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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 21 - Spoiled's True Intentions And Something Spooky

“Wait, private? B-but mother, I was hoping to spend some more time with Anon.” Diamond gives her mother big ole sad eyes. “T-the princesses aren’t even here yet. I wanted to talk to him about a few more things before they showed up. Like asking Anon about, erm…” She blushes deep red “Sleeping over at his house for a night. Like, a real sleepover this time… W-which you wouldn’t mind, right?”

W-w-w-wut?! She was going to ask that?! H-holy fuck, erm…

“Of course I wouldn’t… As long as certain conditions are met. Either way, you are still going to be able to speak with the princesses. Remember, we need a gentle and welcoming filly like you to greet them when they arrive. Perhaps, even sit with them…” Spoiled says, purposely not continuing her words as Diamond’s eyes light up.

“R-really? I can sit with the princesses? Erm…” Diamond gulps “Y-you don’t think they’ll mind, do you, mother?”

Spoiled gives her daughter a gentle smile and shakes her head “No, they won’t mind at all. I’m sure they won’t turn away the marefriend of the colt everypony came here to see.” More like she knew they wouldn’t be rude to her if she was a little insistent. Celestia seemed to find her rather delightful last you remembered.

“eeeeeEEEE!” Diamond hopped around, and gave you a kiss on your nose “Anon! I’m going to be able to sit with the princesses! Yay! Yay! Yaerm…” Diamond notices the disapproving look of her mother, and calms herself “Ahrm, indeed, I will make sure I am a pleasant host.” Diamond does a curtsy once again.

“I’m sure you will. Now get going, the princesses will be here soon and Anon will need to be properly briefed before we begin.” Spoiled says, dismissing her daughter as her eyes shift to you.

Diamond acts as dignified as possible as her body shakes in anticipation. She gives you a giddy little grin before marching off towards the princess entrance of the colosseum.

You then look up at Spoiled, whose smile has now turned into a scowl. You worried about her true intentions.

You wait until Diamond is out of earshot before you ask. “Mrs. Rich, ma’am. A-are you alright?” She mentioned “cretins” from before, she had to be annoyed at those she was trying to trounce.

“Follow me, Anon. We’re going to turn around and walk for awhile…” Spoiled started to lead you back the way you came, towards the regular entrance. Though, she was staying by the outer wall of the colosseum. She must have wanted to go the long way around to where you needed to go so she could properly discuss whatever she wanted to discuss. You nod, and follow her. “Tell me, Anon. You’re prepared to win at all costs, right?” She asks.

Considering it was more than her at stake… “Yes, I am. But Mrs. Rich, is this all really necessary? I know you want to impress a bunch of socialites… But…”

“Anon, let me tell you about the upper crust of society.” She doesn’t let you finish your words as she speaks, her tone sounding rather annoyed. “There is no real friendship among those who want to see you under their hooves. Sure, my husband is able to befriend those who actually have a soul. But as the wife of the household, it is up to me to make sure any and all competitors understand who is the best”

Well, that was rather blunt. So that’s all it really was then? “So you set this whole thing up for just that? I don’t mean to sound rude...But erm, couldn’t you just buy them out or outperform them or something? Again, not to be rude or anything… But you’re putting me and somepony else in the way of injury just for something so… petty…” ugh, you sounded so… moralistic.

“Not all of them are competitors, Some are just acquaintances that bug me. And to answer your question, no, there’s no other way. I don’t think you understand, Anon, but you are the hero colt and my future son-in-law. Everypony knows of your amazing feats already. But there are some who’d rather focus on your origins and upbringing, rather than what you can do. And so they feel the need to ‘politely’ bring it up during dinner conversation” Spoiled lets out a low growl “And, I’m tired of it.” She takes a moment to breath, then continues. “So, after learning about your little tussle with the dragon, I knew word would spread about it rather quickly. Especially with your father ranting and raving about it all over town. That, and the fact you are nearly done with your training with our local Wonderbolt, gave me an idea to show everypony the truth about you, Ponyville, and my family. It took a lot of money to get this all set up within the day, a LOT of money. So much so that failure could bring ruin should something go wrong. Even more so due to the fact we have two princesses among us.”

What the fuck was she on about?

Spoiled smirked about that one, as if you had said something “I know, I am truly amazing for being able to have the princesses over for this event, along with all the Wonderbolts as well. That is why it is especially important that nothing goes wrong. You must be able to beat the target time with little to no accidents whatsoever. I trust in your skill, Anon, I really do. I wouldn’t have made these arrangements if I didn’t trust in your abilities. Which, by the way, brings me to your little friend…”

And that raised red flags right there. “Woah! Woah! Mrs. Rich, I get it… sort of. You want to show everypony you’re the best. But if you think I’m going to mess up Scootaloo for you, then you’re wrong. And if you insist? Well…” Ogh, it nearly made you fearful on your next few words “I’ll walk out, right now.”

Spoiled groans as she stops and puts a hoof to her face “And of course, I can’t let everypony know your actual I.Q. either, because that is one ridiculously stupid remark. I don’t want you to ‘mess her up’. I need you to help her along! I need you to make absolutely sure that you both clear the course. That includes using some kind of teamwork to rescue that doll. You can’t fail…” She grabs you, brings you close, and brings her eyes close to yours “Cannot… Fail.”

You shiver from her sudden grab, then slowly shift your eyes left and right in a meek fashion before looking back at her intense stare. “Y-yeah… Erm, uh. And uhm… Why is this the plan? J-just asking…” Like no, seriously, you didn’t expect that.

She raises her head and groans ever louder as she continues her trek. “Because! They are the aristocrats of CANTERLOT, which they believe to be the best place to live. If you both pass the test, it shows that Ponyville, it’s princess, and even the elements that live here aren’t the only thing we have to be proud about. Ponyville, the supposed backwater town and place I reside in, produces fillies and colts of pure excellence no matter the class. As for you, you make the foals in Celestia’s school look like a joke, horn or no. Everypony seeing you both brave through a course such as this with finesse,skill, and teamwork will know exactly why I choose to live here. Yes…” Spoiled started to cackle a little evilly “They will know that their bloodlines are absolute horsefeathers at every front! Nyahahaha!... Ah… Hmmm… Erm.” She calms down, and straightens her mane “In any case, just do your best, Anon. I know you can do it… Ahh, here we are.” You both arrive at another entrance guarded by two suited ponies, the entrance itself was an arch like every other one. You wouldn’t even be able to tell this was your entrance if it wasn’t for the two ponies guarding it “Rainbow Dash is waiting to brief you inside. But before I let you go, do you have any questions?”

After that laugh, you found yourself stunned and chilled to the bone with the feeling of a familiar aura. You only had one question. “A-are you Chrysalis?”

“What?” Spoiled asked, confused.

“N-nothing… Erm, I’m just… Gonna go…” You walked off, stepping backwards towards the entrance as the two guardsponies let you through, your eyes never leaving Spoiled in case her eyes suddenly glow green or something. Holy fuck, she’s goddamn insane when she puts her mind to it. All this to raise her goddamn social standing and nothing more. Dammit Mr.Rich, how do you deal with her? She must have used an ungodly amount of money, for sure, to set this up. To the point, in her words, would bring ruin if you fucked up… Or Scootaloo did. No pressure, Anon, you just REALLY had to account for two ponies here. You can do it!

When you do step through, you find yourself in a rather large and long lobby with cushy couches, lanterns on the nicely patterned walls, and beautiful red carpeting that led all the way to the other exit, which you could only guess leads to the course. In front of one of the couches was Rainbow Dash, pacing left and right, wearing a coach’s cap and whistle, and speaking to Scootaloo about the course. She was filling her with courage and determination. Well, of course she was, she wanted her to win… In one piece.

Scootaloo was sitting on the couch, looking determined and happy, her usual helmet placed on her head. She looked really joyful to be with Rainbow, And why wouldn’t she? She was being directed by her favorite hero. But then something caught you as off…

Babs was here, sitting next to Scootaloo as she listened to Rainbow Dash’s words. Was she… Competing too? Wut? You’d think Sweetie Belle and Applebloom would be here if she was here, so it could be that. Well, one way to find out. “Hey guys! I’m here!”

Rainbow Dash stops and looks over to you with a grin “Well, it’s about time. Hey, Rockhead!”

Scootaloo looks over to you, grins, hops off her couch, and rushes over to you to give you a hug. “Anon! Look!” She hops back and shows off a badge on her chest. It was a good quality looking medal with the Wonderbolt’s emblem on it. “Captain Spitfire gave it to me! She said it makes me an honorary Junior Wonderbolt! I’m practically like Rainbow Dash now! Isn’t that cool?!” She said as she hopped about happily.

That was pretty heartwarming to you, you give her a gentle smile. “Super cool, why did she give it to you though? Besides the obvious, of course”

“She believes in me! Just like Dash does! She told me it takes guts to take on something like this and, ahrm.” Scootaloo clears her throat, and stands tall and proud “I do got a lot of guts! I am a Junior Wonderbolt after all”

Rainbow Dash giggles as she pats Scootaloo’s head gently “Relax there, squirt. Remember, a Wonderbolt is as careful as they are great. Don’t get ahead of yourself when you get out there, ok?” Heh, that didn’t sound like her at all. You’d think Rainbow Dash would tell her to just be as attention whoring as possible. It was cute, she really was worried about Scootaloo. Or maybe she just matured or something. You dunno...

“Don’t worry! I got this! All I gotta do is smash that time, right?” Scootaloo looked back at her wings and gave them a flitter, she then looked towards the exit with a confident smirk “Easier done than said.”

Adorable. Well, if she was confident, then that meant she was gonna try her best without any doubt. You were going to need that to fulfill both Rainbow’s and Spoiled’s request. But then you look to Babs, wondering why she was here. “Babs, hey, what’s up? Where’s Applebloom and Sweetie Belle?”

“With the peanut gallery. As for me, came to give Scootaloo and you some advice before they throw you to the lions.” Babs said as she hopped off the couch and looked towards the exit, blowing her mane up a little when it got in her face “Yep, Mrs. R really overdid it. She has the whole thing set up like one of those crazy attractions over at Las Pegasus. Good thing I know how they pretty much work or else you guys would have been in a real world of hurt.”

Las Pegasus? Attractions? “What? What do you mean by that?”

Babs walks over to you and knocks on your forehead “Are ya kiddin’ me? Let me spell it out for you, these things are meant to trip up ponies to make em pay more moola to try again. Sure, you ain’t payin’, but if you don’t know the trick to em, then you’re gonna fail for sure.”

You swat her hoof away as you look at her, a little annoyed both at her knocking and the fact she didn’t seem to have faith in your natural abilities. “Hey! Come on, they don’t look that tough. Only real danger is that last one. I can do the rest, no problem.”

“Listen to her, Anon. She knows her stuff.” Rainbow Dash warns.

“Yeah, I know I’m already pretty good. But there’s stuff even I wouldn’t have considered without Bab’s help!” Scootaloo too, urges you to listen.

“Ok… Ok, sheesh. Alright, fine… Ern, so there’s a trick to them, huh? What is it then?” You ask. You found it a little odd Babs seemed to have this sort of insider info on an obstacle course. Even weirder however… “I mean, just saying, seems odd that Mrs. Rich would set us up to fail like that with a course we are meant to lose.”

“She probably didn’t realize it when she had all those worker ponies contracted. Really, you gotta know what you’re buyin’ into before you set these kinds of things up. Makes you look really dumb if everything goes wrong. But that’s what happens when you rush everything. Anyway, as I said, all of those obstacles were meant to trip you up, so here’s how to get past em…” And so, Babs went on to explain to you the tricks to the course.

First was the tube. She told you many ponies would get stuck or end up getting tired trying to get out of the rotating tube. The trick was to go in when the first bend was just about to go down. That way you can slide and push yourself along the poles. Then you are supposed to stop at the middle, and wait until the other half of the bend goes down, and simply repeat.

The next one was the pushing obstacle. Apparently, despite being on a track, it also has a spring that reacted when a certain pressure is reached. It was meant to slam it’s pusher backwards when they press in too much without stop. The trick was simple, stop pushing every few feet and take a few steps back to relieve pressure on the spring, and then keep on going, and repeat until you reach the other side.

The platforms? You felt you could do something like that without help, given your gaming prowess, but you said nothing as Babs went on to explain the trick. As confident as you were, even you knew what was at stake. Sure, you got a little arrogant when she mentioned the tricks beforehand, but that’s natural… You just tend to lose yourself sometimes. Anyway, the trick to the platforms was to wait for them to NEARLY align on the first set of jumps. Then, you had to make a set of consecutive jumps in a particular way. The first jump was at an angle towards the incoming platform, the second jump was to jump at the same angle you jumped the first time rather than aiming for the next platform. You thought it odd, but she explained that the momentum of the first platform will curve your jump enough to land on the platform, and that aiming for it doesn’t work due to said momentum, and the fact that waiting would cause you to miss the jump altogether. Then, it was the third jump that you make aim, as the middle platform didn’t move from it’s spot at all. You then repeat said jumps to get to the other side and to the next obstacle.

For the next two obstacles? Even Babs was at a loss for those two. The dragon obstacle, she admitted, was something that would never be commissioned as an attraction. And the tight vertical space up to said obstacle was just pure skill, and required a knowledge of climbing in the first place to manage. She said that she had confidence in the both of you to clear it anyway. But somehow, you just knew, she had her doubts. “..And there you go, that’s all I know. You can remember all that, right?” Babs asked you, looking into your eyes to see any sign of confusion.

But no, it seemed pretty cut and dry to you, so you nod in confidence. “Yeah, I got it. I’m ready to do this! Let’s go!”

“Yeah, hold your horses there, Anon. Still waiting for em to open that exit over there. As for being ready, did you do any of your morning stretches?” Dash asks you, though she could already see on your dumbfounded face that it was a big no.

“I mean… I walked here.” You say, rather sheepishly. Knowing she was gonna make you do exercises. Ugh, you hated exercising. It was busywork...

“Ugh, Alright, Anon. get goin’, I wanna see you stretch, jump, and get all those kinks out! I mean, sheesh! You’re not me, you know? You can’t just go into an obstacle course without loosening up first!” Rainbow Dash barks at you “Come on! One, two, one, two! Stretch those glutes!”

“Yeah, come on, Anon!” Scootaloo joins along, trying to motivate you. “She’s right! Foals like us gotta stretch it out first! Like this!” Scootaloo started to exercise and stretch with more vigor than you did, obviously trying to impress Rainbow Dash.

“Good work, Scootaloo! Show him how it’s done!” Rainbow Dash cheered her on.

D-dammit, these two. You understood that Rainbow Dash only wanted you to be ready, but her ego and Scootaloo’s fangasms weren’t doing you any favors. Besides, why did you need to stretch so much? You never had to before for anything dangerous and...wait, what is Babs doing?

She was staring at you exercise, rather intently, with a hint of… Blush?




When Babs noticed you looking back at her, she quickly looked away as she brushed her mane back and hopped back up onto the couch. For sure, she was admiring your cute yet more toned physique. Ok, now you were glad Diamond had been turned away by her mother. You didn’t need a round two with this shit.

You act casual, and look over to Babs as you did some pushups. “Hey, Babs, you alright?”

“Nothen…” Babs, as well, tried to act casual. “Just thinking about something…”

Probably your ass… “Right, you just looked a little off all of a sudden.”

Babs took a peek at you, then turned away again. “I said it wasn’t anything.” She insisted, huffed, then looked at you with curiousness “But I gotta ask, because it’s been buggin’ me since Applebloom sent me those letters. Why Diamond? I ain’t dissin’ her or anything like that. But you were friends with the crusaders first, right? I know Applebloom had a crush on you, so did Sweetie Belle… Um.” She looks to Scootaloo “Hey, did you have a crush on him?”

“WHAT?!” Scootaloo nearly fell over as all her concentration was nearly lost. “No! Ugh, Anon is cool and all. But his priorities are all messed up! He doesn’t even think Rainbow Dash is that cool! Kinda rude considering she’s been training him all this time.”

“I’m fine with that. I mean, I already know Anon can be super egotistical. But he’s still a good guy. If he was old enough, I’d take him out for some cider. And as far as coolness is concerned, I’d have to put myself… What’s that word Twilight used? Right, iota, Anon is a few iotas under me, which is ok in my book.” Rainbow Dash says, her ego unbroken.

But Scootaloo’s ego takes a hit as she looks to Rainbow Dash with a pout “A-am I c-cool? Rainbow Dash?”

Rainbow Dash snickered as she gave her a little boop on the nose “You’re practically family, Scootaloo. That’s a whole different kind of cool.” These words, it immediatly made Scootaloo cry happy little tears as she embraced Rainbow Dash in a hug, thanking her. You could tell just from Rainbow Dash returning such affection that she was true to her word.

Babs just looks at the two happily for a moment before looking back at you with a smirk. “So, you gonna answer that question or what?”


You pull your attention from the pair and look to her, trying to seem stoic in your answer. “I saved her life, she adored me, and I… Kinda fell in love with that. If you want a mature answer, Babs, it’s because I know that if I was ever lonely or feeling bad, she’d do her best to cheer me up. Sweetie Belle kinda seems selfish at times, to be truthful. And Applebloom… Applebloom…” You could see her raise an eyebrow from the notion you were going to say something negative about her cousin, you must have killed any attraction she had for you quick just by bringing her up in any kind of negative connotation.

You were silent, prompting her to approach you with a hostile stare “Yeah? What about my cousin? Hrm?”

You went silent. Holy crap, she looked like she wanted to hurt you really bad. And what could you do about that? You couldn’t hurt a girl! Well you could, but everyone and their mother would bitch at you about it. And this wasn’t the best of times for that considering what was at stake. You gulped “U-umm…”

Babs suddenly seems even more furious as she pulls her right front hoof back and… Flicks your nose? “Hah! Did I scare you that bad? So much for the hero colt. Relax, I was just messing with you.”

Dammit! HOW COULD YOU FALL FOR THAT ONE!? You knew for a fact that characters like these never get into a physical altercation that easily! Dammit, Anon! Fucking… “Ugh, cheap move. You’re a girl, I had to be ready in case it wasn’t a trick!”

“Sure, sure… Whatever you say. Relax, Anon.” Babs smirks at you as she backs up onto the couch with a giggle “If I really wanted to spook you, I’d tell you about this bridge back at home. Y’know…” She looks at you darkly “The one where nopony ever comes back from if they roast marshmallows under it. I’m sure you heard the legend. Though, the ways I see it, it seems to be true.”

“W-what?!” Scootaloo said, shivering from those words. “T-that can’t be real!”

Babs shrugs “Dunno myself…” She then really gives you the evil eye “But most of my sources says it’s true. Now that’s pretty spooky, ain’t it?”

But Babs’s disappointment slowly grows when she noticed you didn’t seem to react to that one at all. She found it odd, as everyone she’s told the story to usually seems to fear it. But to you? It was a stupid legend and a stupid attempt to give you another spook. Real childish shit, really. In fact, it gives you an idea. “It isn’t”

“Wha?! Yeah right! It’s practically true! They even say that right under the bridge, you can see chalk drawings suddenly appear, depicting the victims’ last moments before their taken!” Babs again, tries to spook you. But it only ends up making Scootaloo shiver behind Rainbow Dash. “You don’t think that’s crazy scary? You’re joshin’ me, right?” Babs was in disbelief.

She wants scary? Fuck it, time for scary. “Babs, I’ve seen things you wouldn’t even be able to comprehend. Like this one guy? Freddy Krueger. He hurt foals… He hurt them real bad… sometimes to their grave.”

“W-what?” Babs said, with sudden quivers in her voice, her expression showing she was the one now being spooked.

“Oh yeah…” You said with a smirk as you began to pace about, locking eyes with her “Ended up burning alive one day by some of the parents. But he vowed vengeance on their kids, through their dreams. Oh yeah, this guy was the anti-Luna. He would come in your dreams and do terrible things…”

“I-I don’t like this story… W-where did you even hear about this?” Scootaloo asked, scared to high heaven by your words. She couldn’t even hide it, it was much worse than anything she heard before.

“Yeeeeah, this is… I mean, I always wanted to hear a story that was super scary. B-but, this seems a bit much…” Even Rainbow Dash was uncomfortable, was she shivering? You thought you notice her tense for a moment.

“W-what do you mean by terrible things? C’mon, e-even if this was true, y-you can’t hurt nopony through their dreams.” Babs said with a gulp, clearly becoming terrified by your totally not stolen story.

“Oh, it was much worse than hurt. He would skewer, slice, rip their skin clean off, drop them, burn them, BLOW THEM UP INTO TINY PIECES. I mean this guy? He has a clawed horseshoe he uses to scare foals by tapping at metal pipes, or just goring them with it. You could tell he was coming by hearing these ghostly foals sing a song about him getting you, if you heard that song… You were done! And the best part of all this? Whatever he did to them in their dreams, they would scream a bloodcurdling scream in their sleep as their very bodies in the real world become a horrible guts n brain mess! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!” You cackled evilly, causing ALL THREE of the girls to grab each other in pure fright as they all screamed in terrible fear.

Wait… Not three… Four? Four screams?

You slowly look towards the exit to the course, which was now open, as Spitfire stood a few feet away from you. It seemed she had come in to get you all while you were in the middle of your story. But her yellow coat was partially white, her mane looked a little distorted, and her eyes were filled with fear from what you had said. Cleary, she had never heard of anything so gory.

“C-captain Spitfire? Erm, you ok?” Oh geez, you didn’t mean to spook her. Hell, you didn’t even know you could do that.

“W-wha? OH! NGh.. Ahrm” Spitfire very quickly composed herself, bringing her sunglasses down to cover her eyes. “I was just witnessing how your story managed to spook our young junior Wonderbolt. And sheesh, Crash, really? REALLY?! T-that’s j-just terrible, the w-way you reacted. S-should kick you out of the Wonderbolts just for that. Y-you’re lucky I-I’m nice though. Ahrm… Anyway, five minutes everypony, then you gotta get your k-keisters out there. Already did the o-opening speech and everything. I’m a… Ok, gonna go now… Seeya.” She very slowly turned around, and wobbled out. Was she even grossed out by that? Man, ponies are fucking weak… Heh.

“Yeah… I’m just gonna step out for some fresh air. I mean, I wasn’t scared or anything… Just… Wow, it’s really hot in here, huh? Seeya out there, you two” Rainbow Dash said with a weak chuckle as she stumbled out.

“W-wait! I-I feel hot too!” Scootaloo called out, rushing towards Rainbow Dash. Wanting to be by her side for comfort.

You then looked at the stunned Babs, and then smirk at her. “How was that?”

“Yeah… Wow” Babs had to lay her head down on the couch as she slowly gathered her senses “Now that’s s-scary. W-where did you even hear about something like that? I mean, that’s something even adults wouldn’t talk about. It’s crazy”

You shrugged arrogantly “It’s just a story. I don’t see how anypony could get spooked by that. I mean, like I said, I got spooked by your approach because I didn’t know if you were actually gonna hit me or not. As I said, can’t hit a girl.” HAHAHA! FUCKING VICTORY!

“Y-yeah, I think I get it now. I think I get your appeal too, there’s no colt tough enough to hear a story like that without falling over. You really are tough.”

You snicker as you rub your hoof along your chest “I don’t like to brag, but remember, I did do most of the work in defeating the Storm King.”

“Yeah, right, for sure. Anyway, erm, I wasn’t actually upset about what you may have thought about Applebloom. You two just don’t fit, that’s all. You may be Discord’s kid, but I guess that would just make somepony like you just want a way to relax and be comfortable. A filly that loves you and has a ton of cash can do that.” Babs surmises, figuring that to be the only reason as to why you chose her. It was mostly true, but there was also the fact that Diamond could be forceful as fuck if she wanted to be. Truly something you didn’t want to provoke too much out of her, but you did find it rather enticing sometimes.

“Yeah, and considering my Dad, money isn’t a big issue anyway. Don’t laugh, but sometimes I just like to lay down, relax, and enjoy a good cuddle. That doesn’t sound too wimpy, does it?” You ask, genuinely interested in what she thought since it seemed she was connecting with you about how you felt.

“Yeah, I get it. It all makes sense now. And Diamond is pretty lucky.” Babs said as she got up, and gave you a gentle touch on your nose with her own “Because you’re pretty cute.”


“But I don’t think I could take all that cuddling stuff for too long, sounds boring. Besides, with all the stuff you can do in the city, who has time to sit around? Anyway, I’m gonna check on Scootaloo, make sure she’s ok. We only got like two minutes left, so if you gotta do a few more stretches, do em quick, ok?” Babs said as she stepped out, giving you one last look to take in your “cute”

She hadn’t noticed that you had frozen in place from her words and her touch. You were frozen for half a minute before you turned red and broke out in a sweat, falling over and twitching. “W-why can’t I just have a harem? I-it’d be so much easier…”

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