it worked like a char-why are you guys looking at me like that?” You ask as you turn around, to see Smolder and Gallus just standing there, frozen in fright. “You guys look white as a ghost.”

“Anon, look at you! How is this even possible?! What is going on?!” Smolder just couldn’t believe it. Turning into a dragon and throwing mail was one thing. But even she couldn’t understand what this was all about.

“Oh, I can explain that too. According to Professor Fluttershy, Anon can use his chaos magic to do almost anything he wants. Chaos itself is the opposite of harmony, and is capable of transformations and mutations , even when it comes to the healing process. Obviously Anon came out as a skeleton to fix his bones and put it all back in their proper places. This is why the hero colt is so cool, and this is why the Storm King had no chance of winning! I’m so happy I get to witness his power in action! Sooooooo cooool!” Silverstream said with a giddiness that confounded her friends. “I bet this was actually Anon’s plan all along! He’s so great!”

Holy hell, you really had to be careful around this chick. She seemed just as into you as Diamond is, but in a fangirl type of way. “Y-yeah, totally. Erm, let me just, click myself back in place.” You look at your bony self, and god, it looked goddamn spooky. Though, it did make it super easy to pop all your bones back into place. Crisis averted. 

Gallus, so befuddled by it all, immediately calms down and just looks to Silverstream in a stoic confusion. “So, wait, let me get this straight. This doesn’t freak you out at all? This is normal?”

“For Anon, it is! My cousin told me all about it. What I don’t get is why you both are so scared. This is nothing compared to the Storm King. Now he was scary.” Silverstream said. She was seriously, just seriously, ok with all of this.

“Ooook then, I don’t even know how to feel about this anymore. So are we doomed? Are we dreaming? What’s going on here?” Gallus was more than confused now, everything was becoming more bizarre by the minute for him.

“I think I actually get it. It’ll be ok…” Smolder says, letting out a giant sigh of relief. “Anon is ok. He’s just using his magic to heal, that’s all. I’ve seen him do weird stuff like this before, so it’s kinda normal in a way. His way, anyway.”

“So this really is all normal? No wonder Sharpclaw went nuts, I can’t even imagine what he did to him.” Gallus commented, slowly calming down as the nonsense began to actually make sense to him. “Can’t even imagine what he did to this Storm King guy everycreature talks about.”

Smolder was thinking to herself, hearing and having to process all this, she was now damned glad that you went much easier on Garble than what you apparently could do at full power. “Yeah… So, Anon, if everything is fine, how are you going to get back in your body? Is it really that simple?”

“Should be, erm, never been a skeleton before. I guess I just grab my sk-OH MY WHAT?!” You look over to your skin and your eyeballs were literally hanging out as everything else looked like a hollowed out, nightmare fueled, and totally 'not cute in anyway' corpse. “Ooogh, I didn’t need to see that, geez.”

“See wh-ohhhhh...mnng, I gotta go!” Gallus, upon going to check around the tree, noticed what you were looking at and nearly lost it as he suddenly flew off to puke somewhere in privacy.

“Do I want to look what you both just looked at?” Smolder asked, feeling on edge,

“U-uh, no… Let me just, look, just look away.” Oh god, even with your skelly self, you could feel your skin. Gross, you slowly and gently popped your eyes back in, then slowly started to slide yourself into your skin through the mouth. When it was all over, you were finally back to normal, albeit still a splinter pin cushion and feeling irked about it all. You began to blink, blink again, and then shiver at the thought of what just happened. “E-everything is fine, just gotta remind myself to never ever do that again. I really hope I didn’t get infected, like, in my entire body.”

“Anon! That was so cool! Look! Not only are you as good as new, but you even woke up Yona! How amazing is that?!” Silverstream said as she pointed to the yak, who was woozily standing up and trying to figure out what happened. You didn't actually wake up Yona, but it was kinda good she wasn't awake for this. Her stomps already shook up the place and you didn't need a freaked out Yak leveling have the road.

“I’ll go talk to her, make sure she knows what’s up. Just keep an eye out for Gallus, ok? He wasn't looking too good after… That.” Smolder said as she hovered off to check on Yona, she was glad she had not seen what Gallus and you had seen. If it was enough to even freak you out, then she didn't even try to guess what it was that caused it.

At this point, you were already using your magic again to painlessly pluck the splinters off the lower part of your body. “Sheesh, even if this was all a tie, this is embarrassing. How did I not notice I was being sent back?” Ugh, you really couldn’t figure it out.

“Well, you did close your eyes. Yona is really big and strong, so it makes sense to me. But, wow, I got to see that even having his bones broken doesn’t stop the hero colt!” She suddenly reaches out for you and starts cuddling onto you once again. “I’m going to write a letter to my brother, my aunt, my cousin, and… No, to every creature back in Seaquestria and Mount Aris!  You’re not just a legend, you’re really real! And sooo snuggly! You have to show me how you beat the Storm King sometime! It’s one thing to hear about it, it’s another to see it! I bet it’s so super incredible too, ooohhhhh, I feel so excited right now! Everything worked out oooookkkk!”

Nope, this felt too good. You were dead. If you had to go to school and deal with this, then you knew eventually Diamond would see something like this and actually slice you in two with an axe.