• Published 16th Jun 2018
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 30 - Dinner for Four

While you muddled in your own thoughts. You and Scootaloo are caught offguard when you see Rainbow Dash walking backwards through the entrance, struggling with something. “Sheesh! This is heavy! Was this really necessary?!” Rainbow Dash said with several grunts as she stepped back enough to reveal that she was balancing a huge sealed bowl on her muzzle, but it was also being balanced on another muzzle belonging to…

“I didn’t say I was gonna take you all out, I said I was gonna get take out! You think we’re gonna be able to eat without a crowd rushing at us when they're still hyped up about this whole thing? Besides, what are you complaining about?! I paid top bit for this thing.” On the other side of Rainbow Dash, helping her balance the bowl, was Spitfire. The bowl was fucking massive, it made you wonder how she even got this far without any help at all… but probably best not to think about the specifics. On her back was a smaller bowl of what smelled like warm garlic sticks while her tail held up a bucket with ice and drinks in it. “This meal is more for them than it is for us. So stop bellyachin’ and help me set this thing down!” You and Scootaloo stood in awe as Rainbow and Spitfire carefully placed down the bowl. Spitfire then used her wings to set the breadsticks down. She then, with a quick snap of her tail, tossed the bucket over the bowl, landing right beside it without spill. “There we go! Ok then…” Spitfire used her teeth to grab the seal on the bowl, and pulled it back and then off, revealing a near endless pool of spaghetti. It had sauces, a slight amount of pepper, Asiago, Oregano, and some hayballs. Holy shit, it smelled so damn good.

“Wow… Is this for us? A-are you both gonna eat with us? I mean, right here? As in… Privately?” Scootaloo was starstruck for sure, she didn’t expect a private meal with her hero and the Captain of the Wonderbolts.

“Yeah” Spitfire said with a shrug as she sat down “After all that? I think you two really deserve it. But relax on that attitude, soldier, we’re all ponies here.”

Scootaloo saluted as she did her best to calm down “Yes ma’am, Captain Spitfire” before whispering “Soooo cool”

Your thoughts had been temporarily vanquished by that hulking bowl of spaghetti, it looked so damn good. “So, we can have as much as we want then?”

“Yep! Enough here to feed ten of us really, so don’t feel like you need to hold back on pigging out. Didn’t expect it myself, but…” Rainbow Dash licked her lips when she looked at a single bottle of apple cider sticking out of the bucket “That’s how amazing our Captain is”

“Yeah well, like I said, well deserved. And I kinda didn’t have room to bring bowls or utensils or anything like that, so really, just pig out, I’ll overlook it this once.” Spitfire said as she sat by the bowl and started eating from it like a horse… Grazing on the grass. Huh…

And so the four of you sat, ate, and chatted. There were sodas for you and Scootaloo, Apple Cider for Dash, and Spitfire just had a thermos of iced coffee. Weird she’d be drinking coffee at this time, but she probably didn’t get any sleep due to the test. You also noticed she was the least enthused out of the four of you. Indeed, her answers were small as Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash basically traded how “cool” everything was about the exam and such.

“...Yep, Scootaloo. After today? I can tell you’re gonna make one super awesome Wonderbolt when you grow up!” Rainbow Dash said with certainty as she took a swig of cider.

“T-thanks, Rainbow Dash! That really means a lot to me! You can bet I’m gonna keep training my wings until I’m able to fly just as good as you and…” Scootaloo suddenly quieted down for a moment “Y’know, I mean... mnnn…” Scootaloo just tilted her head to the side as her wings gave a few weak flaps. “I…” Poor Scoots, you knew just connecting such a promising future to her wings always crushed her spirits. You wanted to say something at this moment to cheer her up, but Spitfire and Rainbow Dash were far more on point than you were, most likely due to your own shit you had to worry about.

“C’mon, Scootaloo, how many times do I gotta tell ya? You’re just a late bloomer, that’s all. And considering you beat the tar out of this exam? Yeah, when you do start flying, You’re gonna be the best Wonderbolt ever!” Rainbow Dash says with an enthusiastic wave of her hoof.

“Best Wonderbolt? Maybe. I don’t like to get anypony’s hopes up too high like that…” Spitfire says, already dealing a blow to Scootaloo's ego. Spitfire purposely waited for Scootaloo to hang her head down in sadness again before she said “But you don’t gotta worry when it comes to becoming a fully fledged Wonderbolt. You got the skills, kid. All the years I’ve been Captain and I’ve never seen anypony use their wings to coast across mud like that. That requires some serious wingpower. I’ll be real with you, Scootaloo, it just seems to me your wings are more built for horizontal movement, and trust me, that is some movement. So when you’re able to go vertical? Oh boy, I just hope you don’t make the other cadets look like parasprites, don’t wanna hurt their ego too bad, y’know?”

Scootaloo gulped, confused, yet feeling a huge sense of pride grow within herself “Y-you really think I’m that good?”

Spitfire slurps up a long strand of spaghetti and gives Scootaloo a cool smirk and says “I don’t ‘think’, kid.” Before giving her a wink.

“Woooooooooooooah! I just got super complimented by Rainbow Dash AND Captain Spitfire! And… A-and…” Scootaloo fell on her back, with a cute squee and warm smile as she wiggled about, her voice was now small and weak from too much excitement “S-so awesome…”

You had to smile at that. That was really heart-warming. But as you looked at the pride filled filly, Spitfire suddenly says some words to you too. “So, Anon. You haven’t really said much, something on your mind?”

Gnh! Shit! You quickly look back at Spitfire as you take a swig of soda, keeping your cool. You didn’t need anyone getting into your business. “Not really, other than wanting to thank you. Scootaloo is one of my best pals, so thanks for making her happy.”

That seems to throw her off, if she was suspicious of anything anyway. “I wasn’t making her happy, just stating facts. How she reacts is her own thing.” She lied, she totally meant to make her happy. “Y’know, I’ve actually been wanting to sit down with you and have a little chat.”

A little chat? “Erm. Why?”

“Because, I kinda wanna know how you helped beat the Storm King. I bet it’s one radical story. I also want to apologize to you… Well…” Spitfire lets out a defeated sigh “The both of you actually. The Wonderbolts are about a lot of things. But above else, we value safety. And despite knowing how dangerous this all could have been, I didn’t call it off. As the Captain of the Wonderbolts, I take full responsibility for that, so it’s my duty to not only apologize, but resign from my position if anypony here has any grievances. What happened here is a crime, and I can’t overlook that… So, y’know.” Spitfire gulped “Let me have it…”

Spitfire was obviously harboring a ton of guilt for what happened. Hell, she was complaining about safety issues before the exam even started. She felt so guilty that she just devolved into wanting to resign before you even got to your story. The meal itself must be part of her guilt too. This wasn’t her fault. Hell, you had to take some of the blame, as you could have declined Mrs. Rich and convinced Scootaloo to not take the exam as well, or forced her not to with your horn.

So, you just shrug at her words “Eh, it’s no problem. Trust me, worst things have happened to me. Nopony could have expected the platform to collapse. Besides, if you want the truth, I had an obligation to Mrs. Rich, so I would have done it whether you tried to stop me or not.”

“Woah, Captain Spitfire! It’s totally ok! Things just kind of got nuts, that’s all. If anything, it just proves how awesome me and Anon are. Actually, that kind of makes me think.” Scootaloo looks over to you with a huge cheerful smile and a point of her hoof “Why don’t you make Anon a Junior Wonderbolt too? I mean, he can fly, so he already meets half the requirements!”

“You two, you really didn’t have to acc- Wait” Amidst her appearing tears of joy of hearing she was forgiven, she suddenly found herself confused by Scootaloo’s words as she looked to you “You can fly?”

“Oh yeah! I forgot about that! Yeah, his dad gave him these wings that let him fly for a while. I forgot though, do they still work? Or did the Storm King screw em up?” Rainbow Dash asks you as she takes a garlic stick to munch on.

“They started working after he was defeated. And yeah, I can fly with them, but I don’t think the Wonderbolts are for me. Not insulting you guys or anything but, well, I’m a being of chaos and we don’t do order too well.” An excuse to be sure, you just didn’t want to be part of a team that were as seemingly useful as Celestia and her guards. Meaning, basically useless.

“No offense taken…” Spitfire sighs with relief, still reeling herself in after nearly throwing her career away. “And sorry if I seemed a little lame just now. I know it may not look it, but one of our number one concerns is about the safety of our cadets and members. And I guess today gave me a small reminder why that is. Trust me, I take pride in making sure everything is ship shape in my team and in the academy. Without safety and rules, everypony would be at a huge risk of getting really hurt and…” Suddenly she seemed to be getting all excited, nearly flying up, but Rainbow Dash immediately calls out to her to calm down.

"Woah! Woah! Relax, Cap! Let’s not scare the foals with the whole ‘drinking from a straw’ thing, k? Can we save it for the cadets, please?” Rainbow Dash said frantically, as she even could see Spitfire was really on edge.

“O-oh” Spitfire took a moment to sit back down, and compose herself “Right… Well, to make a long story short, safety is super important. And that platform collapsing on you both is exactly why we usually have much stricter relegations than what went on today.” Spitfire takes a swig of her drink to further calm herself, before looking back at you, cool and composed “So yeah, you mentioned the Storm King screwing up your wings. I mean, if you’re uncomfortable talking about him, I understand, but I really am interested.”

“Eh, the Storm King ain’t a big deal. In fact, you could say he’s just a pimple in the grand scheme of things.” You say with a low chuckle “But I’d also rather not talk about it either. It’d uh… Ruin the legend, I think” Rather, the fact that most of it was you in a fucking cage makes you not wanna talk about it. “And if you’re interested in my wings at all. Yeah, they let me fly for a limited time. I don’t really use them like I do the horn, but they come in handy sometimes. That good enough? The explanation I mean”

“Yep, just sounds like a magical extension to me. As for the Storm King, that’s a shame, I bet it was a really killer story. Sure you’re not willing to talk about it?” Spitfire asks, seemingly really interested in your story.

Which gave you a funny idea. “I mean, sure! If you’re willing to tell me how the Wonderbolts did against him.”

Spitfire and Rainbow Dash’s face grew grim from those words. Sure, Dash was with Twilight at the time, but even she knew she couldn’t do shit to him.

“C’mon, Anon. Don’t be mean. We all know the Wonderbolts are awesome! And Rainbow Dash has helped beat bad guys even tougher than that Storm King guy. Your dad was beat by her, remember?” Scootaloo reminded you, feeling irked by your words.

“Yeah, Scootaloo is right. Helped Princess Luna too, not to mention beat Tirek’s butt! So eh, can’t win em all, I guess, but I’ve still done awesome things” Rainbow Dash said, trying to raise her ego and renown some.

“I know, I know. Was just messing around…” You say with a chuckle. That was worth seeing Rainbow and Spitfire looking all spooked like that. “Anyway, if you wanna know about the Storm King, Well…”

You explain the story in your own way, omitting some of the more embarrassing moments, and making it seem like you wanted to be caged up as to figure out the enemy and their motives. You did keep the part of you getting ass whupped by the Storm King. It wouldn’t be a realistic story without the hero taking his licks. “Really, without Tempest getting in that final hit, everything would have fallen apart. The Storm King would have shown no mercy to any of us, the guy was a serious threat that I, for one, am glad that he was defeated before he destroyed Canterlot.”

“Now that’s quite a story. Yep, I can totally see why they call you the Hero Colt and how you got that mark of yours. I gotta say, Discord did really good adopting somepony like you as a son.” Spitfire commented, impressed by the story.

You chuckle with a sharp grin “Yeah well, I’m not afraid of doing what’s needed to save the day.”

“And normally, I’d say that kind of thinking is way too dangerous for a foal like you. But then again, you’re no normal foal. You seem to always manage to get out of the worst kinds of danger imaginable. But you’re also always throwing yourself into those kinds of dangers too. I want to tell you that you should be more careful, but you always seem to come out ok. So let me tell you this, Anon, you can only push your luck so much. Sometimes, you really wanna sit down and assess the situation from every angle first. It can mean the difference between victory and.. Well, you know.” Spitfire said, hesitating to go into whatever mood Rainbow Dash prevented her from entering.

And you knew she was right. When it came to Tempest, you got lucky. You had a million ways to stomp her on your first battle with her, but you chose to try to defeat her in a spectacular fashion, which only ended in failure. Indeed, had you not met Capper afterwards, you would have been royally fucked. “I understand, thanks for the advice, Captain.”

“Eh, can’t any of you just call me Spitfire right now? Not like we’re doing anything official,” Spitfire said, half grinning, and half groaning. “Hey, Dash, good work on training Anon. And Scootaloo, good job on that course. I know I complimented you already, but the fact you didn’t take any training at all from Dash really shows how skilled you really are. And Anon?” She raises her mug and nods towards you “You are one cool colt. Wouldn’t mind workin’ with you if anything big happens.”

You actually took that as quite the honor. Spitfire really respected you, as she should, considering how skilled you have become. And all those compliments to Scoots, Hah! You knew, you just knew, she’d probably be captain of the Wonderbolts herself one day.

Conversations went normal after that. Rainbow Dash cracking a few jokes, Spitfire loosening up about her own guilt and telling some stories about the Wonderbolts and their going ons, Scootaloo just about forgotten about Chrysalis as she enjoyed every moment. You? For a while you were actually into it too, talking about your sweet moves and magical prowess.

Even when dinner was over, moods stayed rather high. There was still some spaghetti in the bowl, but you all had your fill. Spitfire was the first to go, said she had stuff to do. She did give Scootaloo a hug though, something that made Scootaloo especially happy. You? You could still tell that some of today bothered her, she really did hate how it all went down, and how she essentially let it happen. Poor gal.

You looked at your empty soda cup for a moment, and rubbed your tummy. You were full, and for the moment, brimming of happiness and hope. It actually felt pretty good being around these three, well, these two now, since Scoots and Dash were still around. “So, what are we gonna do with the food?”

“No idea. Rainbow Dash, are you gonna take all this spaghetti home?” Scootaloo asked

“Nah, probably just leave a sign so one of the janitors know they got a delicious dinner waiting.” She answered as she stood and took a stretch

Janitors? “This place is gonna get cleaned up? As in, not demolished?”

Rainbow Dash nodded “Yep, Mrs. Rich already had this place ready to be donated to the town for… I dunno what it’s gonna be converted into myself. But it better not be as shoddy as that platform if nopony wants any trouble.”

“Yeah! Same here! There’s gonna be trouble if it’s gonna be like that! Or my name isn’t Junior Wonderbolt Scootaloo!” Scootaloo hopped up, standing heroically for… no reason.

“Oh, I’m sure it’ll be fine. Erm…” You were feeling kind of antsy now. You wanted to go home, talk to Discord really quick, and then see if that weird Dracula guy was near the town hall. “Actually, I kinda have to get going. I kind of got stuff to do, but it was really cool hanging with you guys! And erm… Scootaloo, Erm…” You almost blurted out the reminder to her to check with Scrappy on Chrysalis’s going ons.

She just nods to you with a smile “It’s cool, I’ll remember, but if you don’t mind, this Junior Wonderbolt wants to finish up with the greatest hero that’s ever been a hero ever!”

“Well…” Rainbow Dash chuckles as she looks at her bottle of cider, it only had a quarter of sweet delicious goodness left “I don’t mind hanging around for a little while longer.”

“Alrighty then, take care you two, and thanks Rainbow Dash, really… for all your training and help.” And with that, you tilted the ice bucket over to spill it’s now mostly melted ice cubes, creating a large puddle in the carpet. You put on your horn, with it’s new found abilities, and dive into the puddle… And crash your head on the floor. "AGH! UGH!” Dammit! What the fuck?!

“A-Anon! W-what are you doing?! You’re supposed to use your map, remember?” Scootaloo said in shock, though you could hear a small chuckle from Rainbow Dash.

You got up and rubbed your head, annoyed with yourself. “N-not anymore, Dad said I could use the… Oh no… Right…” You point the still Sombra formed horn at the puddle, and shoot a small bolt of magic, creating a portal to your room.

“You can use chaos magic whenever now?” Scootaloo asked, once again confused and curious to the abilities of your upgraded horn.

“Nah, Dad just gave it a few upgrades. I can’t use chaos magic, since it’s still in its normal form, but I can do light stuff like this. A-anyway, gotta go!” And with that, you slip through the portal, still annoyed that you somehow fucked that up.

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