• Published 16th Jun 2018
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 80 - Setting Up the Game

The three of you were seated at this point. Seems Discord was in the kitchen, according to Spike, making snacks for everyone to munch on. Although you haven’t played the game nearly as much as Spike, Big Mac, or Discord; You understood that Discord himself is usually in one of his best moods right before a session, so you didn’t actually find that unusual. No, the real attention was on Diamond, given she was a new player and all.

“So, Diamond, it’s really cool that you decided to come play with us. I guess that’s why Discord was really excited to have a session tonight, it’s like he has a family now to play the game with. Very cool.” Spike said, he himself seeming eager to give the night a go with a new player. “Really very cool actually, Anon usually do-” But as Spike begins to say that, and you immediately catch on to what he’s about to say, you bring your hoof to your mouth and twist your head to signal that he shouldn’t say what he was about to say, which was simply going to be the fact that you don’t actually like O&O all too much. “Does, um… love it when we have more players… Hah.” Spike didn’t need to guess why you acted like that, it was obvious you didn’t want to upset your ‘date’. So he played it cool, as if understanding some sort of bro code of sort. “Ahrm… Actually, Anon, I gotta ask you something.”

Hmm? He had a question for you? Actually, speaking of questions, you had to ask him if Scootaloo was ok, since he was with her before Four left to the castle. “What is it?”

“It’s about your dad, actually. Dunno what’s up with him, but he’s like, ultra excited about tonight. As in, he suddenly went kind of nutty and started working on a scenario for us to do. I've never seen him get so serious about anything like that before, at least more serious than usual for him when it comes to our games. Plus, he was being creepy about it too. Like, he was mumbling something about ‘I’ll show me” and something about one upping himself. Weird, right? Got any idea what all that means?”

Actually, no, you had no idea. That sounded pretty crazy, even for Discord. What the fuck was that even all about? “Um, actually, no. But Dad can usually be weird like that.”

“Usually, yeah. But that’s normal for him. This? I dunno, especially since it has to do with O&O. Y’know, because nothing about O&O really bothers him.” Spike was sure about this too. Discord loves the game, so for him to be bothered about any facet of it that isn’t an inane rule change was uncharacteristic for him. Was he just nervous? Maybe that was it.

“He could just be nervous. I mean, Big Mac is still out and we have a new player… Ahrm.” You look to Diamond with a smile “The wonderful Moonlight Garnet.” What a yutz you were, being corny like that. But whatever, she just did a cute smile and waved her hoof at you in a way as she giggled.

“Oh, Anon, we’re not even playing right now, you don't have to introduce me as my character yet. Oh! But…” Diamond slides her sheet over to Spike when she realized she still had to have her character accepted “Here, Spike, this is my character sheet. I filled it out myself! Is everything ok with it?”

“Huh? Oh, well let’s see.” Spike took the sheet and started to look it over, his eyes lighting up as he noticed something interesting. “Oh wow, so you’re gonna be a thief? That’s cool, we kind of need one for the group. But, wait, huh? Ohhhh, so your race is gonna be a-GAH!” Spike is taken aback in fright when Diamond slams her hooves on the map, looking at him with a massive stink eye.

“Don’t spoil it! I want Anon to see it when we do the whole world change thing! I’m really looking forward in seeing how he reacts, so don’t say anything else about my character, ok?!” Diamond was being heavily demanding in her tone about this, she really REALLY wanted this to be an explosive reveal. It was cute, even if her reaction startled Spike some.

“Ok! Ok! I got it! Erm, well, it looks like everything else is correct on this sheet, so you’re good to go.” Spike says, getting a now calmed and satisfied nod out of Diamond.

“So Spike, about Scootaloo. Is she ok? I mean, after Four and Five left?” You had an opening to ask, and you take it.

“Oh…” Spike suddenly slumps with a frown, tapping his claws on the table as he began to speak. “Yeah… She didn’t take it too well that he had to go. I mean, goodbyes like that are always really hard, especially since Four and Five were pretty cool. Everypony kinda just started crying, like we lost a family member. I-I didn’t cry of course, somepony had to stay tough and keep their head so nopony fell apart. A-anyway, um, yeah… It was pretty heavy. But I’m pretty sure she’ll be ok, she understood it had to happen, and she’s spending the night at the clubhouse with her best friends. And I gotta tell you, Anon, they aren’t going to let her stay down all night. So no worries, ok? Because I can see it, it’s worrying you, right? If you sweat it, it’s just gonna bring you down for the whole night. And being your friend, I ain’t gonna let you bring yourself down, just like they won’t let Scootaloo down.”

It actually was… Damn, was it that obvious that you looked concerned about it? Heh, you remembered when you found Scootaloo and the rest of the crusaders nuisances. Amazing how time and friendship can change your view on things. “Yeah, heh, that’s what friendship is all about, right? Thanks for that, Spike.”

“Bah, it’s no big.” Spike says, giving you a reassuring smile as he points his claws at you “I’m there for you, buddy.”

“Me too! As long as you’re with me, I’ll never let you be sad. And if somepony is making you sad, well, I’ll make sure their life is ruined forever!” Diamond exclaims. Hell, that was such a ridiculous claim that it was more scary than cute, making you and Spike stare at her like the sudden crazy pony she seemed like right then. “U-um, I mean, I’ll umm… Well, I can yell at them, right? I know Mother and Daddy don’t like me being too uncivilized… Well, mostly Mother, but I’d never let anypony hurt my Anon.”

You chuckle lightly at that, half nervous and yet half charmed by her dedication. “Thanks Diamond, just having you near me is enough to keep me cheery.”

“I know, I’ve been told before that I always brighten everypony’s day.” Diamond said, arrogantly so.

“Heh… Yeah. Erm… Hmmm…” Spike started to look around, feeling a little nervous after that, not as charmed as you were by Diamond's adorable nervousness. “So, how do you two feel about Twilight’s school?”

“Oh, I think it’s an awesome idea. Just about every idea that’s ever been come up with when it comes to princesses are good ideas.” Diamond states.

“Well, considering I’ll be attending soon, I’ve warmed up to the idea. Even been thinking of showing up in three days rather than a week. Gotta ask Twilight about it though.” You answered.

And just like that, a voice began to fill the room. “Ah, interesting. I wonder why it’d be in three days. Perhaps it’s because things would seem rather boring at the end of said third day.” Said Discord, suddenly appearing in the room as he held up two plates with this circular lids on them.

“Daddy Discord! Hello!” Diamond said excitingly, waving towards him. “I didn’t get a chance to ask you about the wedding. It was super awesome, right?”

“Perfectly average.” Discord says with a coy smile as he places one plate in front of Spike, and the other in front of you and Diamond, literally splitting the second plate into two smaller lidded plates as he did so.

“Yup! See, Anon, Daddy Discord gets it… And, erm, what’s in here?” Diamond asked as she curiously tapped at the lid.

“For Spike” Discord lifts his lid, revealing some creamy looking twinkie like things. “Gem encrusted eclairs.”

“Woah!” Spike nearly started to immediately drool as he picked one up and squeezed his claws just enough to feel it stop on something hard. “They look delicious, Discord! Thanks!”

“Of course, of course! Only the best for our brave adventurers. Ah, speaking of which, for our young couple, a delicious snack all the way from Anon’s old universe.” Discord lifts the lids to both yours and Diamond's plates, revealing… Oh shit! “Oreos with a glass of milk.”

“Oreos? They look weird, kind of like two black cookies with a cheap cream in the middle. Anon, you eat these?” Diamond asked as she gave one a cautious tap with her hoof.

DAMN FUCKING STRAIGHT! “Heck yeah! You just take one, dip it in some milk, and take a bite… Mmmm… It’s still great.” You go through the motions as you explain how it works, and damn, did it taste as good as you remember. “Sure, they're cheap, but they always taste awesome. Go on, give it a try.”

“Ok” Diamond hesitatingly takes one of the cookies, dips, and takes a bite. “Huh, it tastes pretty good. The cream is kind of cheap, but it just tastes… Right.” Diamond then looked to you, a little confused “You really ate these, Anon? I would have thought you’d eat fresher looking cookies. Like I said, not that these are bad… But, you know.”

You weren’t actually listening to Diamond though, you had just finished dipping a five stacker into the milk and slamming it down into your mouth. “Mnn wamhat? Whamt yghu say?”

“O-oh, nothing. Erm… Oh no!" Diamond just then realized she had insulted Discord's cooking, and adjusted herself to thank him and apologize. "Thanks Daddy Discord. It does taste pretty good. I-I'm sorry if I made it seem like I didn't like it” She did like the taste, it was just the quality she wasn’t used to. But she began taking her time with it, unlike you, you slob.

“You’re welcome. And don't fret...” Discord answered, as his eyes focused on you. For some reason, he seemed to be getting a grand satisfaction from you stuffing your face with oreos. “I’m just glad everypony is enjoying their snacks. It’ll make the night even better when I reveal tonight’s campaign. A short one to be sure, as we have a newcomer in our ranks, but still one I’m sure will catch the attention of everypony. I’m sure the praise I’ll receive will be ‘legendary’”

“Well, what is it? You’ve been ultra secretive about it since you mentioned it. It’s not gonna be too tough, right? Because like you said, we do have a newbie.” Spike asked, wondering what Discord had planned.

“I know. Trust me, I made sure this campaign was very doable. Not just due to the difficulty it’d need to be adjusted for, but because a lot of it isn’t typically compatible with O&O in the first place. Well, not without my magic at least.” Discord said, his expression becoming ever more so cocky as he spoke.

Wut? “What are you talking about? What do you mean not compatible? As in, it’s all completely made up? Like, OC content?”

“Oh, it’s much more than that. Prepare yourself, fellow adventurers!” Discord yelled out as the room began to spin and warp. You and Spike looked confused, but Diamond? She was already getting super excited. “For today, we enter a new land! To defeat an evil demon king who has taken over all he surveys. Tonight, we save the land of…” Everything began to change, from all of your clothes and gear to the world around you. You all began to find yourselves in the field of a familiar place, with a castle wall surrounding a large ominous black tower, a tower that didn’t seem like it belonged with how scenic everything else looked. The area itself was dead or dying of unnatural causes, With the sky being clouded with a deathly brown color, as if the tower itself was a blight across the land. The fact that the tower sat way back near the edge of what seemed to be mountains suggested the gates also guarded either a huge courtyard or a town of some sort. You couldn’t tell due to the large drawbridge, which was up, guarding your view. However, You were suddenly caught in some nostalgic awe, as your mind did it's best to recall why everything seemed so familiar.

This couldn’t be it, this can’t be it, there’s no fucking way. Even Discord wouldn’t go as far as to…

“Hyrule!” Discord yells out, garbed already as Captain Wuz.

No fucking way...

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